Dark Souls Can Be Pretty Cinematic When It Wants To Be...

You might know Tyrannicon for his excellent 'Great Battles of Skyrim' series, now he's turned his attention to Dark Souls, creating an inspiring rendition of the Executioner Chariot boss fight. Cinematic is not the word. It's dramatic, brilliantly edited with incredible timing and an incredible eye for in-game cinematography. This is a compelling watch.

And this is just part 1. Can't wait to see more. I'm hoping this guy does more, because I'll always be there to watch.

My favourite part of this video, however, is the integration of Nashandra's dialogue, where she encourages the player to meet Vendrick. I never really paid it much attention during the game itself but, having finished the game, there's a real brutal poetry to her words. The delivery is awesome and in many ways it speaks to the central narrative of the game and gives it purpose. It's a little bit beautiful in a way.

So yeah, I really loved this video.


    I need to log back on to Dark Souls 2 but with the internet disconnected so that I can use the death tablet to see how many times I died. At the moment it feels like 30.

      *30,000 ;)

        Nah, I rarely died. I had like, 30-something human effigies by the end of the game and I was never hollowed (not counting that sidequest that required it).

    But can it be systematic or hydromatic? If not, then it's no grease lightning.

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