Alone In The Dark Is Coming Back, And I Am Afraid

Alone In The Dark Is Coming Back, And I Am Afraid

Alone In The Dark is a series that, long ago, meant something. It was the original 3D survival horror game, and the first two titles weren’t just terrifying and a blast to play, but had a gorgeous old-timey art style as well. In later years, though…well, let’s just say time and some publisher misdeeds pissed that legacy away.

There hasn’t been an Alone in the Dark since 2008’s dreadful reboot at the hands of Atari, but hey, that’s not stopping whatever company inherits the old brand name these days from waiting a few years and trying again. At this year’s PAX, the publisher will be showing off a game called Alone in the Dark: Illumination.

The developer is a studio called Pure FPS that I can’t even find a webpage for. The press release describes it as “re-imagined”.

I am afraid, then, but not in the way Atari is probably hoping.

As a chaser, then, here’s a playthrough of the first game.


  • Strangely I don’t recall getting scared playing Alone in the Dark 1 or 2. (or 3, but that’s a given)

    Hope they get it right this time

  • That game got so many things right, and in many ways was ahead of it’s time. For me, it was the first game to really establish a thorough and deep sense of atmosphere. Through the use of everything from the colour pallete, sound design, music, monster design, game mechanics – they all lent to the feeling of really being alone in this house of horrors.

    Back when I was a kid I couldnt play this game for more than a few minutes without feeling like I was having heart palpitations!

  • I really enjoyed the 2008 Alone in the Dark.

    And it did the whole ‘chapter’ thing a lot better than Alan Wake (I really liked that too, but the chapter system was lacking compared to Alone in the Dark).

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