Cop In Trouble After Punching An Arcade Machine

Cop In Trouble After Punching an Arcade Machine

A police officer in Shizuoka, Japan recently punched an arcade game screen, breaking it. Talk about a rage quitter.

According to MSN Japan, last month the officer was gaming at a local Iwata City arcade on his day off. While playing the game, the title of which isn't given, the 20-something year-old officer got pissed off and punched the arcade monitor. The reason? He was having trouble playing the game as he wanted.

The arcade then called the police, and the off-duty officer apologized, saying, "This is inexcusable." He is reimbursing the arcade for the damaged screen, and the game center decided not to file a police report.

Yahoo! News Japan adds that the officer then left the force at his own request later that month.

「思い通り行かない」 巡査がゲーム機壊す 静岡県警が訓戒処分 [MSN Japan] 磐田署の巡査がゲーム機壊す 静岡県警が訓戒処分 [Yahoo! News Japan]

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    Here's some alternatives: Talk about Primal Rage. or Talk about Smash TV. or Talk about a Rampage.

    Cop in japan gets in trouble over punching arcade machine... ends up leaving the force.

    Cop in America shoots a black teen dead for not moving off the road and being an insolent shit... he'll be back on service soon.


      You make that sound so simple.

        It kind of is really. The Japanese are showing maturity, responsibility and care for their public, this cop had the best interests of the general public in mind when he made his decision.

        The American one is a royal clusterfuck with what's going on.

      You are too PandC. You may only have daughters and emasculated sons. Murriclaps may be trigger happy. But if you think they shoot people for being black you are an idiot.

        Riiiiiiiight. Because thats never happened. Ever. Especially not in America eh?

          I didn't say that it has never happened. I am saying that it did not happen in the case you are talking about.

      Pft hahahaha. Every police force has their fuck ups. Japan has countless.
      The claim that any upskirt photos taken by cops during in questioning are legal:
      Police fleeing in response to a nudist:
      The incident where all charges were dropped against a fellow cop when said cop attempted to solicit and engage in enjo kousai with a minor, and said cop admitted to it:

      Point is, the japanese cops are no better than a lot of other police forces and certainly not as honourable as you believe.

        Every force has their issues. Didnt see any examples of them rolling through Kyoto in armoured military vehicles oppressing a minority race after murdering one?

          I'm sure they just wanted to ride in the vehicles for fun, lets just forget the fact that the minority race was rioting. (Any excuse to riot, huh?)
          In fact, i'm sure that kid was just walking his dog and they decided to shoot him, i'm sure there would be nothing more to it.
          If i were to be shot like that no one would riot or care, why is this different?

            EDIT: Removed my original post.

            lol I had this long, long answer typed out here, it was like, 5 paragraphs long, then I realised...

            I don't care what you think? At all. You're noone on the internet, just some other male or female with a differing opinion lol.

            Have your opinion by all means, I'll have mine, but man, I'm never typing out an answer like the previous one again... I can't convince you, I can't convince anyone on here, because we're all set in our opinions. I also don't have to justify to you :)

            So have a good one, learn a bit more about the world and how it works though, it might surprise you how much unfair shit goes on.

            Last edited 17/08/14 11:29 am

              If you're set in your ways then i wont bother arguing with you.
              I don't know the full story and neither do you,
              So why just assume he got shot because he was black?
              And if the cop did murder him for no reason then that cop should be hung. No innocent person deserves that.

              Last edited 17/08/14 11:45 am

                Thank you for standing up to weresmurf

                It was a little ridiculous to read his original comment, and then go on the warpath to defend it
                I dont like the situation in the USA either, but its ridiculous to think that the police just felt like shooting a guy who was in the middle of the street. We dont know the full story, and probably never will

                Ill probably get downvoted, and thats fine. But I am glad you made a stance.

    Ok so I didn't read the linked page, but the title said he's in trouble. So when he apologised and the arcade didn't file a report at what point was he actually in trouble?

      He's now unemployed, I'd say that's trouble

      He would still be internally in trouble with the police. The Japanese police force is *very* behaviour oriented, he would've been looking at a lot of consequences for something even like that. His quitting I think might have been extreme, but he obviously felt it the best option.

        Hmm fair enough. It just seemed from the article that he apologised and all was well.

    the off-duty officer apologized, saying, “This is inexcusable.”
    He then proceeded to commit seppuku

    Last edited 17/08/14 10:45 am

    I find it slightly ironic that they called the police to deal with a police man.

      He was there on his day off. They most likely didnt know what type of job he had

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