Alleged Toy Thief Threatened With Internet Shame

Alleged Toy Thief Threatened with Internet Shame

Besides anime and manga, retail chain Mandarake also specialises in retro toys. One of the rarest was apparently stolen earlier this week. Mandarake says it captured the alleged thief on a security camera and now it wants the toy back. Or else.

The missing toy in question is a Tetsujin tin wind-up toy made by Nomura Toys. This is quite a rare item, and Mandarake pegs it at 250,000 yen ($2500).

Alleged Toy Thief Threatened with Internet Shame

On its official site, Mandarake has an open letter, telling the accused that if he doesn't return the valuable toy by August 12, it will remove the pixels from the above photo, exposing the man's face.

Since Mandarake is a well-known retailer in Japan, this story has gotten considerable coverage on Japanese forums and blogs, with some commenters wondering if the alleged thief will be forgiven should the toy be returned. Others wondered if it was okOKfor a store to reveal the identity of someone accused of stealing like this.

Today is August 6. The deadline is August 12. The clock is ticking, alleged crook!

返しに来ない場合は顔写真のモザイクを外して公開します [Mandarake]


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