Director James Gunn Now Wields The Power Of An Infinity Gem

Director James Gunn Now Wields The Power Of An Infinity Gem

Rule one of possessing one of the six Infinity Gems: don't post a picture of it on Instagram, even if Marvel gifts it to you for directing its latest box-office smash.

James Gunn, the writer of Tromeo and Juliet as well as both live-action Scooby-Doo films, received one of the most powerful weapons in the universe as a birthday present from Marvel, the company that wisely handed him the reins of a movie that should not have worked at all — Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn turned 44 on August 5, which means I still have three years to catch up.

According to the Universal Archives (Wikipedia), the red Infinity Gem is the Power Gem, which can "Accesses all power and energy that ever has or will exist, and can boost the other gems' effects. Allows the user to duplicate almost any physical superhuman ability and grants Omnipotence." It's real ultimate power. Coupled with Gunn's obvious skill at sorcery he might be able to fend off the army of power-hungry Marvel villains doubtlessly heading his way as we speak.

Birthday Gift From Marvel [Instagram via The Escapist]


    If it made you omnipotent you literally would not need the other gems, or you could just will more gems into existence. But then again could you make a gem so powerful you could not control wield it? Little one there for you paradox fans.

      That would depend on whether you created it with either the purpose of it being too powerful for you to control or if it simply was so powerful you couldn't control it. Taking your omnipotence into account then purpose would be fine but was would be the paradox, and ultimately still be under your control.

        if youre omnipotent there is nothing is out side of your power, so anything you can create could not be more powerful than you can control, but inversely having the unlimited power to create anything should mean you could create such an object. It is a classic paradox

    I think they are mixing up their colours :'(
    The gem in GotG emits a distinctly purple glow and I would conspiracy theory the hell out of marvel giving James Gunn the reins of the next infinity gem related plot and it to centre around the red gem. Alas, the purple gem is actually the red gem and the blue tesseract is actually the purple gem :'(

    damn, and all i got for my birthday were some sox and undies!

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