BioShock Goes Portable, Heading To iOS

BioShock Goes Portable, Heading To iOS

Ready to return to Rapture? On your Apple devices? Today, 2K announced that, yes, BioShock is coming to iOS.

Details are scant, and the teaser image says the game is “coming soon to iOS”.

Originally out in 2007, BioShock has been released on Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and Mac. This is the first portable version of the game.

#BioShock is coming soon to iOS devices. [@2K]


  • That’s going to chew up some precious space on your (recent model) 16gb ios device.

  • First instinct, ‘no Android?’, second instinct, touchscreen controls don’t work that well in my experience for console games so it’ll probably be no big loss when I just stick to playing it on PC. I could see a Rapture puzzle based game working on phones/tablets, but not an action packed FPS sometimes requiring quick reflexes

    • I suspect this is in response to the iOS gamepad API that just got added. I’d be very surprised if this also didn’t get a port to the K1 on Android though.

      • nah, corridor cover shooter like deus ex mobile version.

        Just pray to whatever deity you believe in that its not riddled with microtransactions

        • Thankfully they’ve gone on record saying the game is a single-purchase premium game with no microtransactions.

  • I love playing games on my phone while going to/from work on the train, but gez, it’s like every second game out is an FPS that will chew the battery in 5 minutes flat. The mobile market is surprisingly immobile…

  • It doesn’t say it’s going to be the FPS though. It could be a strategy, or something else, that’s set in the world. Nowhere does it say that its going to be an FPS.

    @cufcfan616 @over30yearsofsharing @rethilgore @mrwaffle

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