Because Animal Crossing Wasn't Monstrous Enough, It Seems

Because Animal Crossing Wasn't Monstrous Enough, It Seems

Animal Crossing may be a town of horrors, but they are veiled horrors, visible only to those who already know the pain of things like a mortgage. 24 Killers, on the other hand, wears its horrors on its chest.

The work of developer Todd Luke, he describes it as "a weird monster life sim with a strong ludonarrative that takes place in a secluded island town. You're free to roam about and do what you want - drive a taxi, search for ghosts, mob around with an army of trash can dogs, etc.. No game overs or to-do lists, just progression through discovery."

It's currently up on Kickstarter looking for a very modest $US4000 (much of the game is already done, with money going to polish and extra content).


    This actually looks pretty neato, Animal Crossing with a bit more Phunk. I wonder how this would hold up as a PC release though? Animal X'ing is great for those 30 min train rides (or, more likely, two hours in bed) - I don't know if I could see myself playing the same type of game infront of the PC.

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