Australians Win Big At Intel's Developer Contest

The Intel Level Up Game Developer Challenge is a competition run by Intel that invites developers to enter their alphas, demos, proof of concepts for the chance to win cash prizes. This year it had quite the array of celebrity judges including Tim Schafer and Chris Avellone. It turns out that a a handful of Australian teams managed to dominate the awards.

The biggest winner was Kumobious, a Melbourne based studio who took out the grand prize for their excellent mobile game Duet (it also happened to be my favourite mobile game of 2013).

But Australians took out plenty of prizes in the sub-categories. Duet also won best action game and best sound for its efforts, OTTTD by SMG Studio won in the Open/Other category. OTTTD, if you remember, is actually one of the last games to receive funding from the Australian government's Screen Australia fund.

The brilliant and innovative Framed, by Loveshack, was also amongst the winners, taking out best Puzzle game.

Congrats to all those involved. You can check out the complete winners list here.


    it was my favourite mobile game of the past year, too! And I play a lot of mobile games...

    Duet is a brilliantly simple game, nice to see it getting even more recognition. I haven't tried OTTTD yet and hadn't even heard of Framed (after looking it up just now though I really want to try it).

    And with all that praise, I just purchased Duet for iPhone! Can't wait to try it out!

    I'm jealous of all these people that get to play framed for comps. I've been waiting for it's release for quite awhile.

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