Another Microsoft-Published Xbox One Launch Game Is Coming To PC

Another Microsoft-Published Xbox One Launch Game Is Coming To PC

Xbox One launch game Ryse is coming to PC in later this year, according to the folks behind the game, though not via the game’s original publisher Microsoft. There’s a little bit of a curious pattern developing here with Xbox One launch titles.

A third-person action game set in ancient Rome, Ryse was developed by Crytek and published by Microsoft for the Xbox One’s launch last November. The PC release, however, will be co-published by Crytek and Deep Silver, the latter of which recently took over development of former Crytek project Homefront 2.

That makes Ryse the second Xbox One launch game published by Microsoft last year that’s coming to PC later this year. The first was the Capcom-developed Dead Rising 3, which Microsoft put on its console but which will be published by Capcom for its September 2014 PC release.

This is by no means a sign that purported Xbox One exclusives are a lock for PC ports, but it does suggest some relative ease in terms of porting the games over. Given that neither of these games were made in-house at Microsoft, these could be fringe developments. It will be a whole other story if Microsoft starts bringing their new Forza, Fable and Halo games to PC.

As for Ryse itself, the PC port will include the original game and downloadable extras from the console game. The PC version will support 4K resolution, according to a press release quote from Crytek director of business of development Carl Jones. Some thought the third-person ancient Rome action game was gorgeous but too simplistic. But others — including the person typing these words — liked it a bunch.


    • Jeff Gerstmann mentioned that at the Judges week preview for Halo anniversary prior to E3 the collection was actually running on a PC, which you know wouldn’t be news or whatever since all dev kits involve a PC… however there was also an on screen prompt to “Move the mouse to look around” before the 343 dude plugged in the controller.

        • It wouldn’t be bad at all, but I doubt Microsoft will ever let that happen. It’s about the only thing keeping their console afloat (as an exclusive worth getting) if you ask me.

  • Cool!

    On a side note, IDK if I should be happy or if it’s a good or a bad thing, but every time theres an xbox exclusive that I really, really like (Visually, thematically etc) It comes to pc after a little while. I remember being so happy when I heard Alan Wake was coming to pc.

    MS and 3rd parties. Oh well, they still have Halo, unless that comes back to PC, but lets face it, I doubt that will happen.

    Good start to the day for me, I’ve always liked the setting of Ryse, now I can check it out 😀

  • Ryse is the only Xbone game I’ve wanted to play so far so good to finally get the chance without forking out $500 for a new console. One to add to the wishlist and look it up again in the Steam Christmas sale

    • Not much re-playability but an awesome game, good looking and good story.
      The co-op part was ok two but needed a bit more, wasnt quite there something was missing.

  • All the reasons I have for ever buying an Xbox One are drying up – if the only exclusive they have left to sway my purchase is Halo 5 then… I’ll probably still buy one, but I won’t be happy about it.

    • The Xbox One is the only console since Snes/MD days that I have not bought. I used to pride myself on getting every console and enjoying every game I could want exclusive or not. Though I so far have not got a XB1 and to be honest I don’t think I ever will. I don’t like Forza physics and Halo 4 was bleh so not looking forward to Halo 5. There seems to be no other reason to buy the thing.

      • Xbox one has Halo 5 (like it or not, lots of ppl do), New Crackdown, Scalebound (Platinum can do no wrong so far), Quantum Break, Phantom Dust. Also Phil Spencer keeps mentioning that Gears is on the way, while we havent even recieved mention of the next GoW.

        I have two xbox ones so I can double up on my digital games too 🙂

    • What about TV, TV and TV? Maybe one less TV since MS closed down their in-house TV division.

  • NOooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sole reasons for buying an XBONE were Ryse, and DR3… now that they are both coming to PC, i feel as though i got ripped… 🙁

    • You did. MS also ripped you off on ‘kinect is mandatory, now give us that $100 extra for shit you dont want’. I’m legit surprised there isn’t a lawsuit yet, because it actually has grounds.

      • Boo hoo. Kinect is freaking awesome, so sick of whiney gamers putting crap on it. I pretty much only pick up a controller to game, everything else is Kinect. Hell it even turns my tv and surround sound on and off as well as controlling volume. I can use my Xbox for everything I use my tv or stereo for, and it doesn’t matter what I’m doing I can get a game invite and be playing online with my friends instantly.

        • I never said it wasn’t awesome. I never said it wasn’t useful.

          A lot of people didn’t want it, and a lot of people didn’t want to pay the $100 extra over PS4. But they had to, because MS said it was compulsory. Now, they release a non-Kinect model and it’s not compulsory. So all those people who really didn’t want one, got ripped off for $100.

          • Except Microsoft will argue they got a $200 accessory for $100. I hope nyko release the USB 3.0 adapter soon so I can buy an Xbox Kinect off someone with irrational hate for $50 for my PC.

          • You see him as having irrational hate, he sees you as having irrational support.

            Grow up.

            Edit. To say it more politely, when kinect is concerned some find the device usefull, others are seriously P.O they had to pay for a device Ms dropped when the heat picked up. I can’t blame them, and some people finding it usefull doesn’t change that unfortunatly.

        • Boo hoo. Kinect is freaking awesome, so sick of whiney gamers putting crap on it. I pretty much only pick up a controller to game, everything else is Kinect.

          Your anecdotal account doesn’t counter his generalisation. The Kinect may be great for you, but it’s not for a lot of other people, unless you’re also going to disregard every complaint has ‘whining.’ Guess what? I don’t care for the Kinect and the voice nav is spotty as fuck at the best of times, nor do I appreciate it spazzing out and switching controls when people swap seats or go to the loo.

          If I was a consumer 12-18 months ago, lured by the promise of Kinect support due to 100% penetration of that market, then I’m not getting what I paid for. Even if I was on the other end of the spectrum and didn’t want Kinect but swallowed the $100 because I wanted a console… then the exact standalone console I wanted is now being sold, after repeated assurance that they would never be sold separately. Of course you’d feel ripped off.

          Except Microsoft will argue they got a $200 accessory for $100.

          Yes. Because that’s exactly how we determine value in this world, the manufacturer’s word. I guess you must watch a lot of infotainment. Call within the next 30 minutes and we’ll throw in these workout tapes valued at $500 and this blender valued at $5000, all for $100. That’s a saving of $5400! You’re practically making money, Call now!

          • Except I wanted the Kinect before purchase, and have used it non stop since purchase. I bought the PS3 as an all in one entertainment device, and was sorely disappointed as Sony let features like PlayTV stagnate. The Xbox One is exactly what I’ve been wanting for years, an all in one games console and entertainment device under my TV. Already signed up for the Plex beta when that hits as well.

            I am pissed that they dropped it, although to be honest I don’t have a big enough living room for jump around gaming anyway, I was always more interested in the voice aspect, and the Skype camera in the TV is great. Personally I think instead of dumping it they should of made a Kinect “lite”, with the mic array, and no camera.

          • Except I wanted the Kinect before purchase, and have used it non stop since purchase.

            Don’t assume your experience is universal. At the very least, acknowledge that there is a number of users who did not want a Kinect, but, were compelled to pay for its premium after repeated assurance that the console will never be sold without it. That’s denial of choice, and it stings that Microsoft flip-flopped and now offer the SKU people were demanding in the first place.

            Additionally, while you might not care about Kinect gaming, there are others that do. What proportion of Xboxes are connected to a Kinect now, 90%? What will it be in 12 months, 50%? 24 months? Well shit, remember when developer interest in the Kinect was assured, because it was bundled in every box? Doesn’t look too peachy now. Shame if anyone was swayed by the promise of Kinect gaming in 2013. In short, it’s a rough time to be an Xbox early adopter for a lot of people.

          • Definitely terrible, Microsoft did a god awful job at selling their vision, and then when nobody understood went running with their tail between their legs apologising instead of explaining it properly. Now far too many resources have gone into improving the experience without Kinect rather than with.

      • i only got my box little over a month ago, so i had the kinectless option… TBH i only got the kinect bundle cause it had better games, and i can scan my codes in \o/

        • Enjoy it for your bundled games, because I’m yet to come across a publisher that has used that feature post release unfortunately.

          • RedLynx Used it with the exclusive skins and dlc passes in my copy of Trials Fusion so i guess ive been lucky so far? i mean realistically its not that hard for them to whip up a QR code in place of it…

      • I’m a bit disappointed that they dropped Kinect bundling since it means devs won’t be able to count on it being available and so won’t code for it being there. Imagine an XB1 exclusive FPS that uses the Kinect to do head tracking in a similar way to TrackIR, that would be fucking awesome, imagine turning your head to look into a turn in Forza and gaining loads of situational awareness, suddenly that makes the Kinect a must have peripheral but noooo… they had to push (reportedly) inconsistent voice control and shitty gimmicky alternatives to the controller that were slower than just pushing a fucking button. Supplement what’s there to add features, don’t replace it with slower alternatives.

        No vision, that’s what’s killed Kinect twice in a row.

        • Personally I think head tracking is shithouse, I turn my head, the picture turns, but now I’m not looking at the picture anymore. Only really works with VR, not a TV. That’s my experience with Forza anyway.

          • TrackIR is fantastic, it’s undeniably odd to get used to but when it clicks it becomes bizarrely natural, to the extent that I’ve found myself instinctively trying to use it when playing console games with a mate just because it’s an ability I now associate with wearing my headphones (the camera tracks the LEDs you clip to the phones)

        • Track IR only works well because you are generally sitting at arms length from the screen. With the kinect youd be sitting at least a couple of metres away before it can track your head…

          • True (well actually not really, TIR can work about 2m away, just with a bit less reliability) but Kinect2 is multi-camera and supposed to be refined to the point where it can track facial expressions. I’d have to think the game could take “Left eye 10 degrees to the right, right eye 10 degrees to the right, lips 10 degrees to the right, nose 10 degrees to the right”, interpret that as “player head has been turned 10 degrees to the right” and apply that as an ingame effect with a player customisable movement envelope the same way TIR does.

            Combine that with squad voice commands (none of which include the prefix “xbox” for obvious reasons although from what I’ve seen the system does seem to consider that optional a lot of the time) and you could make a fuck of a good rainbow six or SWAT style game that gives you a hell of a lot of tactical complexity without having to oversimplify things by needing to fit so many things on a controller. It can do that because you’ve offloaded the additional controls onto a secondary controller where the commands feel natural rather than gimmicky replacements for perfectly good buttons. Why bring up a command wheel to say ‘stack up on that door’ when you can look at a door and say ‘stack up’? Then you free up an entire button for something else, that’s the way they need to use secondary devices like Kinect, supplement existing tech, not replace it.

            Obviously this whole idea would only work for a single person but that’s already kind of the standard use case for an FPS and they’re the hostile market that microsoft need to win over with a revolutionary good idea anyway.

          • Reffering mostly to the sense of immersion… if you are sitting on your couch 3-4 metres away turning your head for tracking, the distance between you and your tv means you will be staring directly at a blind spot away from the tv and lose the sense of immersion all together

          • Oh there’s no question it’d be a tricky puzzle to crack and that’d be a leading reason you’d have to make the movement envelopes user configurable. I’m sitting 2m from my TV at the moment and can easily manage a 45 degree turn without much loss of fidelity. If you assume that to be a relatively standard distance I think it’d be quite doable.

  • I just read the first sentence. Now I’m here, to say:


  • Awesome! I love period piece games. I wish more games were based on history and less on zombie apocalypses!

  • Perhaps it didnt sell as good as they wanted, and its easy enough to port over to pc now the architectures are similar, they will be able to make some money back on the game.

  • Can there be a demo so I don’t have to buy it? I just want to look at the pretty graphics.

  • Even if Halo 5 turns out to be the 2nd coming of Jebus or something I can’t see myself getting a XB1. I (despite making fun of Xbox alot) always get every console. I don’t care for Forza and I just can’t see other reasons for getting one when my other platforms have literally all the games.
    Maybe I will stick to my WiiU, PS4 and PC. Maybe I am just a cynical PC gamer, who knows? So far though the XB1 really does look like the console I will never buy despite always getting every console ever since the 90’s like a spoilt shit. Though the more desperate MS get the more they will find reasons to change my mind over the next 5 years.

  • Well it is a game I’ve been curious about despite the mixed reviews so if I have the spare cash at the time I might do my bit to keep Crytek from going under for another day if they can get it off the sinking ship in time…

  • As someone who played Ryse I have no desire to go through it again. I’m sure it will look pretty on PC. It might make a benchmark purchase when it gets cheap enough 😉

  • Just get the feeling that they pumped a bucket into Ryse and it’s not doing well.

  • Crytek needs to eat.

    Who didn’t doubt this would come to PC eventually. I will get it, hopefully enjoy it. Otherwise just enjoy the master race graphics.

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