BioWare’s Newest RPG Is Called Shadow Realms

BioWare’s Newest RPG Is Called Shadow Realms

As hinted at during this year’s E3, here is a first look at BioWare’s brand new game. It’s called Shadow Realms.

Set in a “modern fantasy world”, Shadow Realms is an action role-playing game. Have a look at gameplay in the trailer below:

It has four-versus-one gameplay, with four players able to fight against the Shadow Lord that controls everything in the game or play as the evil lord.

Developed by BioWare Austin, Shadow Realms is currently slated for PC. The episodic role-playing game is kicking off its closed Alpha. Sign up for it in the link below.

The New BioWare 4v1 Story-Driven Online Action RPG [Official Site]


  • @evilmonkey let your curiosity be sated!

    Edit: I was actually kind of excited for this but looking at it now seems like a modern rehash of the new Fable…

    • Cheers man, I did see something about it last night, read PC only and went Dammit! Looks like I’ll have to get cracking on the gaming rig next year, coz it ain’t gonna happen this year.

  • I was stoked when I heard BioWare was making a new game but.. what the hell is this?

    Given there is not much to go on but the small amount provided here looks pretty average.

  • I was somewhat curious about this when I heard about it today, but the first thing that strikes it off my list is that I don’t have four friends to play with. My problem, not theirs of course.

    One thing hat strikes me as funny is what I heard in a video presentation: “…will be released episodically, playing out over time like a great TV series.”With my experience of TV that means it’ll either drag on past its time, getting more and more convoluted in its plot allowing for huge holes which remove you from story (if the writing growing stale over time doesn’t do it), or it will be cancelled before any climax or conclusion can be reached. I’m not saying these will happen, I just think that using TV series as an example was a poor choice.

  • I love how EA just throw the BioWare name around like it actually still exists as a separate studio, rather than just a blanket to throw over the ‘EA’ name….

    … what’s better is that it seems to work. With all of the EA-hate that gets thrown about, it seems none of these people notice that it’s still EA underneath the name BioWare.

    Either way, I was genuinely curious about this title. But so far it looks pretty generic to me…. ‘modern fantasy world’ ? Eh, no thanks. I was hoping for a sci-fi/tech path they were going down, but it seems to be not the case…. oh wells 😉

    • To be fair, Bioware Austin is a real actual Bioware studio, not one of the ones that EA re-branded. They were set up in 2006 to develop SWTOR. Bioware wasn’t acquired by EA until 2007.

    • I came across some gameplay footage provided by a rival website:

      Judging by this footage, it reminds me more of Neverwinter in terms of gameplay. And now that I think about it the setting brings to mind what little I know about a Japanese Tabletop RPG called Night Wizard! (yes, the exclamation is part of the title).

  • The wife and I had curiosity and raised eyebrows when we started receiving the ‘YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN’ emails, but now we’ve discovered it is an online-only mulitplayer RPG we abandoned ship.

    I threw up in my mouth a little every time some idiot on stage said ‘we’re re-inventing games’.

    • EA does re-invent games. In the same way China re-invents anything Western as some cheap, cobbled together knockoff of a good thing.

  • Is it just me or is anyone else starting to get a blurry confusion that ultimately ends in indifference about the number of games with the word Shadow(s) in the title? Same for Demon, Dragon, Heart, and Soul.

    • You mean you aren’t excited about Demon Shadows: Dragon Heart OR Shadow Heart: Demon Dragon? o.O

      Seriously though, “Shadow Realms”, awful.

    • Agreed, when you use buzzwords that everyone else is using you’re relegating your game to the B-tier. Like at E3 there were a bunch of games with “Day-” in their name, like a zombie one and a horror one and I’ve got no idea which is which so no interest in any of them.

  • Loved during the conference they said “these characters are normal people, just like anyone in this room” or somesuch. Erm… I don’t think video game journalists look like that.

    But anyway, supremely disappointed. 4v1 is like the new MOBA or something. 2015, the year of playing with exactly 4 other people, no more no less (this, Evolve, The Crew….).

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