Catch Up On Tales Of Xillia Before The Sequel

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Tales of Xillia 2 comes out on Tuesday, and if you’re like me and never quite got around to beating the first game, here’s a solid refresher video to catch you up on the story.

Namco Bandai’s Nick O’Leary promises that you don’t really need to play Xillia in order to enjoy Xillia 2 — and by many accounts the second one is better — so this video should be helpful for a lot of us.


  • I didn’t finish Xillia either. I never really cared for them the way I got attached to the characters of Symphonia or Graces.
    That being said, I’m confused at this video because it ends exactly where I was up to. What? Does that mean that was the end of that game? Surely not.

  • I find it strange how that is just the first half of Tales of Xillia’s plot. He doesn’t even get up to the insanely confusing part!

  • The final boss made me want to tear my hair out on the hardest difficulty. Not because it was hard to fight, but because I couldn’t kill it! They kept healing for such an amazing % of their health when they got low. The battle took like 5 hours to stalemate until i turned off the system. Played on one difficulty down and beat the boss in 17 seconds before all characters had appeared. WTF. Sub boss kept using potions or something even though I tried to steal them over and over and over.

  • I finished the first game and all I remember was the costume options of adding rabbit ears and some fight in the clouds maybe… It’s a weird game

  • The video only goes to about half way through the story. I quite liked the story for Xillia, especially in comparison to Graces (though Malick is by far my favourite Tales character)

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