Battlefield 4 For PC Is Free Until August 14

Battlefield 4 For PC Is Free Until August 14

Starting today, PC gamers will be able to play Battlefield 4 for a week free of charge — provided you have an internet connection and an Origin account. EA just announced a new trial period for its popular online multiplayer-friendly shooter as the latest instalment in its newly-minted Origin Game Time program.

EA said that the offer will roll out over the next few hours and run until August 15, 3am AEST. So if you're curious about the game but are still on the fence, this is your chance to give it a shot with relatively few consequences.

Happy hunting!


    NOOB influx! Awesome! =P

      I notice this with DLC all the non regulars come back out to play.

      They are gonna get soooo messed up. I can barely hold my own any more.. Even so-called Noob-friendly servers have become wretched hives of scum and villainy

        Yeah some of the banter has become pretty horrific last 6 months. I have stated on multiple occasions, the people in the servers I'm in are the worst people I've ever seen (by what they type).

    Looks like you can play the single player campaign, heard it's not great but that was the only part that really interested me in BF4 anyway

    with relatively few consequences

    Yeah, like the single player game killing your data...

      I think the worst part is Origin. Also that it runs out so it is really just like "borrowing it from a friend" for a bit.

    Another strong move by EA. This, the game on the house program and the refunds is making origin better.

      Making Origin better? More like making it less bad.

    Is this SP as well? I'd give it a look to knock over the campaign to entertain me for an hour or two (okay, maybe three). Might check later.

    I wish they would fix the damn game already. I recently have played a bunch of BF3 and despite all the netcode fixes in BF4. Despite the increased tick rate or whatever. Battlefield 3 is still more responsive and has better netcode.

      after the dragons teeth dlc the netcode went in the crapper again.

      Hopefully they hurry up and push some of the CTE fixes across. I'm not holding my breath though

        But the CTE fixes for netcode are all just band aids.

        They increased the tick rate, it's better but still not as good as BF3.

        So the issues are deeper than they appears.

        Here is a prime example. One of the biggest complain is that a lot of the time you seem to instantly die. You are not aware, not being told you're being hit. You just die. On the shooters end they are shooting you for some time.

        To combat this, they are lowering the damage. However BF3 has guns with the same damage amounts and with it's 10 tick rate you don't have this issue.

        So clearly the issues are far deeper in the engine.

        Go back and play BF3 and you'll be amazed how responsive it is, and how you and other players seem to actually be playing in almost real time. BF4, even with fancy netcode fixes, 30 tick. Nope. It's worse.

          Yeah ive been back to bf3 many times... agree completely with what your saying. The netcode was definitely not fixed with the patch...... just better than it was. There is still more improvements with cte that we haven't got yet in vanilla. I'm just being optimistic.

            Apparently there is a big patch coming in september. I am sure it is just more band aid approaches.

            There's lots of neat things that'll be in the patch from a game play and hud perspective. Netcode, I bet it is still entirely trying to alter the game so issues aren't as noticeable.

            It's like when they first added the 'headshot' indicator to try and cover up the one shot kills. Yet then apparently every second kill was a headshot kill. Even when it was with guns which couldn't one shot headshot.

              There's lots of neat things that'll be in the patch from a game play and hud perspective. Netcode, I bet it is still entirely trying to alter the game so issues aren't as noticeable.

              Definitely looking forward to reducing the hud cluter. The reduction in nade spam and airburst spam will also be game changing on lockers etc....

    All i have to say is Wow...

    After seeing this article I thought I would give BF4 ago (it's free!) even though there has been a lot of negative comments regarding it all and I must say - What a piece of crap.

    Complete piece of unplayable shit.

    Waste of 20+ gig of bandwidth is took me to download the game.
    Waste of 3 hours trying to google solutions to the issue I am experience as well as discovering that I'm not the only one.

    severely disappointed, fuck you EA, FUCK YOU!

    FYI the issue I am experiencing is the constant rubber banding in all servers ( etc...).
    I'm one of the lucky ones who happens to have NBN, so internet connection has never been an issue for me at all 5 - 7 ping.

    In BF4 is shows that I have 7 ping, yet i'm rubber banding all over the god damn place. I can sometimes end up walking across the whole map only to find my self back at where I was first deployed...

    what a waste of a game.

    Was hoping to get some old bf2 nostalgic feels again but now all it's done is remind me how shit EA is as usual.

    stay away you will only be disappointed.

      Hang on... aren't you the guy who built a mini ATX PC that could run BF4 on ultra for $500 or something just ludicrous? I swear that was you who posted that in a PC article a while back. Suss

        Yeah I'm that guy though I'm running BF4 on my main gaming PC which is not the Mini-ITX PC, I only use the Mini-itx for lan events, fyi that build was a mirrored version of the BF4 Nvidia special Mini-Itx build (with a few variations of my own), it can run BF4 effortlessly.

        My main PC is running
        GTX 780Ti safe OC.
        DDR3 16GB 1600mhz of RAM

        I was able to play Titanfall on full detail without any issue what so ever, I know for a fact that the rubber banding is not related to my PC when playing BF4 everything indicates smooth gameplay, I even tried playing with the "network smoothing option"

        It's not just me it's affecting quite a few people.

        - Rubber banding is not caused by PC hardware it’s network related.

        Last edited 11/08/14 5:34 pm

          I have a much less powerful PC than you:
          i7 3770
          DDR3 16GB @1333Mhz
          GTX 660Ti OC

          I have ADSL2 which can barely get 4.5Mbps. The only time I've had rubber banding is right before a server crash, which I experience maybe once a fortnight, and I probably put about 6-8 hours a week into BF4.

          However, I've also given Battlefield network priority and set up a QoS, forced open NAT and ran port forwarding for relevant ports. If you haven't done this, your rubber banding is probably an application running conflicting ports or maybe even your router. Have you tried any of the above?

            Unfortunately i get rubber banding as well dizz. I probably play about 20 hours a week at all times of the day due to shift work. That being said though its very rare, normally before a server crashes. Often will get the packet loss icons around the same time although the packet loss has been reduced in the last few patches.

            Jump on the sydney 24/7 server and you will get it within a few hours. The poor guys have changed host about 5 times since the end of bf3 but are still having trouble getting the server back to its bf3 glory days.

            Yes, I have the relevant ports open and network traffic shows that everything is fine. I'm using enterprise grade network hardware so I'm able to monitor every bit of information that goes through my network. I really wish it worked, I really do want to enjoy BF4. I was able to play the Hardline beta not too long ago with out any issues. It's just strange that I'm having rubber band issues on BF4

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