Destiny Is Going To Take You To Mars

Video: And, just like on the moon, it looks like you'll be fighting new enemies there too.


    Destiny was supposed to take me all over the universe.

      It looks like No Man's Sky is what we thought Destiny was going to be.

      The people at Bungie must be scientifically illiterate and think that our solar system = the Universe.

        No Man's Sky is a loot-based RPG shooter? Hot dang, I can't wait!

    I'm wondering if anyone can help answer this for me. Im looking to get the digital guardian edition for my ps3 and I want to know how much hard drive space I need.
    The pre-order screen says 5.5gb, but is that for the full game? It seems a bit less than what I thought.
    Quick search of the next has alot of conflicting info.

      Doesnt it say how big it is in the psn store on your ps3? (I can't check for you, I dont have a ps3 anymore, just a 360, x1 and ps4) I'd be surprised if it was that small as the beta was that big on 360 with not even a 10th of the game in it.

        All I can see is the 5.5gb that is shown on the pre-order screen.
        Just for comparison, what does the ps4 and 360 preorder screen say?

          It's 13.2G on the PS4

            And I would then think that the final digital release on the ps4 would be bigger than that, so the same could be said for the ps3 release.
            thanks Kotakuians, appreciate the help :)

    Neither Phobos nor Deimos would ever appear as large in Mars' sky as depicted in this trailer.

    I know this is just a game and it shouldn't bother me, but as an amateur astronomer it does.

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