Contra Meets Starship Troopers In Co-op Platformer Hive Jump

Graphite Lab's first crack at a Kickstarter for its side-scrolling, co-op shooter Hive Jump didn't go so well, amassing just $US6157 of its lofty $US75,000 goal. Now, six months later, the developer is having another go, this time with external funding, updated visuals and a thumbs-up from Valve to sell the game on Steam. Suffice it to say, it's already doing a lot better the second time round.

The game's lined up for release on PC, Mac and Linux as well as the Wii U, which going by the gameplay video, seems a natural fit. Set in the 24th century, where humanity is engaged in a Starship Troopers-like scenario of battling space bugs in underground nests, up to four players can delve into a series of procedurally-generated levels with "hand-designed challenges". Upgradeable weapons allow you to keep on top of the alien menace and a "campaign" layer keeps things interesting from a top-level perspective.

Right now Hive Jump is sitting on $US18,620 of its $US50,000 target and while it has a solid start to its Kickstarter, it has 20 days to get the other $US31,380. Is it possible? Definitely, though Graphite Lab will probably need something a little extra to push it across the line.

Hive Jump [Kickstarter, via RPS]


    Sufficed to say, it’s already doing a lot better the second time round.
    This should be Suffice it to say.
    Yes, I am a teacher of English. Why do you ask?

      Really? I'm not doubting you because I aren't speaka da English too good, but suffice it to say sounds weird, I've always said suffice to say. The more you know!

    I was so 'meh yet another kickstarter' on this, and then I saw the gameplay. And what they're trying to do. And the co-op options. Yep, have $60 of my moolah so 3 mates and I can indulge in some shenanigans for a bit :D

    Pretty awesome! For some reason it reminds me of the old arcade game O.S.C.A.R.

    Anyone remember that? Never knew what the acronym stood for, though...

    Well I'll be! It was just straight up Oscar and it never stood for anything.

    Last edited 18/08/14 9:42 pm

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