Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Gets Its First Major Update

2.1.0 brings with it a competitive game mode based on Diablo II’s online ladders, called Seasons, and a new type of endgame dungeon: Greater Rifts.

Both of these new additions will be supported by another newly introduced feature, the leaderboards, deepening the competitive aspect of the game — and of course, there’s hundreds of bugfixes and balance changes included as well.

The video above from Blizzard explains the biggest changes, and for a closer look, you can check out the patch notes here.

Patch 2.1.0 Now Live [Battle.net]


  • I still havn’t bought RoS yet. I’m waiting for the price to come down, but then again I havnt even hit the level cap on the main game :/

    • You’ll probably be happy to learn that RoS has made D3 an entirely new game… For one, you no longer need to play through the story 3 times to hit level cap… You now pick your difficulty and play through it once. If you hit the end of the story and you’re not at level cap, you can then just level in adventure mode (open world, all bosses and waypoints unlocked)

        • I definitely recommend buying it again man.

          I bought it day 1 on pc and played my monk until almost level 50 then never went back.

          Started playing it on xbone the other day and wow it’s incredible how different it plays. the direct control over your player works so well. I now have a level 68 monk and working on a crusader too.

          Also the RoS content is fantastic, arguably better than the main story.

  • Greater rifts are pretty epic. Such fun was had with this last night. Watch out at 30+ though, there’s some serious hurt waiting for you…

    I still have yet to see the treasure vault though. I want my shinies. 🙁

    • Friend got one yesterday and sent me screenshots of all the gold he was finding. I NEED to find one. Epic amounts of gold.

      Incidentally, this patch is pretty awesome so far. Loving Greater Rifts and the balance changes so far. Will be diving into seasons on Friday as well.

      • I saw some initial (unconfirmed) reports of gold totalling around 30mil per vault. Crazy.

        I love the changes to the way FS and FA work now. Carnevil is hot hot hot! I can respawn my FA without the FS all disappearing like they used to. I had 24 fetishes plus 3 dogs running around at one stage on my WD, and it was glorious!

        • Think I’ll be brushing my Monk off again too. Had a quick dabble last night and they seem better. Need to read up on the tweaks a little more indepth.

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