Destiny Takes You On A Trip To Venus

On Friday we got the chance to check out Destiny's version of Mars, now Bungie is showing off Venus. I'm counting down the days till I can make terrible 'Uranus' jokes. LOOK FORWARD TO IT.

This trailer is the first Destiny trailer where I've sort of said to myself, whoa... this really looks a lot like Halo. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just an observation. Destiny's Earth really had its own feel, as did Mars, but Venus genuinely could be mistaken for a Halo level.

Somehow that doesn't dampen my enthusiasm. Halo was good. Bungie makes good games. Bungie is making Destiny. This is all positive stuff!


    Isn't destiny set 700 years in the future? Surely by then scientists will have gotten sick of that joke and renamed the planet Urectum

      This made me laugh. Then I remembered Futurama is cancelled and I got sad.

    Men are from Mars...

    For some reason I was really expecting someone to make a Final Countdown reference about heading for Venus. Now I'm sort of disappointed. =(

      Well maybe in the full game they'll see us and welcome us all...

    I never thought Venus would be so... blue. I wonder what they did to the atmosphere...

      Probably removed most of it.....

      [yes, that is a serious answer..... a lot of the insane pressure and temperature of Venus' atmosphere is the fact that there is just so damn much of it]

    #I'm your Venus, I'm your fire. At your desire.#


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