Dead Island Movie Back On Track

Dead Island Movie Back On Track

Deep Silver sold the film rights for the Dead Island franchise to Lions Gate in 2011, but then nothing happened and the rights reverted to the mothership. Now, Deep Silver is partnering with indie production house Occupant Entertainment to put the film adaptation on the fast track.

First reported by Deadline, there's no set concept for what the movie will be like yet, aside from that whole zombie thing. It sounds like they're soliciting pitches, in fact, according to a quote attributed to Occupant bosses Joe Neurauter and Felipe Marino.

"We want to find the right filmmaker and present somewhat of an open canvas, to make something distinct and original that also appeals to and expands the core audience."

What that means is we don't know anything about it and neither do they, but they want to start production early next year even so. Good luck! Hopefully it will run at 60fps.

PS. This is the second time this week Deep Silver has taken matters into its own hands, after taking over Homefront from Crytek.

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    I kinda am tiring of the Zombie phase. I love The Walking Dead, but I hope they start telling us what cause the outbreak in the new season. If not it has a chance of going stale. Now with all these Zombie game it's kinda flooding the market.

      I swear to god, if he dies before he tells us what it was...

      We really should be thanking Lionsgate really, for buying the rights in the first place. They knew how shitty the game was and bought the rights just to try and save us all from an even shittier movie.

      Stale? Barely any zombie work every explained what caused the outbreak, because that's not important to the situation. It doesn't matter why zombies are coming, only how it effects people is what matters.

      Following your logic Inception got stale because they never explain how the dream machine worked, when that is entirely irrelevant to the plot of that film.

        Yes but since season 1 with Dr Jenner and now this guy with thr mullet who has to go to DC. This is a subplot for finding out what caused it or a cure. Other than doing that they should just end it becauee it's is the same every season.

          Dr Jenner just revealed that it's not the bite that makes you a zombie, Eugene anyone who has read the comics can tell where that's going. And saying it's the same thing every season is only true if you ignore what actually happens every season. It'd be like saying every Indiana Jones movie is just Indy looking for magic/cursed stuff and finding it. Technically true but ignoring everything else.

    So they don't know what the film would be? Wanting pitches??

    So this is back on track as much as someone saying, 'we have a brand name, 'dead island' and want to make a zombie movie.'

    So yeah..........

    I assume it will be on an island and zombies?

    Here in lies the problem, games like Dead Island are themselves people taking ideas from movies and making a game. Based around game play of the movie situations. So taking it back to film is just making another zombie film. Which there is no need for. There is no 'take' or anything unique to the Dead Island concept.

    It's like how they tried to make a movie of Max Payne. The game had a good story for a game at the time, but the core premise of the game was the bullet time action ripped from the Matrix. The film fucked up the story but didn't deliver on the defining game play aspect. There was like one gun fight and it didn't do bullet time like the game and coming off a lot of great gun fights, it did nothing but had some slow mo. The film would have been 50 times better if they had excuses for lots of cool bullet time action. However as a film people would say the action is derivative. Back to the core issue of translating games to films.

    Dead island the game play is simply co-op zombie survival in a pretty location. Nothing to translate but location. Zombies aren't scary any more because they are over done. So what Zombieland on an Island?

    Maybe with one or two nods to the film like someone wraps barb wire and a saw blade to a baseball bat.

    Other video game movies.

    DOOM - could have been any monster sci-fi movie. Nothing made it a movie of DOOM. This will be the mistake this has.

    Good video game movies,

    Postal - I have never played the game but the film was genuinely weird and funny. I am told it captures some qualities of the games off beat approach. Although people dismiss it because the director has made a lot of terrible films.

    Prince of Persia was good. I don't care what people say, I enjoyed it. I understand the story is based around a game play mechanic story device from a game. They actually did this right.

    What other decent video game films have their been?

    Films like hitman, once again it is a game play concept you can't translate to film. So then it's just a film about an assassin that stands out like a sore thumb with a barcode on it.

    Assassin's Creed has a chance purely because the story of the games and the concept is very flexible. Like Prince of Persia, a film hopefully will be something that could have been an adaptation of a comic book, a novel or anything. Not necessarily a video game.

    The only problem Assassin's Creed has is getting around the Animus which is pretty much a concept that will only work in games and is derivative of the matrix. So they need to change the concept or ditch that future aspect. Out of a game play environment where you just go along, interacting. The second the character some how time travels in virtual reality through their DNA memories, people will roll their eyes and check out.

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    we dont know what caused it? Oh for that you have to go back to the original Romero film back in the 80's (NOTE: this was back in the 80's and although I can swear by the general concept, some of the details may be fuzzy). The cause was a heap of toxic barrels that fell off a truck and landing directly into a cemetary. The barrels leaked and the toxic waste seeped into the ground. the rest as they say is history.

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