Call Of Duty Vs Minecraft Sure Is... Something

Call Of Duty Vs Minecraft Sure Is... Something

Live-action Call of Duty vs Minecraft? In Korean? Yeah, OK. Sure. Why the hell not? Let's do this.

It's not, like, the greatest thing I've ever seen, but this video is pretty slickly put together — verging more into low-budget filmmaking territory than hobbyist schlock cinema. The choreography is stylish, the effects are refreshingly un-horrible, and the whole thing is just tongue-in-cheek enough.

No, it doesn't make a single lick of sense, but if someone told me they were gonna write The Next Great American (and/or Korean) Novel so that Call of Duty bro and Minecraft cube humanoid could fight, I'd tell them their time would be better spent doing literally anything else.


    You see a random short-cut on your desktop that you have never seen before nor did you install it. 99% chance its malicious and by clicking on it your pc will be raped by some kind of rouge/ransom ware. This guy was very lucky.

    No idea what the hell is going on but it was awesome.

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