A War Game That Doesn't Show The War

A War Game That Doesn't Show The War

Not one bullet or explosion at all. Bold, energetic colours. It's a little weird that a game about 'the Global War on Terror' looks so beautiful.

There's only this quick teaser to go by but it looks like The Sun Also Rises will be taking a very divergent perspective on the same kinds of happening-in-the-real-world-right-now conflicts that Battlefield and Call of Duty try to put players into. The upcoming game will be built around stories from soldiers and is being made by a dev studio called Horse Volume, who describe it this way:

The Sun Also Rises is an Interactive Narrative Adventure that explores the Global War on Terror through a collection of vignettes based on personal accounts by U.S. Soldiers. The natural conversation system and vibrant aesthetic bring complex characters to life.


  • Dialog engine that allows you to speak or stay silent, interrupt others or be cunning with your words, fundamentally altering your experience.
  • 3rd Person exploration through the worldwide settings of the War on Terror.
  • Stunning graphics that utilise a vibrant colour palette to juxtapose the heavy subject matter with their beautiful settings.
  • Asynchronous passive multiplayer, where the choices you make affect the gameplay options that another player will have.

Between The Sun Also Rises and This War of Mine, 2014 seems to be the year that video game developers are finding ways to focus on how military engagements disrupt the civilian side of life. There will be a Kickstarter launching soon for the game.


    "based on personal accounts by U.S. Soldiers"

    So, it'll be a one-sided exercise then. Gotcha.

      I really hope not, we don't need more of that.

      I would actually love to know the context of that first scene where the boy says "My father is upset at the soldiers" and the reply is "He needs to let us do our job"
      I wonder if it's showing a story of how peoples voices can be diminished or actually diminishing his story

      Also the helmets on guns representing fallen soldiers seems to point to usual habit of concentrating on one side and not the hundreds of thousands of dead civilians created by both sides.

      Last edited 01/08/14 2:42 pm

      Yes, the trailer focusing on the population of the country in question and not on the soldiers suggests that it's going to be all about the soldiers.

      I also presume from your tone that you think it's going to be about the valorous American soldiers massacring the evil brown ragheads. If so, did we even watch the same trailer and read the same description of the game?

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