Damn, This Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL Is Hot

Damn, This Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL Is Hot

Briefly: Nintendo announced this baby for Europe on October 3, when the new Smash Bros. launches on 3DS. Very sleek. Cluttered but sleek. (Hard to beat my black/gold Zelda XL though.)


    That is gorgeous. i hope "Europe' also means Australia.

      I suspect not; if anything, EB Games will import some to offer in australia

        I hope so. I have been holding off on switching to a cool collectors edition 3DS because the DRM is so convoluted in transferring over street pass and digital downloads. but i would risk it for this.

          I am too, but I recall something about losing any pre-installed games if you try to transfer to another 3DS. Not that I intend to change to another 3DS after this one (though this game might be start of a downward 3DS LE spiral =.=), but things can break and Id hate to lose my progress in smash bros cause it wouldnt transfer to the new 3DS

    Looks nice but yeah my Zelda XL is so damn sexy

    Looks awesome, but I hate the whole preinstalled thing they have these days.

      I believe the main reason is to drive down preowned sales, generally when a game is bundled in a high selling set the preowned price plummets due to excess in stock.

      I for one support the decision, fuck preowned games.

    It doesn't come with an AC adaptor... Is the XL compatible with the original 3DS Power cable?

    Errr that looks like crap. Looks like a red XL with an ebay style vinyl ontop.

      Thats what I was thinking lol, no real good design choices in this.

    why the hell do you sell a portable console WITHOUT a power cable?

      Maybe some European countries have different power sockets so they sell them seperately there? Other than that no idea really.

      In the UK its not required for some electronics to come with a power cable. But its a law here in AUS that a power cable must be included, so if/when this 3ds is available here it will come with one.

    Looks pretty snazzy, but at the same time I feel they could have managed something even better with the subject material.

    Would have preferred they made it a unique colour and used the Smash Bros logo. It's why designs in Japan are so damn sexy, unique colours with simple but interesting art. Eg. Our Pokemon XY edition vs theirs. That said, hard to top my Zelda edition haha.

    This is goddamn ugly.

    Like... a bucket of smashed crabs levels of ugly...

    wait AC Adaptor not included? what kind of business decision is that. Here buy this 3Ds, you can play for 2-3 hours then your stuffed. Parents are going to be buying this for kids and wont realise you cant just pop in some AAA batteries like a gameboy.

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