Diablo III On Xbox One Vs PS4 Vs PC

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition dropped for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this week, and it's good. So good, in fact, that it has Kotaku's Yannick LeJasq switching his Diablo allegiance from PC to PS4.

Now the folks at Digital Foundry have put together a helpful side-by-side comparison of the game running on all three platforms, and the console versions sure do look crisp.

Has anyone else hung up their mouse and keyboard in favour of a controller?


    I have been enjoying it PS4 a lot more then I did on PC.

      I think it's the direct control over the character itself? It for some reason 'changes' the game a little? Rather than a 'god' feel, telling the character where to go etc, you ARE the character this time.

        There is that and also the whole I don't need to be connected to the net to play and no lag. I don't know how to discribe it to well but just running around killing things feels a lot smoother as well.

          I 100% forgot about that! lol. No net connection would drastically increase the playability. I don't know how much I can emphasise that absolutely KILLED any enjoyment Diablo 3 had for me. Now I know you don't need to for the ps4 version, it's a must buy for me :) that and the local co-op. :D

            Blizzard weren't thinking right with the PC release.

            The scary thing is - It doesn't look like they will start thinking right.

        So Diablo 3 is a twin stick shooter (so to speak) on consoles?

        Pretty much. That and the roll functionality. Fought Urzeal for the first time on console today - combining direct control with the ability to roll out of the way of his abilities felt amazing. You can even quickly roll past elite arcane lasers, or dodge enemies that have a charge ability. It's gold! :P

        Even though I've played far too much of the game on PC, I'm enjoying it on the console. Plus it's couch-friendly, just whack it on for a quick play session. Did I mention that being able to play offline is bloody brilliant?

        Also played some cooperative with the girlfriend - I was having some trouble with Malthael on master (at level 51), she was able to simply pick up the second controller, hit the PS button, log in and select her character (level 21) - the game temporarily boosted her to match my level and we aced it. Of all the ports I've played, this one's a winner. Was definitely worth the second purchase.

    They all look identical to me. Perhaps it's because I'm watching it on an ipad.

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      the console ones are definitely identical in every way. They're enhanced slightly over the pc version because it's what, 2 years old now? So they've possibly upgraded geometry and textures a tiny bit?

    I honestly can't tell the difference between the X1 and PS4 version except for slight differences in some colours, and am definitely a fan of the simplified console UI over the PC.

    There seems to be some strange scaling on the PC version to get it to the dimensions they wanted for that video though, I have a feeling full screen it would look better, but it doesn't in that video, NPC weapons that are smooth in the console versions seem to become a bit pixelated in that PC video.

    "Has anyone else hung up their mouse and keyboard in favour of a controller?"

    This is actually the one thing that convinces me that most journalists reviewing this game are just your average casual gamers. Despite the console version of this game being easier (free damage buffs, less mob HP, less mob damage, more loot, more gold etc), I still cannot fathom how you would survive on the highest difficulties with a controller. The precision of M&K for skillshots, kiting, dropping abilities and moving quickly through the environment is what allows certain character builds to excel on PC. On console, they will pretty much be impossible to perform with a controller. Maybe the game doesn't get as hard as it does on PC though. That probably makes sense.

    Basically, the PC vs Console D3 argument can be summed up as this:
    If you want an easier, arcade-like Diablo to play with friends all stuck on the same screen, play the console version.
    If you want a harder, more dynamic Diablo to play with friends without control or viewing constraints, play the PC version.

      Or you want something better than Diablo3? Play Torchlight 2.

      Have you actualy played it on console?

      I have played both (PC for about 150 hours) and I think the console version is better. Have spent about 40 hours on PS4 and the addiction is back big time!!

        PC version would be the same if they dropped the always online... Sure its only a latency of 28ms but why is it anything at all for single player?

        Reaper of Souls made big improvements. The console releases should be D3: Reaper of Souls: Fuck You PC Beta Players Thanks For The Cash Now Fuck Off Edition

          Assuming your internet connection is constant, you don't have latency issues (streaming or uploads on your router), and you aren't keen on jumping on on a tuesday night for maintenance. I played the beta on PC - 180ms+ for australian gamers until they added oceanic servers, lots of downtime and bursts of lag. Nowadays it runs smoothly outside of scheduled maintenance, so I don't see how the making of a console port is a fuck you to PC gamers. If you don't want it, don't buy it.

            I think its because they told us it HAD to be online.

            Also as a resident of WA adding servers in Sydney didn't help me very much. My ping is still around 70-80 and quite frankly anything more than 0 is unacceptable for a single player game.

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            Don't be an apologist for making a single player game always online with LATENCY. There is no need for it, period. What advantages does it bring to a SINGLE PLAYER campaign experience? Give me just one example while trying to keep a straight face.

              What does this have to do with the merits of the console version ? I played more than my fair share of the PC version and yet I didn't come here to whinge. Hell, the PC version works perfectly fine these days, even with the always-online factor. Now I've got offline mode and a horde of other improvements to enjoy in a more comfortable position than at a computer desk. -shrug-

      Yeah this article is just as pathetic as those "Dubs vs Subs" arguments you see around. Anyone who has half a clue knows it's not even a competition.

      Not that I play it, but if you're into this kind of shit you should be playing hardcore PoE.

      Bit biased there mate. Just a tad.

      The direct control you have in the console version allows for just as much in terms of precision - dodging, precise movement on a 360-degree analog stick, easier/more comfortable access to abilities... 'Pretty much impossible to perform with a controller' - I've always found FPS games harder to grasp on a gamepad granted the freedom a mouse usually gives, but as far as anything third-person or isometric in this case? Piece of cake.
      There are drawbacks with both versions because they're significantly different playstyles.

      You're also presuming you and your friends are all the same level, log on the same time, and there are no issues with lag on anyone's end - console you can just get together and be certain there's no such issues. Not a lot of my gaming friends even bought D3 because of the simplifications and always-online functionality; this way it doesn't matter if your mates don't have it, anyone can jump in and play. Apprentice mode makes that easier by ensuring you're all the same level.

      So no, it's not quite so easily summed up. I understand you're biased towards the PC version - everyone has their preferences. But in terms of Diablo being ported to consoles, you could give the console versions just a little bit more credit.

        Let's see if that holds true when people get to Torment, eh?

          I'm on Torment with my second character so far - Sure, range targeting is limited in comparison to PC but in every other department it's actually easier, especially when it comes to dodging and moving around. There's not so marginal a detriment on console, just a switch from accuracy to control in terms of what works best; that's not to say accuracy is awful on the consoles either, as it's quite easy to work with.

      ? What? But you can play on other screens with friends?

      Its called xbox live or psn


      You dont always have to play local on the same screen.

      It has online multiplayer on the consoles, to play with pubs or friends.

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      Plz don't use big words and and sentences. Me a console gamer and not understand. Me like easy games that not hard, games with simple geometry that not confuse my feeble brain. Me not smart enough for understanding RAM and CPU. Sorry, got 2 go, my FarmVille crops r ready, I hope I don't miss them this time, they so hard to aim at on my iPad with my finger.

      I have a couple of 70s on PC and just finished act V on PS4 and I'm hanging up the keyboard in favour of my dual shock. For me convenience and comfort (couch and TV) takes precedent over sitting at the desk hunched over a keyboard. I was there for the grind to lvl a character at launch on PC and much prefer the streamlined experience on PS4 these days. As for it being easier, they've been making it easier since it released.

      I play my consoles 90% of the time over PC and I wouldn't consider myself a casual gamer, it's just my preference. Please don't assume that everyone must be playing on PC to qualify as an avid gamer.

        This. Nephalem globes in particular make the game much easier regardless of the difficulty; and they exist in both the console and PC versions of the game. I don't know why people are treating the two as so completely distinct from eachother - it's the same game on a gamepad with a smaller UI and jump-in local coop. Boils down to preference, because I'm finding the console version just as reasonably easy as the PC.

      I need to ask can you verify the difficulty change? From what I understand Diablo 3 on Console is based on the 2.0x build of the PC version where all those things where changed already.

      In other words only the controls have changed not the NPCs HP and Damage.

      Most the PC Diablo guys I know have gone over to xbox one, apparently its better on console- none of us play on the same screen! but at least the option is there.

      Or maybe people that delude themselves into thinking Diablo 3 is a "hardcore" game in any fashion are just ****'in deluded. Diablo is about shiny things and gear > skill, if you care about skill shots play Dota.

      I played WD on PC, and yet to play on PS4 (running a Crusader instead) and I am thinking that alot of the WD abilities I use will be a pain to aim properly (stuff you can place from far away and has an AoE) as I have noticed that the PS4 can sometimes have you aiming at an enemy you didn't mean to or want to be. But you can lock on from a decent distance and it (generally) only takes a quick little movement to change who you are looking at to lock onto.

    Great fun on PS4. Playing online as well as locally on the same screen. Loot on same screen that automatically sorts depending on class and player. Plus the "direct control" feel. Good value for sure.

    I thought I buy it on ps4 never played diablo b4 and have been having a blast with it on the controller really works well

    I had never played the Diablo series til last Friday. I bought the PS4 version for my boyfriend and I to play together. We started just after dinner, suddenly we took a break and 6 hours had gone by. Similar scenario the following day. We're only midway through Act 2. Such a great game, runs and looks beautiful on the PS4. Only $70 from JB Hi Fi - a steal!

    I'm loving it on PS4

    Apart from the free trial version, I never bothered with it on PC because of the online requirement but the PS4 version fixes all of that

    I give a crap about graphics comparisons about as much as pregnant celebrity photos, but coming off a weekend of playing the game I mindlessly clicked on those videos and actually looked for differences. Please, someone just kill me now before I wind up picking up a Woman's Weekly next time I'm in a newsagent.

      But how will you know who wore it better if you don't get the women's weekly? I think consoles wore it better here ;)

    When I get a PS4, this will b one of the first games that I get. My PC is too crap to play it & have heard nothing but good things about the console version, which seems better without the constant need for having online mutliplayer on & smoother graphics overall.

    I loved Diablo 3 on PC, had it since launch... didn't play it much due to lag... got back into it with the new local server and played the expansion... so I've put a fair few hours into it, but i also grabbed it on ps4 and holy crap i love it... i have it on 360 as well cause i'm an idiot but that version really doesn't compete with the ps4 version... the word definitive comes to mind!

    I like the graphics PS4 more, they are brighter. M$hit can go to hell

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