Cinema Plays Wrong Movie To Guardians Of The Galaxy Crowd

Cinema Plays Wrong Movie To Guardians Of The Galaxy Crowd

You know how it goes. You settle in to catch the Summer's big blockbuster (which by all accounts is excellent), the curtains part, the sound kicks in and...wait a minute, this isn't Guardians of the Galaxy.

omg they started playing rise of the guardians instead of guardians of the galaxy EVERYONE IN THE THEATRE IS CRYING

— maddie (@thestorysofxr) August 1, 2014


— maddie (@thestorysofxr) August 1, 2014


— maddie (@thestorysofxr) August 1, 2014

my hero

— maddie (@thestorysofxr) August 1, 2014

Obviously, the theatre being full of people, poor maddie wasn't alone

Totally trolled as our local theatre accidentally started showing "Rise of the Guardians" instead of #gotg - so #rva

— Dean Browell (@dbrowell) August 1, 2014

Better luck next time guys. And hey, it could have been worse. It could have been 2006's smash hit The Guardian, starring the always-cheery Kevin Costner and consistently-wonderful Ashton Kutcher.


    Today is friday, is it too late to nominate this cinema for jjj's friday f wit for show the wrong movie?

      To be fair it's probably not the cinemas fault but the distributor's, it's not like the movies sit around in the cinemas after they've been shown, they just wouldn't have the storage. Likely someone at the distributor did this, accidentally or on purpose who knows.

    This isn't as uncommon an occurrence as people seem to think. I work at a cinema and it has happened once or twice - once The Darkest Hour started instead of Hugo, and a The Sapphires rather than Ted.

    Usually it only takes less than five minutes for staff to relay the information to the projectionist who will then change it to the correct program. I'm sure this lot were returned to their regularly scheduled viewing in due course.

    sarcastic reference to The Guardian isn't needed, that movie is awesome!

    Stuff like this seems to happen all the time.
    I friend of mine went to see Need For Speed and the cinema starting playing Captain America 2 about a week before release.
    Some kid got up and complained, so everyone else's disappointment, they put NFS back on.

    Plus there was that time in the U.S. where instead of playing Toy Story 3, the cinema started up Paranormal Activity.

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      You realise NFS was released with a 'Sneak Peek' of the the first ~15 mins of Captain America after the trailers?

    I was there the day that Order of the Phoenix got bumped up to an MA15+ rating as they started playing it and a whole bunch of children got booted out of the cinemas

    I went to see Borat and they accidentally started showing Happy Feet. Crowd wasn't impressed.

    Seeing this tomorrow and will cry if they do that to me - i've been waiting months!!!

    Never seen wrong movie played but had a movie stuff up halfway through once, it just stopped playing. They started it up again after about 15mins and gave us free tickets :) Another time I walked in and thought I was late so took a seat and started watching the film - five minutes later the credits rolled... turns out I was actually really early! oops!

    The "new" Pacific Fair Cinemas had just opened and my mates and I went to see the "updated" original Star Wars. The first 5 mins of the movie was shown in multiple aspect ratios. I think we started with a 5:1 clicked over to a 1:1 and all over the place before they finally got it right.

    Went to see Inception at Fox Studios, and there was a bloody pigeon flying around in the cinema!

    We went and told the front counter, who already knew, and was sending a bloke in with a net, and they also upgraded us to their imax viewing for no extra cost.

    This has happened to me and my partner.

    As we live in SA, went to Greater Union, had Gold Class tickets.
    Went in to watch /*Cant remember what movie now*/ instead they played Project X (waaaayy other end of the spectrum of the movie we wanted to watch)

    After 20 minutes of stuffing around, they said, "Nothing we can do, but you will get a free ticket for next time"

    This would not be an issue BUT I did pay over $60 for 2 tickets to watch a movie -_-

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