Disabled Gamer Talks About How Twitch Saved His Life

Ken Worrall plays Diablo, World of Warcraft and Starcraft on Twitch under the name NoHandsKen. It means a whole lot to him, because as a result of an accident 20 years ago, Ken has Tetraplegia.

Ken's is a very inspirational story, and one that reminds us that at its best, gaming can give people a way to reach out and connect to others, including people just like us.

You can watch Ken stream here, and follow him on twitter here.

No Hands Ken, via r/diablo

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    I saw the guy a few weeks back. As a parent myself, I cried when I read his twitch bio. On top of that, the comments section was, for a change, full of support and kind words. When people dis gaming and claim it's a toxic pastime, I want to show them this guy.

    Taking drugs,smoking and gambling.
    These are what I'd call toxic mate.
    Gaming for me, is an escape from the daily grind.
    A place where I can game with my online friends,have a few laughs and pass time by.
    I've been gaming since the 80's and for what it's worth,I reckon it has improved my hand/eye co-ordination and puzzle/problem solving skills that I've applied in life.
    Kens' story is inspirational indeed.

    "... before the 2 weeks was up, my ex-wife and my kids walked in, and as soon as I saw them, my life changed..."


    Fuck you Kotaku... why do you feel the need to make me cry like uncontrolably at work at least once a week....

    "Eight minutes?! I'm not watching that!"

    Eight minutes later, don't even know what to say.

    But I didn't get my permission slip signed for this feels trip.

    Dem feels I have happy tears in my eyes, the only time I really get teary. So bootiful ^_^

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