Community Review: PlayStation Plus

So last week was a little light on game releases, so I thought this week we could focus our Community Review on PlayStation Plus. How many folks here are subscribed to PlayStation Plus? How do you find it? Worth the money?

In my opinion, it's become quite a worthwhile service — particularly if you own a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Vita.

This month for example, subscribers get access to Fez, Proteus, Crysis 3, Metrico, Road Not Taken and LEGO Harry Potter. Now you might not love all of those games, but surely you can find something to play on that list.

The level of consistency from PlayStation Plus, I think, is high. The games are typically good and — perhaps more importantly — always relatively recent. I honestly believe you could probably subscribe to PlayStation Plus and buy a minimal amount of games to get you through.

Keen to hear your thoughts.


    It's a cool service love the discounts and sales Rogue legacy greatest game ever, my only problem is there has not been 1 game on ps4 besides Resogun and Don't starve that I have played, they seem to get worse every month. need more variety

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      To be fair though, the console is only 9 months old, can't really expect them to be putting new release AAA games up for free. Launch games like Killzone and Knack would be nice though.

        I know but just want more then just the same indies, don't mind if there indies but different genres, like some rpgs, no more pixelated platformers

          Yep. Putting in a vote here for getting pretty bloody sick of always being able to count on seeing some bloody indie pixel-art platformer. Hell, any time Steam updates its new release list, you're bound to see one. Feels like they're disproportionately represented for their popularity.

            So true, I think the 8 bit / 16 bit crap got to stop. It is overhyped to extreme state and every indie developer is releasing "ground breaking GOTY" 8 bit/16 bit games.

            The hype train is over and it is getting rather ridiculous.

              I'm from the other camp and I am more than happy seeing pixelated games everywhere. I am more than happy that there has been another flood of pixel graphics.

            Got to agree. They threw 12 months of PS+ in with my ps4 at JB for free. Thank fuck I didn't pay for it. At this point it just hasn't been worth it. (Ok MAYBE Strider was...)

              The only thing that was worth it was resogun and contrast which I completely missed because I did not managed to secure one during launch and only got mine February this year :(. everything else was not even a close contender.

                Strider Ive found fun personally, given it wasn't a dodgy pixel art game. I, like many others, am SICK of them, completely over them. 100%.

                  Agreed 9000%. Pixel game need to stop. I bought paper please and thought it was gonna be some fun but got turned off by the pixel art. FEZ was getting uber rating how it was platformer of the year but I close it 30 seconds after playing it.

                  Indie have access to UE4, Cryengine and Unity. I don't understand how they ended up making a pixel art game. They could even use free tier Unity to build their game. I guess one reason is they don't even require resource to do graphics, just mash up some pixels that maybe look like a face and job done.

                  Careful @letrico I voiced that opinion once and the pixelart brigade here crucified me with downvotes lmao. But I imagine it's because it's easier to pump out a game faster in 2d than it is making a 3d based game. So many good unity based games are out now it's proven itself a great engine to use. Hell, Shadowrun uses it gloriously.

    I think it's good value, but personally I would rather own the games, so I can still play them if my subscription runs out.

    Might renew my subscription when I pick up a PS4.

      I understand the viewpoint but for most (I think) with a PS4 you will be forever subscribing to plus for MP anyway.

    Great value (PS3). Played a lot of games I probably would never have played otherwise.

    Truth is, I've bought... one? maybe? new release game in the last 9 months, subsisted on cheap preowned and PS+ for the rest of it

    A fantastic service and innovation. Decent quality games right from the start, and pretty much a must have for owners of both a PS4 and Vita.

      I wonder how much worse off the Vita user base would be if it weren't for PS+?

      The only reason I bought one was because I had a huge stockpile of games built up for it thanks to PS+ and cross buy versions of PS3 games. Don't get me wrong, it's a great device, but a handheld isn't something I particularly need or use a lot. I never would have bought it except for the fact that the list of games I had for it became so long that it didn't make sense to NOT have one.

    Absolutely love PS+, great value for what you get

    Ive been a plus member for almost 4 years now. I love it

    Remember that PS+ is necessary for multiplayer on PS4.

      And there has never been so neat a demonstration of the fact it's now just an arbitrary paywall as PS4 Watch_Dogs. You can play the 1v1 hacking & tailing stuff without PS+ all you like but if you want anything else, you have to fork over the cash.

        Completely worth it and hardy arbitrary. Look at the ps3 online services vs the 360, the 360 could maintain such high quality support due to the funding from that "pay-wall".

          gold was pretty ridiculous in some cases though, like internet explorer.

            Gold want always up to snuff in all its areas sure, but for enabling multiplayer online it outshone the PSN by miles

            I think gold needs breaking up into 3 different services, gaming, media & a combined one. Let people like me who don't give a toss about any of the TV bollocks just pay a smaller amount for the MP gaming service, let the presumably mythical people who buy an xbox as a media machine buy a cheaper gold sub focussed on media delivery and let the people who want the lot buy the gold sub we have now.

          Oh yeah, if the end result is quality, that I'm actually okay paying for. One of the main reasons didn't play any multiplayer on the PS3 was that almost every time I tried the end result was a steaming pile of laggy shite whereas at least XBL worked most of the time. The point I was making with WD was that the hacking/tailing demonstrated that PS+ was clearly not necessary for the multiplayer functionality but the game mode segregation was artificially enforced.

          In many ways it was actually a good thing since it meant you got more of the game's functionality but it also served to highlight the rather obvious partitioning of functionality when you stepped back and looked at it through a more analytical lens.

    I do love the service - but I'm getting tired of JUST indies being there - At least having 1 substantial PS4 title would be a nice filler until Destiny... Aside the fact I already own most indie titles on steam it's still great to have them on PS4 too.

      Same. I have so many copy of FEZ I don't know what to do with it. I have it from GOG as DRM free, got one on Steam, got another in Humble Bundle steam key ununsed, now I have another copy on PS4 and Vita.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that the first full retail title will be something like Knack or Killzone.

    My only problem is that does the ps4 version of playstation plus have moderators, which have the power to check if the player using the service is using it for good, not extreme evil (read the kotaku article about the ps3 plus being used by modders playing gta online modding themselves to use the ability to rape other players), I mean if there are moderators on this version of playstation plus, will they be able to crack down on any kind of illegal act being committed using this system & will these violators get permabanned from multiple accounts if they reoffend using these accounts? That is my only problem with ps+

    PS+ has been a great companion to my PS Vita. Only game I've bought so far is FFX|2, but otherwise I've been living off the awesome games I get every month!

    Have it almost since launch. Generally love the service,although haven't cared much for the games of late (sport bores me, some indies i love, many i loathe, sorry i don't want to play side scrollers anymore and please quit it with the vita Lego titles).

    but the service even with those gripes is great value, i cant hope to keep up with the games released and only buy must haves now. I think borderlands 2 was my last purchase and borrowed last of us off a mate.

    and when i eventually get a ps4 i will have a great back catalogue.

    I got it when it was first released on PS3 a few years back...... mainly because it came with quite a few games which, on their own, totalled more than the 3 month sub.

    Of course, after that, I got annoyed by the little 'features' which only PS+ members had, which didn't really warrant the cost. Mostly cloud saving and daily-backup checks [cloud saving, OK, there's *some* cost to that, but enabling the PS3 to turn on once a day and check for updates? the fuck?].
    Paying to unlock local features on the console rubbed me the wrong way.

    Of course, now for PS4 it's compulsory for online gaming...... The 'free games' are just there to lube everyone up. Sure, it may be good value to get the free games, but it's distracting everyone from the fact that they are forcing us to pay for something which should be free [the ability for my games to connect to my friends over the internet].

    That's a deal breaker for me.....

      Should be free? As I said above, compare the ps3's abysmal online services vs the ps3, that's free vs paid.

        The ability for software I have paid to use, on hardware I have paid to own, to communicate with another person on an internet connection I have paid for access to, should not be dependant on another subscription service just because the system is closed.
        If there are extra costs involved, incorporate those into the developer licensing and/or the cost of the game title itself, which will reflect the actual use of said service more than an arbitrary barrier put up by sony.

        EDIT: The other kicker here is that does this paid service lock out developers from offering a LAN mode for online? At the very least, this allows us to route our multiplayer gaming over our own infrastructure. I would make a good bet that Sony wouldn't be happy with that......

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          Yeah no console had supported LAN since the xbox/ps2 era, cmon.

          And I would much rather pay a single subscription fee to access all online services rather than what would turn into individual subscriptions or fees which is what happens when there isn't a subscription services. Remember online passes? Yeah we saw the back of those because of ps+ multiplayer "pay-wall". These services aren't cheap to run, someone has to pay for it.

            Yeah no console had supported LAN since the xbox/ps2 era, cmon.



            While not every game supported this, of course, many did. Even AAA titles. Many of my uncharted 3 and Read Dead Redemption games were using the LAN feature, even if we tunnelled the connection over a VPN.

            PSN down? Lol oh well.....

            Subscription fees? Yeah no thanks....

            Online passes have nothing to do with the paid multiplayer. Online passes [which, FWIW, I actually agreed with] were a method of preventing retailers effectively double-selling a game, when the actual developer/publisher was only receiving a single sale.

            And I'm not talking about subscriptions for each game.... Games have development costs, server infrastructure can be budgeted, even roughly, and put into the purchase cost of the title. I am by no means convinved that the PS3's online multiplayer experience was down to lack of a subscription fee..... it was the way in which it was engineered for the PS3.

            If they lock me out of online matchmaking, fine, whatever. But give me the option of a LAN mode, so I can at least use the software I have paid to use. And if it was REALLY just about the cost of running the online the service, Sony would have no problem with this.

    Hmm, good timing, I can ask the question here I was going to ask in TAY.

    What happens to PS+ games you... *ahem* "own" when your subscription lapses? I know you lose access to them but do you regain access when you re-subscribe? I got a month of PS+ for the Destiny beta and thought I might as well grab Crysis 3 since I could and find that I'm not really in the mood for it at the moment. If don't get in the mood before my subscription expires have I basically lost my chance?

      Resubbing will gain access to content you previously redeemed. Redeem is key here. If you don't redeem it in the first place you certainly wont have access later.

      So yes you'll be able to play Crysis 3 later ;)

        Ahh cool, I was hoping that's how they'd do it. Pretty much a case of marking it as owned on the account but needing a subscription to actually run it.

        I don't have a PS4 *yet*. If I get PS Plus this month, will I be able to get the free PS4 games when I get a PS4?

          No, you will need to "Purchase" the game first to add it into your account then you can access it anytime in the future once you start subscribing again.

          If you go to the web store and redeem them sure. If not no.

          Yes. I've had PS+ for years on PS3. When the PS4 released I was able to redeem all those games through the PS store (you have to do it through the website, PS4 games don't show up on the store if you're accessing it on PS3). So go in there, add them to your cart and "purchase" them (for $0, obviously). They'll then be in your download list for you to download later once you get a PS4.

          So yeah, as the comments above say - buy your PS+ subscription and just redeem the games through the website until such time as you have a PS4 to download them to.

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    I've been with US PS+ since day one back when the main draw were discounts rather than IGC. I'm still in it for the discounts but sometimes something comes along on IGC that I don't own and am interested in which is nice.

    Had it for almost 2 years and I'm loving it. While the last few month's free games haven't been all that good, in the past it's given me a chance to try things like Hitman: Absolution and Tomb Raider which I didn't really want to pay retail to try out.

    For Vita it's been the only reason to have the system. All the free Vita games I've gotten have been played over and over again. If Sony has to single handily keep the console alive, this is the way to do it.

    Only suggestion I have for it is maybe include a "movie of the month" or something. The PSN movie streaming service is great quality wise, but the prices are a bit steep.

    Had it since it came out. I love it, even if I'm not going to play the games now I grab them, then they're there as long as you're subbed. I've let my lapse this month, but will definitely grab it again next pay day.

    PSPlus is great when there's content worth getting, but pretty pointless at any other time. That being said though, I'd estimate that the amount of money I have saved with PSPlus probably justifies the subscription cost. The most frustrating thing to come out of it so far is buying a game, only to have it come up on PSPlus the next month.

    It seems like I have a counter viewpoint to most people... I don't really want PS+...
    I was quite active during the Ps3 cycle, playing most of the big titles on release, as such when they came to Plus a year or so later I didn't see the value in subscribing personally, although I can appreciate it was great for people late to the game, or with time / budget requirements...
    Then came the PS4... I have had the console since April, and didn't bother to sub to Plus for the same reasons as above. Recently, for the destiny BETA I grabbed a 3 month sub to try out the raid function (and PS+); since then I have got a couple of indi titles on the Ps4 that I have played once and deleted, and if not for almost being forced to sub to play online multiplayer this generation I would likely just let the sub lapse... I think I'll but buying short term subs as required although this is not great value, mostly because I'm not sure I want to commit to long term use of the service at present.

    While I love the service overall, what I find to be crap is that the EU/AU stores tend to get screwed over when compared to the US store in terms of game availability in general. :/

    I've been an off and on subscriber since it started, if something good is up that month I'll sub, then I'll usually let it lapse until it's worth it again. Although with my ps4 I'll probably continue to keep my sub up now. The 360 has shown what can be done with a subscription based online service for multiplayer, hopefully Sony can compete now.

    I haven't bought a game for my Vita for a while now because of PS+

    It's a great service.

    PS Plus is great. Got a few Vita games saved up for when I buy a Vita. There's plenty of PS3 games for me to go through as well, I just need a larger HDD and more free time to go through them all. I little bit disappointed so far with the PS4 games on offer. Resogun was amazing, but I haven't really played much since then. Most games have that, hand painted, indie/retro thing going on which I'm just not a fan of. I understand there's not a great deal of games available for the system yet, but hopefully after the turn of the year we can start to see some of the bigger games on there (although I've got most of them already). I'm really hoping for New N Tasty to be on there at some point though. I'd buy it now but money is tight

    As for everything else, I'd love to see (as a lot of people would I imagine) a proper sale like the Steam sales. If they did it just for PS Plus people, sure it'd piss a lot of people off, but it'd make a fair few sign up, even just for 3 months. I can't imagine they will though and knock down the prices of the majority of PS1, 2 & 3 games though judging by the prices they're renting to 'rent' out the games on over Gaikai

    I have a Vita, PS4 and PS3 and have had PS+ since day one. Love it and will keep it.
    Even though a lot of games I bought new end up on their I still keep the physical copy only because 20 years from now I want to dig the PS4 out and play these games regardless of the online being up or not just like I do with the SNES and Mega Drive.

    It was cheap enough that I paid for a year and promptly forgot about it. Every now and then at least once a month I am reminded to go register the free games to my account. Including the Vita/PS4 ones, on the off-chance that I ever get one or the other. *shrug*

    It probably paid for itself in some of the discounts I got earlier in the year with games I really wanted.

    I’ve been on it for only two months, having just acquired a PS3 to play through the Last of Us and signing up for a 3 month subscription.

    It’s been interesting, as someone who planned on buying a PS4 but who just can’t quite justify it yet, my first plan was to buy some cheap PS3 classics expecting they’d be linked to my account and that once the PS4 got a BC solution I’d be able to download them again.
    That’s not happening now because Sony wants to implement the worlds least practical BC solution so they can charge an hourly rate to stream games, so my interest in acquiring a back-catalogue of (semi) free PS3 games has declined significantly and with it the value of PS+.

    Another thing I’ve found (and this is less of a PS Plus issue and more of a PS store one) is that downloading games from Sony’s service is about as much fun as gouging your eyes out with a fork.
    My experience in getting Little Big Planet 2 (which is great) is a good example:
    1/ Buys game from PS Store for $25ish. 8gb download. Seems a good deal for my wallet and download cap.
    2/ Turns off console overnight expecting it to download on standby like the 360 does.
    3/ Wakes up in the morning and the game isn’t downloaded.
    4/ Leaves console on overnight the next night and it finishes downloading
    5/ Boots up PS3 the next night for a quick session and the PS3 needs to install a game that it’s already downloaded (WTF?)
    6/ 30 minutes later and I start the game up: “This game needs an update” No f*cking idea why it doesn’t download an up-to-date version in the first place.
    7/ 17mb update is ridiculously slow for some reason but not a big real.
    8/ IT’S UPDATE 1/24?!?! The 3rd one is 800mb plus! No way of determining how big the rest will be?!?! What’s this going to do to my download cap?
    9/ Leaves console on AGAIN overnight to download patches.
    10/ Wakes up to find that its failed on update 17/24. Update 17 is 900mb that now has to start again. No idea what it’s doing (or planning to do) to my download cap.
    11/ Next night it gets a bit further before crashing again. By this point my advertised 8gb download is ruining my monthly cap.
    12/ About 7 nights, 20gb and $25 later, I played LBP 2. It’s really good.

    One more whinge, I downloaded Vessel early this week from the free game list in the PS+ store. The game was listed as free until I selected it at which point it proceeded to charge my $15 for it. Largely my fault (I was being impatient trying to download it fast) but it still sucks a bit.
    I’m guessing they were in the process of switching the free games over for the month but hadn’t yet updated the main page.

    So my thoughts on PS+? It’s lost a bit of value for me now that the PS4 is going to have the worlds greediest BC solution, but the games that go up monthly do seem better than XBL. It’s not very expensive at about $8 a month either, so I’d think you’d be crazy to have a PS3/4/Vita and not have a subscription.

    Wow that was long.

      You kind of sound like one of those Xbox 360 people who doesn't realise that downloading and installing are two separate steps because the 360 do both together.

      It's poor usability/laziness that the initial download didn't include the patches.

        Yeah it is one of the bad things of PS3. A little retarded and download speed from PSN is slow as hell as well. It took me 3 days to download Puppeteer from the past PS+. PS4 speed on the other hand is awesome. Downloads like 2Mbps on my ADSL2+ and ready to play once it is downloaded.

        I do realise that they’re two separate steps.

        It’s just completely ridiculous that they should be two separate steps on a console, let alone take as long as it does it install.
        If you aren’t used to it then it does surprise you how sh*t it is.

        The PS+, PS Store combination might give you better free games than XBL Gold does but the underlying systems, for the PS3 at least, seem significantly worse. I guess all those years Xbox owners forked out for multiplayer games actually paid off to some extent.

      Fair criticisms for the most part but, as you say, more of the PS Store itself rather than PS+. And for the most part it applies to PS3, not PS4 - when you purchase a game on PS4 it downloads the updates simultaneously with the game itself so you generally don't have to wait around for the updates after downloading the game.

      As far as the PS3 goes, if you start downloading the stuff you want then shut down the PS3, you'll get an option to shut down after downloads complete. You can select this then go to bed and the PS3 will finish downloading (and installing) the games and then turn itself off. Depending on when the downloads finish and what time you've got your PS3 set to automatically check for updates (i.e. if it finishes downloading and installing before it checks for updates) then it will check for updates and download and install them automatically so it'll be ready to play the next day.

        Cheers man, much appreciated advice.

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