DayZ Officially Coming To PS4

Briefly: DayZ is officially coming to the PlayStation 4, creator Dean Hall just announced during Sony's Gamescom press conference. PC gamers have been bragging about this nihilistic zombie-themed shooter for a while now, leaving the rest of us with an intense fear of missing out, or FOMO as the kids call it. No longer!


    Isn't that image from a DayZ competitor?

      Yeah right WarZ that crap of a game isn't even Close to a competitor for DayZ.
      although DayZ is crap sometimes too

    Have they got it right on PC yet? I haven't checked in on it in a long while.

      Nope. You still get more out of playing Breaking Point!

    Is it going to come out on xbox one as well or has Sony just put the money towards it to keep it from releasing on the xbox?

      Possible. But would that make sense with Sony Online Entertainment releasing H1Z1? Really hope it comes out on Xbone. And that it works. I doubt SOE will release H1Z1 on Xbox and I don't really want to shell out for a PS4 or a better PC. I haven't played it on my laptop for a while. The frame rate was just unplayable.

        Thats what i cant understand, why have competition on H1Z1?
        But I'm in the same vote, dont want to put out for a ps4 or a better PC

          Remember even if this doesn't get to Xbone - that state of decay sequel is coming and I believe it will have multiplayer

    LOL, Why are they even bothering releasing it on consoles when they can't even get it to work properly on PC? It's been what, a year since it came out on Steam and it hasn't even progressed since then?

      Don't know what you're playing... Since a year ago there is item persistence (Can hide items in the woods and they are still there after server restarts), loot respawns, animals and be killed, carved and cooked. Fishing. Probably triple the guns to a year ago. Throwing of items and ragdoll physics. Connection is much more stable and less lag, I used to have to time 2 seconds ahead to hit a zombie on a local server, now it hits when I swing so I don't have to predict.

      Also it's a beta, it isn't a finished game. It'd be interesting if they allowed the development version on console but doubt it.

      I don't play it a whole lot but the 3 or so periods where i did, i noticed huge changes in the game when weeks or months would pass in between.

    So "Early Access" is coming to ps4?

      It's so weird how we used to ask for more choice and now we're ignorami complaining about having too much.

    What like Xbox just did with Tomb Raider? @jdsavage

    Last edited 13/08/14 9:49 am

      I didn't see the word "exclusive" getting used here...

      i reckon tomb raider will come out on ps4 and pc just later down the track

      you fail to see the issue here pl0der. The issue is that TR has ALWAYS been multiplatform... its been released on every platform post 1998 known to man... the issue is that the sequel to the reboot, which was also multiplatform, is now exclusive to MS.

    It'll be interesting to see what they do with the controls, especially the lack of mouselook. Wonder if they'll use the touchpad on the dualshock4 for that or something

    This should be interesting. Dayz is hard enough with its current control scheme.
    I might actually get a ps4 for this and destiny.

      well operation flashpoint: Cold War Crisis ( now Arma: Cold War Crisis) did come out on the original Xbox. Moving and shooting would be fine, but where it would go the hell is inventory management and communication

        Yeah thats what i meant. Last night i was on the stand alone and my back pack was a total mess. Spent 10 minutes in a shed sorting tne bloody thing. So much stuff.

    While this is cool news, I'm a little concerned on a few levels.

    a) It'd be nice if Rocket and Co would actually finish the PC version before releasing this (yes, yes ermagehrd Alpha, etc etc).

    b) Do developers still have to pay to release patches on console? If so, bad news. DayZ requires constant patches and hot fixes. I can picture this being a similar situation to the state Payday 2 is on console compared to the PC version.

    c) DayZ is pretty poorly optimised in general. Graphically, it brings pretty beast rigs down to ~30FPS in populated areas. This is despite it being a pretty game, but no Crysis 3. They'll have to REALLY optimise it for consoles.

    d) The controls are similarly not that great. Could definitely do with some tweaking, simplifying and so on. Especially if it's to be playable on a controller.

    At the end of the day it's a moot point for me, as I've already got it on PC so won't be picking it up for my PS4. That being said, while I do complain about it a lot, I love the game and it is nice to see it coming to consoles.

    This sounds great, as long as they don't slow down work on the PC version. I would have thought the PC version would be closer to full release before this announcement.

    Good God... DayZ is coming to PC... Thats BUGTASTIC!!! Will probably require 2 x Dualshock 4's to play and you will control the left half of your body with one and the right half with the other. Movements will be tracked using the Playstation Camera, and head tracking using the Morpheus headset...

    You heard it here first folks...

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