Co-Op Multiplayer Coming To Dragon Age: Inquisition

Co-Op Multiplayer Coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware's upcoming fantasy epic isn't going to just have a huge singleplayer campaign. Dragon Age: Inquisition is also going to have co-op multiplayer too. Get ready to battle for loot.

IGN has the first details on Inquisition's online component, which sounds like it shares some DNA with the multiplayer seen in Mass Effect 3. Designed for short play sessions, the co-op quests are smaller chunks of larger, randomly generated maps. From IGN's hands-on:

In my first run through the Elven Ruins, my team fought through a graveyard full of (shared) gold hidden behind doors only accessible by mages. The next time through, the graveyard was replaced by something else, with destructible walls only breakable by the brutish kick of a warrior one of us may or may not have decided to play. In addition to these Elven Ruins, Inquisition's multiplayer visits Tevinter and an Orlesian Palace, with more locations to come.

The multiplayer shares a small link to the single-player, casting your and your partners as a squad of adventurers out in the field doing special operations in the background of the larger narrative. You'll be able to pick from nine customisable characters at launch, three for each class. Completing quests generates gold, which players can then use to buy treasure chests to get loot. You'll also be able to pay for currency and speed up unlocks that way. Crafting will be part of multiplayer, too. Head over to IGN for all the details on Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer.


    Will it be something you need to do to get the "best" ending?

      Man I hope not. Stupid ME3.

        I didn't play multiplayer to get the perfect ending. I completed 99% of the quests tho.

          Fairly certain it was only possible to do the best ending with MP prior to the DLC quests being released

    Sweet. Love co-op with the mates and/or missus.

      At the moment the wife and I are playing D3 then it will be Destiny (she loved the beta) and hopefully she will like the MP of Dragon age as we did play ME3 MP alot.

      We have two xbox one's and doubling up on all MP games for the price of one :)

        So can you play against each other at the same time? (I assume you're getting the digital copy cuz otherwise you'd need two discs)

          I think you set a 'home' console and everything digital on that is shared with everyone who logs in even if he isnt logged in, XB Gold included. Then he'd log into the other xbone and as long as he is logged in he and anyone else will have access to everything under his account also.

          I took my console to my brothers, he only has a 360 and is a silver member, logged him in and he could play all my games, including BF4 premium and everything that went with it, like nemalive I buy all my games digital from US store.

          Last edited 27/08/14 10:21 am

            Yep, works with all our digital games so far but I need to be online to play anything on the 2nd Xbox.....worth it if your married to a gamer and split screen is disappearing :|

            Wow (my wife is not a gamer beyond Clash of Clans but still this is an impressive feature!)

    Pay for gold... ergh. Fucking microtransactions...

      are you surprised?
      EA said in a report last year that "We're building into all of our games the ability to pay for things along the way..."

      ie: every EA game will have microtransactions. I also vaguely recall them also saying that they wont ship a game without multiplayer, but I cant fin that article.

      You’ll also be able to pay for currency and speed up unlocks that wayKey word being also, these things are designed to milk the impatient and foolish. We can just play the game the same as we always have and earn everything by time and effort alone and our reward will be all the sweeter because we can be smug about it as well!

    Pass.... Spiritual successor to Baldurs Gate turned into micro-transaction shoe horned multiplayer... Which also means that combat is more PEWPEW than tactical despite what they say... Fuuuuuck

      Dunno if you're aware of it, but if you're after a spiritual successor to BG, then Pillars of Eternity is all you'll need, MPM.

      (I'm rather hyped for PoE, myself. but I'm still damn keen on DA:I, too. even if its got MP. the multi in ME3 was actually surprisingly fun with 3 mates, so I'm willing to give this a chance)

      If you want a kind of spiritual successor to Baldurs Gate to tide you over until Pillars Of Eternity, try Divinity: Original Sin.

      That game doesn't hold your hand at all, you get no helpful arrows saying where to go and who to talk to, you need to think about the information you get and figure out who to talk to about it to progress. I was stuck for a good 10 minutes until I realised that the information I had should have lead me to think I had to talk to the undertaker in town, one of the other characters asked me why I'd not talked to him yet and I felt genuinely stupid about it which is a damned rare thing in a game these days.

      Combat is tactical as all hell, if you get set on fire the fastest way to put it out is by casting a rain spell but that makes you wet which makes you more vulnerable to being frozen and creates puddles of water which leaves you vulnerable to electrocution, that said the same applies to the enemy. Conversely a big patch of fire is handy if you have poison spells/arrows since the combination of fire & poison equals big arse explosion.

      It's very much an old school RPG for the modern day, not without some flaws but definitely a good one.

        Absolutely agree.
        The finding the undertaker/putting two together in Cyseal was a moment for me too.

        I have and they are great.... But I liked the Dragon Age world and story.

        It's like taking Civilisation and then making it a FPS with microtransactions... "tough luck go play someone elses game now".

        EDIT: Eh i'm just bummed the way this series has gone... PEWPEW KILL STREAK! GRIND UNLOCKS! UNLOCK so you have an advantage... PEWPEW

        Last edited 27/08/14 12:52 pm

          Oh yeah, I do know what you mean, I'm kind of hoping that harder difficulty will force a more tactical aspect to the combat in DA:I

    As a lover of the ME3 multiplayer I'm looking forward to this. I hope we get a beta!

      I sorta hope we don't. it was some jerk hacking the ME3 MP beta that got the script leaked & therefore we got the changed / rushed ending.

    Immediately lost some hope. This sort of thing is why I don't pre-order from EA any more.

    Not saying grinding in mac/micro transaction based multi player will ruin the game but it's a warning sign.

    Oh we've learned from our mistakes in Dragon Age 2. Dragon Age 3 will be better!

    Multiplayer, Microtranactions.

    That's it, I'm done!

      Hey at least sounds like it won't be the same map over and over again, that's some progress...

    What a waste of development resources.

      Well ME3's multiplayer was quite fun but I always thought I'd have preferred it as a standalone downloadable XBLA game rather than as part of the core title, just so the main game had more time & money put into it & the MP was a dedicate project of its own and so it didn't feel as compulsory for the best ending. As much as I liked it, sometimes I just wanted to play the core game and not the MP.

      Given how projects work the chances are good this was the kind of thing being done in the slack time when the staff were waiting for the next thing they had to work on to be ready to start so it probably didn't really divert as much as you might be imagining

        No way, this will have been developed by a whole separate team. Probably the ones that did ME3's multiplayer. Which I had zero interest in, personally, much like I have zero interest in this.

        It sounds like it would be a cool $15-20 downloadable title as a stand-alone thing, but why does every big single-player RPG have to have multiplayer in the first place?

        Already very much on the fence with this game, after ME3 was a bit disappointing and DA2 was the definition of a mediocre franchise cash-in. So far haven't seen anything about DA:I that makes me particularly excited to play it. This adds another nail in the coffin for me. It feels like EA is driving Bioware into the ground the same way they did Westwood and Origin and Bullfrog. :(

          I have to say I'm not 100% excited myself, I'm going to get it and I imagine I'll enjoy it but it's not something I'm chomping at the bit for which is odd considering I bought my original xbox and my 360 exclusively because there was a Bioware game I couldn't get on my PC

            I'm the same. Hell, the first Bioware game I owned was Shattered Steel.

    I like the way people claim they're not gonna buy this game because it has multiplayer with micro-transactions. I seriously doubt their claims.

      Right now? Steam sale in 2 years..... Maybe...

      Maybe if gaming media give it a analytical review, and by that I don't mean a bad score, just not gushing and gloss over things like they did with DA2...

      But they have to work for my money now. I always have BG and BG2 on the ipad in case...

      Last edited 27/08/14 1:31 pm

        So, you've decided to postpone your purchase because it's got multiplayer?

          No because it looks like a PEWPEW Gears of War game further distancing itself from the original game. KILLSTREAK! C-C-C-C-C-C-C_COMBO!!!!! Press A repeatedly to WIN!

          Multiplayer just pretty much confirms it.

            I don't believe you. I think you'll buy it shortly after launch.

            Last edited 27/08/14 3:47 pm

              Only bought DA2 when it was on sale... So I can hold off again.

                Same with me for DA:2. And even then I didn't get more than 25% through cause it was pretty average. But 3 looks more promising.

                  If they demo it like they did DA:2 then it will pretty much tell me what I want to know like last time...

                  Maybe if it was co-op story multiplayer.... But horde mode? Sounds like the way it's heading as I previously described. I still haven't finished DA2... Too many time jumps.

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