Community Review -- Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls

With all my consoles still in storage, the only game I've been playing over the weekend is bloody Swing Copters. What I really wanted to be playing was Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, as I've heard the PlayStation 4 version is quite the thing.

In fact it seem like plenty of people are making the switch to the console version, partly in thanks to the on-screen co-op, which I'm keen to possible check out with my wife. I have a weird feeling this might be one of the handful of games I can convince her to play alongside me.

How many of you have been playing this over the weekend? How have you been finding it so far? Let me know in the comments below. But if you want to talk about Swing Copters with me then go nuts!


    Seems to work very well with a controller, I'm used to it after no more than a couple of hours. Quite enjoying it really. The missus is playing with me on the same screen and aside from the annoyance of accidentally picking up each others gear (I hope this gets fixed in an update, any of her gear I accidentally pick up should just go to her inventory automatically) the game plays great!
    Played on x1, previously on pc.

      When the gear drops it is already assigned to a specific player and will go to them regardless of who picks it up. Stops ninja looting. I'm a Crusader and the wife is a Wizard and the high intelligence items mostly go to her.

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        Oh didn't realize it already does go to them. Well that's good. No issues at all then!

      Same screen co-op shares all loots and gold.

    I was sceptical about buying the ps4 version, because everyone bagged out the pc version. Heard good things about it and my girlfriend and I have been playing it on and off for the past week. I'd say it's a really enjoyable game. The controls are smooth, menus easy to navigate and we are getting no lag. We play over LAN, so we don't know if couch co-op is split screen or not (some people hate it).

    The only thing I struggle coming to terms with is how easy and unscary the game is. Sure it didn't help that I was playing the older games when I was much younger, but I felt the older Diablo games were more dungeon crawler-y, just surviving on the materials you find as you descend each level. My girlfriend and I ramped up the difficulty to expert, but that just meant that it took the enemies longer to kill as opposed to being more challenging.

    And again, I'm sure this is the nostalgia talking, but I remember the older games being much more scary and shocking. Diablo 3 reminds me too much of WoW, everything just seems a bit TOO cartoony for the Diablo Universe.

    Despite this, really recommend the game.

    Loved the game on PC. It's better on PS4. Worth picking up for everybody!

    So Mark, did you beat your high score of 1?

    Really want to get this on PS4 but am a little miffed at the no discount if you already own it. Have it on PS3 and PC already. Think will wait till it is heavily reduced.

    Playing Diablo 3 on my own is one of the most boring things I've ever done. And this coming from a guy whose afternoon routine after work is to go home and watch other people play ARMA3 on YouTube before drifting off into a snooze while lightly touching my genitals. However, co-op makes it good and I've not drifted off while fondling myself even once.

      I like your style man (or lack thereof).

    I'm quite enjoying it on PS4.

    I never really played the first two games, but came down with a severe case of "I haven't bought a PS4 game since March so why not buy it".

    I'm a little bit addicted to exploring every nook and cranny of the map to find and kill everything. Playing as a Crusader.

      Yeah, some of my co-op buddies are the same as that. I haven't effectively communicated there is no need to explore every nook as all you really want to do is smash up to level cap and start adventure mode.

        After reading Mark's Idiot in Azeroth series I'm intentionally not worrying about level cap and end-game while playing these sorts of games. I'm happy to not see every last corner if I'm playing with someone else but if I start thinking about end-game I end up reducing the core experience down to a chore that needs to be done before I can play the game.
        I've got so used to pushing through MMORPGs as fast/efficiently as possible that I end up counting 20 zones of leveling content and dozens of stories as though they were a 60GB download or a really slow installation wizard.

    I'm not a huge Diablo fan, or even fan of the genre for that matter, but I'm having a good time with it. Everybody has said it already but it really is more than just a port of an old(-ish) PC game. Playing with a controller on the big screen is brilliant. There are some flaws but nothing that adds up to much.
    My main issue, if you could even call it an issue, is that the UI layout is a little sucky. Main screen is fine, probably better than the PC, but the menus and stuff feel like they were designed with too much of an emphasis on being quick to navigate over a solid layout. Granted after playing for a few hours you'll be used to it and with the multiplayer focus the interface does need that sort of stuff to be streamlined to the point where it doesn't disrupt gameplay.

    The last time I enjoyed a similar game this much was Record of Lodoss War on Dreamcast (unless you count Marvel's Ultimate Avengers).

    It's a great game, have yet to try couch coop but the roommate has the day off so I'll probably give it a go, but first a few things.
    1. You will raise the difficulty because you will not die on Normal and probably not on Hard, most seem to push it to at least Expert.
    2. Adventure Mode isn't unlocked until you've finished Act1-5 at least once (on one character not all, Hardcore characters will have to do the Acts though, at least your first hc character anyway not sure about your second or third).
    3. Legendaries seem to drop often enough (gotten too many to count, but haven't fully outfitted my lvl 70 Wizard yet only Paragon lvl 10 atm), however set pieces actually appear quite rare (I've only had two drop).
    4. You won't use potions much if at all on Normal - Expert depending on your build.
    5. Disintegrate beyblade is extremely fun :D
    EDIT: You can also transfer saves across generations and platforms (360 to PS4/PS3 to X1)

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      EDIT: You can also transfer saves across generations and platforms (360 to PS4/PS3 to X1)

      I read on one of the achievement websites that you need a copy of the game on the platform in order to export your save data before you can import it to the new version. If that's true it's worth pointing out for anyone who sold their original copy.

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        You need the original disc for your 360/PS3 version, and when you import it to PS4/'bone, it wipes all character data (on the PS4/'bone) to perform the import. So you need to do the import before you create any characters on next gen, or you wipe them when you import the original data.

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          Ah. Thanks for the info. I've only played the PC version and the XBOX One version so I was a little fuzzy on it, but it's a pretty big selling point for some people.

    Can be played while all other Blizzard games get DDOSd and the people who supported Blizzard and made them what they are get bent over... 10/10

      So people who buy Diablo on X1 or PS4 aren't supporting Blizzard? Riight..

        Whoooosh.... Straight over your head then... Unless you're saying that Blizzard is a relatively new company that became the behemoth it is due to a weeks worth of sales on PS4/XB1?

          Diablo 3 is great in both PC and Consoles. It made a more action orientated rpg which is a fair bit different to Diablo 2 and with that and the always online and auction house debacle some pc gamers don't appreciate it for what it is. Be aware though that blizzard are not screwing over PC gamers because it is better on console. As a company they are entitled to release the game on more platforms than the original to have a potential 15 million more sales

            Then they should have no problem in removing the always online feature so we can play single player when they get DDoSd.

            But they won't.

      Even more fun when is getting DDoS'd, so later decide to try PS4, only to find them getting DDoS'd too.

      Wouldn't seem a big issue until I found the PS4 doesn't even like signing in to the console while PSN (SEN) is getting slammed either. Kept locking up on sign in, (yes, even just to the console - couldn't get to the XMB) and I was going mental trying to figure out what was wrong, until I realised PSN was getting destroyed.

      So I went and watched anime instead.

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    Anyone else having trouble connecting between XB1 games. am yet to connect to a friends games, (and they can't connect to me) Just gives a generic error message.

    Loving though. bring back the Couch Co-op!

      Try doing a hard reboot of your x1, hold the on/off button on the console for 30 seconds until it turns off, then wait 30 seconds to turn it back on again. It normally clears minor issues like that.

    Got the game for PS4! It's AWESOME! Love the couch multi! First time owning a Diablo title and it's worth it!

    great game :) highly enjoyable on consoles. i just got my main from 360 through the campaign on extreme and got to 70 now I'm starting on leveling a crusader to get all the low game achievements.

    oh and with all the DDOS bullshit on the weekend this was the only Blizzard game i could actually get on and play.

    Played it for the last week on PS4 with my wife. We have had a blast! Crusader + Demon Hunter combo. Its a fantastic game and i highly recommend it to anyone looking for co op fun on the new consoles.

    Utterly in love with it. Played it non-stop all weekend. I think it's going to become my first Platinum Trophy provider. I played it first on my mac but had to play on the lowest possible settings so to have it available in all its 1080p 60fps, offline, local co-op, controller-based glory is incredible. So much fun... Is it home time yet?

    the game has continued to grow on me - reaper of souls was such a huge improvement on vanilla d3, loving it at the moment. that being said, you are going to have a significantly better time playing with some mates (i play on PC) so i can definitely understand the appeal of sitting down in front of a tv with a couple of friends.

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