Does The Witcher 3’s Xbox One Collector’s Edition Make You Angry?

Does The Witcher 3’s Xbox One Collector’s Edition Make You Angry?

Some people are all about the collector’s edition goodies and you know what, they can be really good and offensively bad. Depending on your perspective (read: care factor), CD Projekt RED’s CE for the Xbox One version of The Witcher 3 will have you excited, disappointed or even angry.

Yesterday, the developer announced two things: the contents of The Witcher 3‘s Xbox One CE and that the game itself will contain a playable, digital card game called “Gwent”, which instantly drew comparisons — mostly in idea-only — to Blizzard’s Hearthstone. Here’s how CD Projekt describes it:

Gwent is a fast-paced card game that can be played within The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on every platform. Invented by dwarves and perfected over centuries of tavern table play, Gwent is a game of initial simplicity and ultimate depth … The game is about the clash of two armies locked in mortal struggle on a battlefield where the players are the leaders and the cards their forces. With four different factions offering unique combat styles and endless paths to victory, Gwent is every adventurer’s first choice when it comes to one-on-one card-based dueling!

The “key features” include 150 cards, four factions and an “array” of playing styles. Oh and the Xbox One CE — and only this CE — will include two physical Gwent decks. This didn’t sit well with the company’s rather devout PC fan base, which didn’t hold back when levelling criticism at this decision.

88 forum pages worth, to be exact.

The less-than-positive feedback did not go unnoticed, with CD Projekt’s Marcin Iwiński contacting Tom Phillips over at Eurogamer with the following rebuttal:

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that these extra items might be desirable for Witcher fans playing the game on other platforms. However, as we are not offering any platform or retail exclusive DLCs or any other form of gameplay differentiation, we do have to find other ways to support our partners … What is the reason? Why are we doing this? We need the support of partners to make our game visible worldwide.

Iwiński mentions that this should “translate” into more sales, which will help the company do what it does best, for the benefit of all platforms and that if the inclusion on the physical decks (as well as a map) is a sign it is “betraying [its] values”, that’s up to the fans to decide.

Announcing Gwent and bolstering Xbox One Collector’s Edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [The Witcher, via Eurogamer]


  • u of all people CD Project Red. Really? Go fuck yourselves. Your word means shit now. Oh it‘s jus t a little compromise, so is a little white lie and we all know how that snowballs? What next a sign up to EA ? Some other bullshit compromise with some bullshit excuse but we give you so much.

    I don‘t give a shit about what you give in the exclusive I want you give your word. It‘s not about who got the extra content. It‘s the princibal. You said NO exclusive content. NONE. You were different from the other developers. I even went out of my way to order in the books to Australia and made time in my busy day and on a cold shitty rainy day to pick them up. Even bought the The Witcher 2 as support.

    Your word means shit now. It is now the weekend but come monday I‘m canceling my collectors pre-order. See unlike you I stick to my princibals. Isn‘t this one of the reasons you became independent? So your not forced or swayed by another companies dicesions to your game.

    So either you are swayed and your stand to the gaming world by changing your symbol to a bird means shit now, or you chose to break your own word to which your company is largely reputable for.

    But my guess is cause Microsoft gave you the first oppertunity to allow Witcher to be made on Its old gen Xbox they pulled that string and like a puppet you danced.

    Either way fuckin bad decesion.
    There are no more honorable gaming developers you were the last. Fuck the gaming industry I‘m done with gaming.

    • Don’t quit gaming, get even with the developer by buying the game second hand.

      That’s what i do when devs do shitty things.

      • I would, but that just encourages the fools at EB even more. I can’t bring myself to do that.

        • You don’t have to get it from EB, you can get it from JB hifi or Ebay.

          Just wait till you find it at a price that you feel comfortable paying and pick it up.

          That’s what i am doing with The Last of US (remastered) i bought the PS3 version when it came out and i feel ripped of that they made the PS4 version which makes the PS3 version i bought feel inferior, so screw them, when i find the game second hand at a $40 price point ill pick it up, not giving Naughty Dog more money for something they should have announced before the PS3 version came out.

    • Fuck this entitlement.

      You know what, they seem to have made an actual stand against any exclusive game content in order to appease their fans possibly to their own detriment in publishing negotiations.

      It’s two decks of cards, which if the internet can be relied on will have hi-res scans up before long and you can print your own copy out.

      They’re trying to do something good against the grain of the industry and privileged idiots like you attacking them for trying to make a stand isn’t going to help anybody.

      Grow up.

        • I have the right to be mad at his attitude.

          Now let me put something straight, I’m not a CDPR fanboy. I’ve never even played any of The Witcher games. But this is a stupid idiotic over reaction to nothing.

          He’s more than welcome to cancel his preorder and never buy another CDPR game, that’s his right as a consumer. But as soon as he comes out and puts forward arguments on a public forum I can refute them and call them out for the entitled whining they are.

          I’m not telling him what to think, I’m telling him why he’s wrong. When he throws a hissy fit over something he’s wrong about I think there’s justification telling him to grow up.

          Of course you could just use that as an insult to attack other people too.

          • So.. Just because you aren’t upset/ affected by it and have a different view that makes him wrong?

            I’m telling him why he’s wrong.

          • No.

            His argument is “CDPR broke their word so they’re shit.”

            However since they didn’t break their word (As I’ve gone into with you elsewhere) that argument is wrong.

            Theoretically since his reasoning is off he should reconsider his decision to cancel his preorder, but I don’t care about that he can do whatever he wants with his money for whatever reason he wants regardless of it’s validity.

            But if he wants to share his reasons I reserve the right to call him out when he’s wrong.

          • That’s not how the law works…

            Law is prohibitive, not permissive. No laws tell you what you can do just what you can’t do.

          • Where is the law that says he hasn’t got the right to express his opinion? The giant crying child in the first post did it and then he responded. That’s how forums work.

            This is of course a private forum, so the mods can censor any way they please. But they won’t. So he’s cool to say it, even if you disagree.

          • The same right anyone has to state their opinion. It’s how a free country works, you have a rant, I think you are wrong, so have a bit of a rant of my own refuting what you said, others can then chime in.
            It is free speech at work, you have the right to free speech, and other people have the right to respond etc.

          • Pst! He might have been trying to reference the fact that in Australia we don’t actually have a guaranteed legal right to free speech =P

            Of course that’s irrelevant so I didn’t bring it up in reply to him 🙂

          • Indeed we dont, look at the racial discrimination act for example. It is a restriction of free speech, albeit a just one though. I meant it more in US terms where it’s guaranteed in their constitution and so many people here at times quote American laws as if they were our own. But yes every one is entitled to an opinion whether people agree with it or not. But remember that because some one disagrees with you doesn’t necessarily make them wrong.

          • @g-man, I’ve already said it elsewhere disagreeing with me doesn’t make them wrong.

            Them being wrong does that.

            And I mentioned that right to free speech is irrelevant, even if we were in America. As I said, all laws are prohibitive not permissive, in America there constitution has a law preventing the government making laws that prohibit free speech.

            There’s actually no law even there that protects people’s right to free speech, at least technically. In the abstract it kind of works that way.

          • So first you tell this guy “fuck your entitlement” then you act entitled yourself.

            Great logic.

    • A Deck of Cards is not exclusive in game content. It’s Exclusive Merchandise.

      Disproportionate reaction? I think so.

      • Sooooo there is a side to this that not many people are realizing.

        The biggest reason for the outrage is the fact that the PS4 CE is priced exactly the same as the XB1 version, however the XB1 version includes more gear.

        I fully agree this is not fair pricing.

        • Watch Dogs had exclusive PS4 gameplay content but was the exact same price.

          This isn’t uncommon.

          This is at least justifiable because it’s physical merchandise that MS is paying for and giving out free. See free doesn’t alter the price.

        • Actually the biggest outcry is from the PC guys who are getting the game and CE $20 cheaper. You see the PC Master Race is more deserving of cool stuff than Console Gaming scum.

          That last Sentence was Sarcasm for those who didn’t get it.

    • Gonna be “that guy” but oh my, the number of spelling mistakes words are atrocious… either it’s a troll that is trying to expose himself or a 12 year old that hasn’t learned grammar yet, and his opinion is absolutely moot in either case.

      • > the number of spelling mistakes words are atrocious
        It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that any spelling/grammar flame will itself contain an error in spelling or grammar.

        In any case, while I can see where @nothingchanges is coming from, his response does seem to be a bit disproportionate. Clearly CDPR held him at gunpoint to take time off work to get his books in the rain.

        In an industry infested with kickbacks and exclusives, they’re taking initiatives such as offering credit on GOG for regional pricing differences. I can’t see anybody else going to anywhere near that extent to be fair to their customers.

    • Is this guy nothingchanges joking? Seriously if you are in all honesty that angry over some cards or something… you clearly are still gaming…

      Jesus people get so wound up over nothing it’s really not the end of the world…

      some people, open your window there is some sunlight to be enjoyed, you being a complete lunatic over a game makes me want to not play video games anymore haha there’s a fine line between passion and being a complete fuckwit

    • Why do people get so upset over this stuff – you know this last week I have read some really ill-tempered rants by self entitled children who clearly don’t have any real problems to worry about!

      You can’t have everything in life and these companies owe you nothing.

    • Jesus mate it’s just a piece of fabric and some pieces of cardboard. Are you forgetting what you are supposed to be excited about here is a video game?

    • Hey nothingchanges, as a devout Xbox guy myself and watching the likes of Bloodborne and Destiny DLC content being passed on my platform of choice because of business deals, all I can say – from the bottom of my heart – is…

      Suck it

    • “Unlike you CD Projekt I’m big on principles. Even if I can’t spell principles.”

    • I agree, it is a slippery slope until you get the money bag piles that make games like Tomb Raider a Xboxone only title.

      People are missing the point, he’s not particularly getting angry about this seemingly small detail but let this fly and Witcher titles in the future will be Delayed / Single console releases.

  • Destiny CE PS4 version is getting exclusive content not coming to X1. Nothing new. Just don’t buy CEs, they are never worth it anyway.

    If anything Destiny PS4 is worse since it’s locking out digital content. This is just a physical card game.

    • The Destiny PS4 content is only a timed exclusive though.

      I don’t think PC Witcher players will be getting their cards mailed to them after 6 months.

      • They’re PC players, they can download the cards and print them out themselves.

        Sometimes gamers really piss me off.

        • It’s not the gamers fault that something is exclusive.

          What pisses me off is consumer blaming.

          • I’m a huge consumer advocate.

            Which is why I’m defending a company who is trying to reduce an industry wide practice of retailer exclusive, pre-order exclusive and platform exclusive game content by making a stand against it.

            They’re doing the right thing. If these big gaming companies are going to insist on something exclusive for their platforms then isn’t it better if it doesn’t affect the product at all? Which is why I used the example of exclusive t-shirts, which no one would give a damn about.

            Now where did I say it was the gamers fault something was exclusive? Or where did I blame a consumer for anything? Less strawmen please.

          • The consumers ONLY real right is to be upset with something that they don’t like. Dissagree with them being upset by all means, but don’t tell them to stop or deal with it.

          • I’m telling them to stop complaining about something that’s not true.

            If they want to complain they can be accurate and say “I want the cards, so I’m going to make a big fuss about not getting them.”

            Because that’s all it boils down to, a sense that they’re entitled to those cards. If they’re annoyed at not getting them then by all means they should cancel their orders. But they shouldn’t act like a jilted lover who’s promise was broken.

          • They might be expressing it poorly, but I think there’s a bit of a point to be made.

            People are complaining about exclusives. Whether it’s digital or physical is a moot point, the point is, the platform holder bought added value which is being denied to the other platforms. If you’re against it digitally, it’s not exactly inconsistent to be against it physically as well. The underlying principle is the same: a platform holder paid to get something that the other platforms don’t have, as an incentive to buy the product on their platform.

          • @transientmind reply thread seems full.

            I disagree completely with their point, not just how it’s expressed.

            Physical items are distinct and separate from the game, if they’re really so desired then they can be obtained separately. They’re perfect for this kind of thing, those who don’t want them can easily send them to ebay.

            If DLC is only available on one platform, or the release is delayed for another one there’s nothing consumers can do besides bend over.

            And if you’re fundamentally against any kind of platform exclusive content…. Well isn’t it pretty much time to give up on gaming?

          • Well, either bend over or make a huge ruckus. There’s never a reason not to agitate to get what you want as a consumer.

            I don’t agree with the complainers particularly vehemently, but I do agree with them. I don’t like platform-exclusive content, and it does influence my purchasing decisions. And probably not in the way that developers/publishers would like… But probably in ways they expect and have calculated for. All the same, I agree that exclusives are something undesirable for the industry, and don’t believe it should be accepted without complaint.

            And to an extent, it really seems that CDPR does, too. After all… why would they go to the trouble of proudly making the claim that there will be no exclusive (game) content, if they didn’t think there was something wrong with platform/retailer exclusivity? The fact that they think it’s not OK for DLC (downloadable content) and is ok for PC (physical content) indicates that they value one more than the other. It shouldn’t be unexpected for them to see that some people value both very highly, applying the same principle that applies to DLC, to PC. But the core principle?

            The thing which is interesting is that the statement they made as an excuse could just as easily be applied by any other company as a rationale for justifying game content as an exclusive. There really is so very little difference in the reasons they’ve provided.

            I would suggest they probably need to have that particular perspective pointed out to them, so they can examine whether they have philosophical objections to platform exclusive content and can see why others might extend those objections to physical content, or if they’re just doing it to be trendy.

          • @transientmind

            Honestly I hate exclusives when it comes to games, I just kind of want the full game when I buy it. Even most full DLC I find underwhelming and pine for the days of expansion packs.

            And of course they value one over the other. The game is the product of their passion in their desired career, the end result of thousands of man hours worth of blood sweat and tears.

            The cards? Considering they already designed the digital game, it’s maybe an hour or two of an unpaid interns time to get the files sent to the printers.

            Which is why I compare it to a retailer giving away t-shirts with preorders, which I’m fine by. Cool little physical items and merchandise are great incentives, because they aren’t actually part of the product you’re buying so their presence doesn’t change the intrinsic value of the product at all but still might appeal to a consumer.

            Of course I hate how they’re used to prevent price matching, but that’s another issue.

            Lastly I need to say you are wrong that their rationale for defence could be applied to any other company, at least if you don’t count their clarification where they specifically define it as “any other form of gameplay differentiation.”

            They’ve made their position clear and it’s an admirable position. If people want them to be even more extreme they can certainly argue for that, but they shouldn’t start by shouting out things that are blatantly false.

    • No CE required for the exclusive Destiny content. There is even some in post launch dlc that costs the same on both platforms.

  • People complain about this, then call Xbox players spoilt fanboys if they get angry about Destiny’s exclusive content which lasts for a whole year.

    I’m sick of this trend of exclusive content for multiplatform games. Every time I go to buy something, It’s either “PlayStation exclusive DLC this” or “Xbox exclusive DLC that”. And then it is broken down even further depending on which retailer you go to.

    • It isn’t game content. It’s merchandise.

      Microsoft bought the merchandise and are going to give it away as a deal sweetener to get people to buy it on their system. It’s like a free tshirt.

      • A free tshirt which is also a game.

        Seems to me that the apologists are dismissing disappointment purely on the basis that they personally don’t value game-related merchandise as highly as they value DLC. (Which is rarely ever actually content and usually just cosmetics. Virtual merchandise, if you will.)

        The underlying principle is the same. Something that people want is being bought by one of the platform holders and denied to the other platforms. For money. If that principle angers or upsets you in relation to DLC, I see no reason for it NOT to anger or upset you for game-related merchandise as well.

        It is logically consistent.

        • I honestly don’t see how it is logically consistent. The game identical regardless of platform. They promised to make the game identical on each platform. They have. Anything else that comes out of it is merchandise which can be sold by whichever vendor buys the license. In this case, MS has bought a license to distribute.
          I wrote it elsewhere in the thread so I’ll copy paste it here:

          I plan on buying the PC edition, so I am one of the people missing out. I don’t care because this isn’t CDPR taking something away at MS’ request. It is MS trying to value-add. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes a ‘good’ pre-order bonus.

          Everyone gets the full experience and some companies are willing to take a profit hit per unit to entice more buyers. This is the exact opposite of bad practice. This is like a Ford dealer offering the sports kit for no extra charge on a new vehicle. The other companies aren’t taking anything away and Ford isn’t removing features at the dealer’s request. The dealer (in this case MS) is going to buy an extra sports kit (the decks) and give them away free with the car (giving the decks to XBone buyers).

          I honestly cannot even see what the complaint is. CDPR didn’t do it. Nothing is being taken away from anyone. Everyone gets a final, finished, full product. If you want to get it through a particular distributor, they’ll give you a cool thing. That’s the way pre-orders are supposed to be.

    • Disagree with the first part, Destiny PS4 includes timed exclusive DLC, which WILL be coming to Xbox in the future.

      As the guy above said, I don’t think PS4 Witcher players will get their cards mailed to them a year later.

      Agree with the second bit, although I do like my pre order bonuses.

  • Just go on ebay after launch and buy one of the many unwanted decks for less than the extra cost if buying the CE.

  • Considering their history with Microsoft I’m surprised that would make something exclusive like this.

    • They said no exclusive content, they did no exclusive content. These cards are not necessary exclusives just only included in the XBone CE. Their word about exclusive game content stands.

          • I like how you changed the wording from “content ” to “merchandise” and insist on “game content” in favor of your argument, but it doesn’t really hold up to prior instances where they have said “no exclusive content” unless you really want to defend the it is not contents.

          • Because merchandise is a much more accurate term that can be applied to the cards in any and all contexts.

            The cards can only be considered “content” of the box they’re being sold in, the terms has zero meaning in any other context.

            Words have meanings. Context is important.

          • Where did I state the cards are content. It’s been my belief since my first post (6 minutes before the one you replied to) that the cards are Merchandise not Game Content. Scroll up, there is no editing.

            Let’s be clear, they said no exclusive in game content or platform specific delays. These cards have no in game use. These cards can not be considered in-game content. If I could scan or enter codes on these cards into the game then IMO they would be Content. Skylander and Disney Infinity Figures are Content not Merchandise because they have an in game use. Do you now follow my logic?

            Are these cards exclusive? ATM yes they are. I would like to believe they will release sets of these for separate purchase. But they are not Content where the word content implies an in game nature. I really didn’t think I needed to be clearer when I made my original statements.

            As a soon to be owner of an XBOne, I will purchase this game most likely on PC and even if I where to purchase it on XBOne, I would not be getting the Collectors Edition. $220 for a game and a figure is too much money. Even with a couple of Card Decks thrown in. Also the Standard Edition comes with a map in the box! That’s insane in this day and age.

          • Is it part of a video game? because that’s what we are talking about here: Exclusive content in a video game.

            It isn’t. so the whole argument is based on a complete misunderstanding of basic facts. The game is whole and complete and identical for all buyers regardless of platform. CDPR have kept their promise. The fact that Microsoft wants to throw in a nick-knack has zero bearing on this.

          • To address your newest comment:
            Exactly you are talking about exclusive content in regards to their quote “no exclusive game content”, and I like others are addressing another quote of theirs of “no exclusive content”. If anything the misunderstanding is perpetuated by the people arguing that this is game content and/or merchandise because somehow the contents of a collectors edition is not contents but merchandise. And Projekt’s differing statements.

          • Again I’ve already addressed this but you ignored me.

            The cards are only considered content in one very narrow definition, what comes in the box.

            If asked about the contents of the game, they wouldn’t qualify.

            At worst you can be peeved that you misunderstood their first comments on the matter where they used the term exclusive content to relate to the game and not marketing materials, but they’ve already clarified what their position was.

            The clarification involves no backpedaling and is logically consistent with their previous points. So what’s the big deal?

          • ehirn @gehirn
            August 16, 2014 7:28 pm

            I like how you changed the wording from “content ” to “merchandise” and insist on “game content” in favor of your argument, but it doesn’t really hold up to prior instances where they have said “no exclusive content” unless you really want to defend the it is not contents

            By your definition the PC has exclusive content because it’s box is different to the Xbox version.
            Content is what is on the disc/download, merch is the other crap that comes in the box.

            They have kept their word by any meanignful measure, much better than the exclusive DLC crap that other companies pull.

          • If that was the point I was trying to make I would’ve referred to the box being only limited to this collectors edition.
            Game content is what is on the disc/download, if I look on the back of this collectors edition and it says it comes with this, this and this, it is its contents.

          • The contents of the package contains the cards. And the package is exclusive to Xbox, so the contents of the package are exclusive.

      • It’s a bit weaselly though.
        “I absolutely will not cheat on you with your sister.”
        *cheats on you with your mother*
        “WHAT? I said I wouldn’t cheat on you with your sister!”

        Whether it’s DLC or merchandise, a lot of people object to one platform buying the rights to deny other platforms something game-related that the consumer wants.

        • Your example doesn’t quite work here. Your working on a 2 party example to represent a 3 party deal.

          Try this.
          Party 1: Our car is complete, everything needed to drive is included in the basic package. For those who want some extras we have this deluxe package.
          Consumer: Yay! you rule!
          Party 3: Hey we want to give people who buy the deluxe package at our dealership something extra, can we make seat covers with your logo on it and give them to people at only our dealership?
          Party 1: Hmm doesn’t take away anything from our Car, OK.

          And just to make things worse, most companies prefer to do to things a bit like this:

          Party 1: OK we’re releasing our new car. We have 3 versions, the budget that doesn’t quite work. The Limited which is quite snazzy, the Deluxe and now the Super Deluxe which is our fourth version. If you buy from MS it comes with a Stereo, Buy it from Sony it will come with Speakers, Buy it from PC and it comes with Bluetooth. If you Order now we’ll throw in cup holders but only on Sunday to Tuesday, on Wednesday it comes with Seat Covers and a Monkey. Thursday you get Nothing and on Friday and Saturday it comes with Carbon Fibre Dash Paneling.

          Now we would like to announce that over the next 6 months we will be releasing Gears 4, 5 and 6. We may make a 7th gear we don’t know yet. Each of these gears is sold separately. If you have the Budget or Limited model you’ll need to use this Breathalyzer to change gears every time but in the Deluxe and Super Deluxe you only need to do it daily.

          We’re hoping to sell you other colours at a later date as well as other temperatures for the Air con but don’t worry right now it comes with off, a bit too hot and a bit too cold so you have plenty of choice.
          Consumer: I’m so sick of this shit can’t they just release two packages?
          Party 1: Also for a limited time our Sony Dealership will have spare tires, but in six months everybody will have them.
          Consumer: *sigh* OK here’s our money.
          Party 1: Did we mention all the exclusives are now being sold separately?
          Consumer: Damn it
          Party 3: We now get extra gears four weeks before you get them at other Dealers
          Consumer: I’m so sick of this why won’t it change. Let me get my wallet.

          And that’s the thing that annoys me the most. People rage about something relatively inconsequential and yet all the BS like the above we just tolerate. Where’s the Rage the screaming for pre-order nonsense and console specific exclusives to end. No it’s a calm discussion, but when somebody gets it 90% right we scream and throw shit around like a bunch of monkeys!

  • I don’t mind this as that’s not something that I’m necessarily into.

    What bothers me is that CDPR have been saying that that do not agree with exclusive content since the witcher 3 was announced. I would prefer if they just said nothing seeing as some of their past games, understandably, didn’t come to PlayStation and that they do have exclusive content.

    I like them and their games and will get this on pc, but all this talk makes them look hypocritical.

    Edit: I know this technically isn’t ‘game content’ and as I say it’s not something I’m personally interested in, but it’s still ‘exclusive’, for now, and a ‘miscommunication’ at the least and I don’t appreciate that. Here’s a quote from a Eurogamer article where they talk about their stance on exclusive content:

    “We’ll not deliver exclusive content to any of the platforms, nor will we artificially delay release of the game on any of the platforms because somebody’s paying us money for that. It’s definitely against our values. We are not doing that.”

    • Swag isn’t content.

      Would you be so annoyed at this if it was a free hat? Or an exclusive shirt design?

      • I said this doesn’t interest me and that it isn’t game content, but the miscommunication was annoying. Did you even read my whole comment?

        Edit: In case you missed it:

        I don’t mind this as that’s not something that I’m necessarily into.

        I know this technically isn’t ‘game content’

        (It’s) a ‘miscommunication’ at the least and I don’t appreciate that

        • Yes, but the argument still makes no sense.

          There was no miscommunication, the game includes no platform or retailer specific DLC. That alone should be the focus here, a great positive thing.

          But no, people are annoyed because there is some swag they aren’t getting… As I said, would anybody be complaining if this was an exclusive shirt? No because that’s ridiculous.

          No hypocrisy here, just entitlement throwing a hissy fit.

          • just entitlement throwing a hissy fit

            Pretty much what you’re doing. Some people really like bundled add ons like cards etc and IT’S STILL EXCLUSIVE.

          • It’s not content.

            Look at your quote, you’re purposely ignoring the context in order to try and stretch the meanings. They’re specifically trying to do what you’re asking of them and you’re attacking them for it.

            Exclusive content for the game, there is none. Their values are intact.

            Also me debating against people being entitled is different to a hissy fit. I have reasoning and logic behind me.

          • I’ve said twice now that it’s not game content but content none the less. Are you purpusfully ignoring that?

          • Yes, but the argument still makes no sense.

            Are you ignoring that? The first thing I said to you.

            As soon as you stop considering it content, there’s no broken promise, no reason to attack them for being hypocritical.

            There’s no miscommunication on their part because this isn’t content and so it’s your fault for reading into something that wasn’t there in that quote of yours.

          • It’s not dlc but it’s still content. How does that make my argument invalid? My point is that they are against exclusive content and are now offering exclusive content of some sort. I personally don’t even want the content but disagree with misleading consumers, even in this small, possibly unintentional, situation.

            Now downvote me for disagreeing with your point of view and be done with it because this is a waist of my time.

          • I’ve only downvoted your posts where I felt you were rude, attacking me or making poor arguments. Notice I haven’t downvoted your first post because you were expressing an opinion without malice.

            I still believe it’s built on a false assumption so I’m debating it.

            Your argument is that they made a promise and they broke it, I’m pointing out that if you take the context of their comment (And their later clarification) then it’s obvious they didn’t. Ok fine if you misconstrued their initial quote, but you can’t shoehorn in a very different definition of content now that it’s been clarified that they mean in-game content.

            Here’s the simple truth, they are people. When they get asked a question at an event and need to think up an answer in real time it may not be as perfectly worded and polished as a press release.

            They did this so that they could make a corporate partner happy whilst sticking to their ideals. If they get crucified for it, why should they bother with the ideals at all next time?

            Lastly I’m going to use the example I gave elsewhere:

            Imagine MS wanted to give something free for their customers, they heard there was an in game card game. So they asked CDPR if they could buy the artwork for them purely to print out some copies to give out free to their customers.

            Would you have an issue with that?

          • Surely any of these definitions qualify?
            1. Something contained, as in a receptacle. Often used in the plural: the contents of my desk drawer; the contents of an aerosol can.
            1. (often plural) everything that is inside a container: the contents of a box.
            5. that which may be perceived in something: the latent content of a dream.

          • I’m guessing you used two different dictionaries? Both the number 1 definitions are identical and I agree that can be used to apply to it in a certain context. I went into this elsewhere, but I’ll briefly go over it again.

            Basically, yes if you take the very narrow definition of “What’s in the retail box” it would technically be content. Though based on the quote it’s actually much more like your definition number 5 which wouldn’t apply to these cards, or actually many other definitions of content:

            2. b. The material, including text and images, that constitutes a publication or document.

            In this case the “document” would be the game. At best the cards are ancilliary in this definition.

            3. a. The substantive or meaningful part:

            I would argue that the meaningful part is the game, since that’s what they’re selling not the bonus extras.

            That’s just using the dictionary entry you furnished, ignoring all the possible meanings of content that are totally irrelevant of which there are a lot. The truth is you need to look at context when determining the meaning of a word in use, not try to shoehorn meaning into your definition after the fact with a dictionary in one hand.

            I’m sorry if you misinterpreted his original statement that outtatime keeps trotting out, he came out and clarified his position. They didn’t want to make any aspect of their game be pulled apart to be sold separately, so they allowed an outside company to pay to have some meaningless swag added.

          • “I have reasoning and logic behind me.”

            Uh. No. No, you don’t.

            Because it is content. It might not be “in game” content, but it does relate to the game and it’s included for Xbox CE and no one else, so it’s exclusive content. The only point it would stop being content for the game would be if it was just a couple decks of every day playing cards, but since the cards are related to the Witcher, they are, in fact, exclusive content.

          • The cards are not game content, they have no in game use they are merely physical representations of an in game item. That makes it Merchandise.

            Microsoft wanted an Exclusive, did they delay the game? No. Did they give you an uber Weapon? No. Is there an extra dungeon full of mad loot? No. They gave them a deck of cards.

            I actually think this is a good compromise.

          • If they were playing cards with an image from the game on it they’d still be the exact same thing.

            I’m not saying they aren’t an exclusive collectible, because that’s what they are. But it’s not hypocritical for them to toss in some swag.

            Contents of a box are contextually different from content when referring to games.

            Because context matters, that’s where the logic and reasoning comes in.

          • Heres the problem though: You are calling everyone who is upset ‘entitled’, which is insulting and presumptuous. What give xbox owners the right to be ‘entitled’ to this over every one else? As other people have said to you, sugar coat it how you want, but it’s still content someone else is getting that others cannot. It is exclusive to one console, the reasons to that exclusivity are irrelevant.

            “British Dictionary definitions for content:
            1. (often pl) everything that is inside a container; the contents of a box”

            Regardless that it’s not game content, people thought CDPR wouldn’t do anything like this, even as minor as this, because of their statement, which can be interpreted as in game content, but still appearing as a FIRM standing against exclusive stuff in general, which it was evidently not.

            As I have said, I don’t even want the cards. I don’t care for them. I just feel that people have every right to be upset that they cannot get something because of a platform holder. I can see their side of the stick and it sucks, and I don’t have to look far to see other people replying to you saying similar.

            I just want to point out that I have always seen your side of the argument, but also seen it as quite one sided, as others have said. Now, if you’ll excuse me, this is something that doesn’t effect me at all as I would never have bought the CE anyway and this has been blown way out of proportion because of a few unwilling to see this from the side of those affected by it. Have a good day.

          • What gives Xbox owners the right?

            Well there’s the fact MS bought all the swag with their own money to give out in the CEs for their console. That’s pretty much it.

            I already replied to the definition thing above to kdallas, of course have my messages are being held for moderation for some reason you can read my response.

            Here’s the issue though, I know there are two sides.

            – On one side there’s a group of people who don’t get a free card game.
            – On the other side is a company trying to buck an industry trend of retailer, preorder and platform exclusive digital content being attacked over making merchandise for another company to facilitate that goal.

            There may usually be two sides to a debate, but they aren’t equal.

            As for the debate on what was said:

            – One side made a promise to avoid artificial platform delays or exclusive content in an unscripted interview, after backlash later had to clarify that they had always meant in-game content
            – The other side caused the backlash by refusing to take into account the context of the interview, or acknowledge the clarification. Instead they attack it as a lie and backpeddaling when it makes perfect sense because damnit they deserve those cards too.

            Again, there’s only one side I’d want to defend there as well. I see both sides and one is throwing a temper tantrum in public.

          • The container is the game. You get all the stuff in the box. Microsoft are giving you a bonus.


          • You have used the word “entitled” in almost every post. Grab a dictionary mate, being angry at a breach of morals and of word given does not make some one entitled.

          • My entire argument is that no morals or word were broken, that CDPR have obviously tried to find an alternative in order to keep their word and try do right by their customers and corporate partners alike.

            Then everyone complains because they can’t get the cards, take prior words of out context and demand that they should be getting it too. Or instead of.

            Which reeks of entitlement.

          • Your point only stands if the breach of morals happened. It didn’t.

            The person or people mad at this are mad because they won’t get a thing that other people will. They feel entitled to that thing.

      • Yes. If it’s something that is included in the package of the game purchase, thus it is a form of content, even if it isn’t ‘in-game content.’
        The fact is (as quoted above by outatime) they specifically said “We’ll not deliver exclusive content to any of the platforms…” There was never any mention of in-game, DLC or anything of the sort. By doing this, they have blatently mislead their fans just to make a quick buck.

        You defending this decision (and insulting people who dare to hold a company responsible for its actions), may be well intentioned but it’s just coming off as pathetic fanboyism.

        • You can’t accuse me of fanboyism when I’ve never played one of their games.

          You’re using an absurdly broad definition of a word to try and suggest that they are being hypocritical in their comment. Which is absurd.

          The basically promised that no game related content would be split up, and they have made an effort to stand by their word and do that. That is obviously the intent behind their words in that context, everything else is people whining.

          Now if you care about the cards you can vote with your wallet and not buy any other edition, but that doesn’t mean they broke their word.

      • I’m pretty sure the people that wanted the vinyl record with Persona Arena were annoyed.

    • It’s a play on words by CDPR. Using the term ‘game content’ gives them plausible deniability.

      It’s exactly the same way Microsoft keeps announcing games as “exclusive in Holiday 2015”, then turns out to be a timed exclusive game.

      • Except there’s an internal consistency here…

        A developer is unlikely to consider merchandising content in an interview, because it’s not something they would consider content. They would assume the word is synonymous with in-game content.

        When it came to light they tried to clarify what they meant and if you take them at their word it makes perfect sense.

        There’s no double speak here, save the outrage for companies that do.

  • No, I stopped caring about collectors editions years ago. At best you get an okay statue to put on your desk while the rest of stuff winds up laying around your house. If digital game prices were more reasonable I would stop buying physical all together.

  • As someone who chose to pay $200 for the extra physical faff over just paying 70 for the game, yeah, it annoys me. I hate to say it, but the Wolfenstein CE was a far better idea than this.
    It’s another strike against the GOG/CD Projekt consumer friendly reputation they want. To say “all gamers are treated equally, all platforms have the same content”, then justify this through political weasel word spin, well, doesn’t sit so well with me.
    I’m sure the game will be good, guess I’ll cancel the CE and just buy it digitally.

  • Oh no, I don’t get two decks of cards that are absolutely useless in the real world that will sit in the box collecting dust!

    Okay, I can understand the outrage with Tomb Raider being a timed exclusive for Xbox, but this? People are just grasping at straws at this point. It seems like bashing Xbox is the in thing at the moment.

  • I don’t think anyone really cares that much the stuff is exclusive or what not, it’s more that CD Projekt is straying away/selling out akin to a punk music band with what they spoke out as being wrong in the gaming industry with DRM, etc, and now they are embracing this sort of expensive collectors edition, whatever exclusives, and the mishap with GOG awhile ago.

  • I really hate the pre order shite – with exclusives at 32534 different stores to boot.

    Physical items i really couldn’t give a flying f*ck about – but i understand those people that do collect this shite and why they’d be upset. That said it would be accessible through user trading (ebay and the like) comparatively digital content is not and held ransom till goty edition or god forbid another $5 dlc that they release 3 months later.

    It’s pretty evident that the developers didn’t really want to do this rather they capitulated to the pressure marketing put on them.

  • omg rant ranty rant rant RANT! rant rant raaaant rant ranty ranty rant, rant rant, rant RANT, ranttt, rant rant rant rannnnt, ranting rant rant rrrraaaannntttt.

    That’s all I have to say on this matter.

    RAGE QUIT!!!

  • This annoys me cos it shouldn’t even matter? I remember a time when the multi platform games were rare.

    Self entitled gamers give me the shits. Grow up and go back to….you know. Working for a living.

    It’s not even game content. This is seriously like complaining at hungry jacks because they aren’t offering you the same product you get at McDonald’s. Even though u are a ‘loyal customer’.

  • So CDPR promised to treat everyone in each platform equally but bought out by Microsoft to give Xbox One additional stuff to make it more attractive for consumer to purchase.

    Way to go CDPR, equality at it’s finest.

    • I’ve got a hypothetical for you.

      Imagine MS wanted to give something free for their customers, they heard there was an in game card game. So they asked CDPR if they could buy the artwork for them purely to print out some copies to give out free to their customers.

      Would you have an issue with that?

      • No issue with that as it is a campaign run by Microsoft outside of CDPR. In your scenario, Microsoft is buying official artwork from CDPR for creating witcher related merchandize. They are free to do anything they want with the artwork that is purchased with the purpose of redistribution.

        Let me give you a racist example of this issue.

        There is a restaurant in a multi cultural community that have the motto, everyone will be treated equally, no one will get their food first and no one will get special sauce or unique cooking or anything like that. Everyone love the restaurant as they treat everyone equally and fair.

        One day 3 person came for dinner, they are Caucasian, Asian and African american. They all ordered a steak worth $20. All medium rare nice and juicy. But after they make their order, manager suddenly hung up a sign, African american customers get extra bowl of chips free of charge due to the African american society giving them money to do that.

        How do you think the Caucasian and Asian feel? Mainly, how do you think the long term customers feel about the restaurant? Of course they feel betrayed.

        • My example is practically what is happening and you say you have no issue with it… Practically CDPR are doing it, but purely because MS paid them to make and include the extra swag, it’s in effect something MS bought from CDPR and gave to all their customers.

          Your example is absurdly flawed and is trying to hit on racism for some unimaginable reason.

          A better example would be if it were a chain restaurant, all three have made a reservation at their favourite place but a single franchise elsewhere decides to give out free chips.

          Sure technically they could cancel their reservation and go to the other franchise, but it’s way out in the boonies and it’s not worth the effort. But they want their free chips, they think they deserve them at their restaurant too.

          Now why is one franchise giving away free chips? Well they don’t do as much business and want to encourage people to come try them, your favourite one is always busy so doesn’t need to incur a cost that’s basically advertising to get more customers in.

          • Sigh I just explained that your example is not the same case. In your case, might as well just make it as preorder bonus rather than including in?

            Seriously will you be happy if you pay the same amount but missing item then the other? You most probably don’t care since you are getting the Xbox one version or maybe you didn’t even plan to buy it and just talking your one sided argument.

            Regardless, Microsoft gave money to CDPR and gave incentives to Xbox one CE by giving extra content ( yes content, it is the content of the collectors edition ) which is treating other platform unfairly. Regardless how you want to sugarcoat it saying it is not game content and such. Xbox one get more stuff, physical or in game does not matter. I want to be treated equally with my PC CE. I paid the same amount of money as those who preordered Xbox one CE.

          • How is it not the same as my first example? You didn’t explain that.

            Because that’s what they’re doing! They’re basically paying to have some official Witcher Merchandise made, then giving that free to their customers. CDPR just cut out a few middle men so it made more profit they could use to keep their studio open, plus MS will be more likely to advertise it meaning it might see more console penetration for what has traditionally been a more PC game.

            You paid the same amount of money, but to go back to the restaurant example you aren’t dining in the same restaurant. So there will be differences.

            Should the PS4 version cost more if it has a high framerate? Should the PC version cost less because I need a gamepad to play it properly? (I’m guessing you don’t, but for argument’s sake).

            There’s already innate differences built in that go into your purchase decision and make the products not identical. What’s one more?

          • Well I wasn’t planning on buying the game at all, their stance on platform agnosticism is making me reconsider that purely to support them

            Sorry now I understand you are not making any point at all since you are not even part of the people that are affected by this announcement. I am affected and in the shafted side, thus I am angry, there are those that are affected, but in the gaining side, they are happy.

            It is fine if you like to be constantly fucked over by publisher and accepting their half assed explanation. I do not like or support them doing this. Every platform should be equal. Period.

          • You are not getting fucked over. You just aren’t getting a free deck of cards.

            In a situation you already agreed is fine! You already said it was fine for MS to pay to make Witcher Card decks and give them out free to their customers, which is exactly what they’ve done.

            If I go out and give out free hot dogs to everyone who shops at my local EB are you being shafted because that EB is too far away?

            Do you know who is getting fucked over? Those of us who don’t want to chose where we buy games based on DLC. Who want to wait for reviews before we put in an order and still play the full game. All because some whiny little gamers can’t get over the fact they aren’t being given something for free.

          • How’s this for a real life Example.

            I purchased a TV, my friend saw my TV and liked it, he asked how much and I told him and where I purchased it. He did his research and came back and said I was right. The Features, the size, everything it’s the best deal. He purchased one a month later. He payed $100 less than me and he got a free 22″ TV. Note we both got identical models.

            I was not upset by this, I was not running in and demanding that I too am entitled to a free TV and a $100 refund. Did I bitch about Samsung and JB running a promotion and not telling me. N

            You talk about paying the same and missing an item, but you’re not missing an item, you’re simply not getting a free one. Your example is also somewhat terrible, 3 friends sit at the same table and one gets a free bowl of chips and doesn’t share? Oh they where sitting at different tables and didn’t know each other? Than how do I even know the guy got something for free I’d simply assume he ordered them. In real life I have a card for a free a Garlic Bread with every meal, do my friends get upset about my free Garlic Bread? Do I selfishly hoard it or try to charge them for slices? No I share it.

    • Your twisting their words to match your meaning. They never promised to treat everybody equally. They said there would be no artificial delays for one platform so nobody would get a timed exclusive. They said there would be no exclusive DLC for any Retailer or Platform.

      Now of those two promises which one did they break? None.

      Yes the so called PC Master Race (Let’s be honest if you have that kind of money it is.) are up in arms that an inferior Console is getting something they want.

      • Not twisting their words. Everyone is giving their 2 cents in this situation. They never mentioned exclusive content is strictly in game and no possibility of physical content. I love cdpr and their vision but when they give one specific platform something extra regardless in game DLC or physical content, it is rather disappointing. You must understand every other platform is paying the same amount of $200 but only Xbox one get more goodies because Microsoft shoved some money in their pocket. The issue Microsoft is getting a lot of fire since the tomb raider timed exclusive issue and now this. I get that studios sometime just need the money but I would like to be treated equally regardless of which platform I choose. They might as well just remove the CE for PC and PS4 and just keep it for Xbox one.

          • Sure. I buy a $200 dollar collectors edition with statue, game and lots of other swag. Everything inside is the content related to the game. I have already mentioned, regardless it is in game or physical, it is extra content. How it will affect your witcher gameplay?, no difference. How will it affect my wallet? Big fucking difference. Now I have to pay extra 30-50 or more to get the cloth map the the deck of cards.

            Do you realize this is as bad as per order bonus? Take it out of the packaging and declare it preorder order bonus if you preorder the Xbox one version only! They tried to make it into the packaging so that it does not get listed as preorder order bonus.

          • It isn’t game content. Getting a free t-shirt isn’t the same as locked-off game content. This is a free t-shirt.

            Essentially, MS bought those card decks from CDPR and are giving them away free with the MS branded special editions. One of the companies associated with the dev bought a bunch of swag and are giving it out as a bonus. No different from any other merch.

            It’s not game content. It just isn’t. Any difference it has to anything else is a different argument. You wish MS hadn’t bought every single item in a limited run? Fair enough. That’s a jerk thing to do. But CDPR have not locked off game content to be sold off piece by piece at different stores. Their promise is intact.

          • As I said in all my comments. Xbox one is getting more stuff regardless physical or in game. They charge us the same amount for every platform and people want to be treated fairly. That is the reason why people are angry. If you are on the receiving side, you will definitely go against the majority since you are comfortable in your situation.

            So far I’ve seen in a couple more forums and website, those that are supporting this situation are those who purchase the Xbox one CE or those that never had plans to buy anything and just giving their opinion.

            Seriously, don’t support this kind of situation. You are encouraging Microsoft to continue and might make Sony do it as well. Exclusive DLC is annoying enough as it is and we don’t need more exclusive physical content to make the issue worst.

          • Actually I really wish they gave away exclusive physical content instead of digital.

            Most physical content is meh, but occasionally you get something awesome. But regardless if you don’t care for it you can sell it off, gift it to a games loving friend or do whatever with it.

            Digital content is often just stuff ripped from the game to give an illusion of value, and if you want it you need to pay whatever they ask whenever they do.

            Do you remember the utter clusterfuck that was Watch Dogs special editions list?

            You think I don’t have a horse in this race because I wasn’t planning on buying the PC CE? Well I wasn’t planning on buying the game at all, their stance on platform agnosticism is making me reconsider that purely to support them. Hence all this debating.

            (Also those who are ordering a non Xbox One CE and who want the cards are the ones who are more likely to be biased)

          • EBGames
            CE PC is $200 at EB, CE PS4 & XBOne are $220.
            Normal PC is $90, PS4 & XBone are $110.
            Steam is $75 US.

            They certainly don’t charge you the same for all platforms.

          • I plan on buying the PC edition, so I am one of the people missing out. I don’t care because this isn’t CDPR taking something away at MS’ request. It is MS trying to value-add. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes a ‘good’ pre-order bonus.

            Everyone gets the full experience and some companies are willing to take a profit hit per unit to entice more buyers. This is the exact opposite of bad practice. This is like a Ford dealer offering the sports kit for no extra charge on a new vehicle. The other companies aren’t taking anything away and Ford isn’t removing features at the dealer’s request. The dealer (in this case MS) is going to buy an extra sports kit (the decks) and give them away free with the car (giving the decks to XBone buyers).

            I honestly cannot even see what the complaint is. CDPR didn’t do it. Nothing is being taken away from anyone. Everyone gets a final, finished, full product. If you want to get it through a particular distributor, they’ll give you a cool thing. That’s the way pre-orders are supposed to be.

      • Actually it’s the other way around. They are twisting their words to cover their butts.

        We as the consumer have no obligation to analyse the in depth meaning of what a developer says.

    • Buying a console for one game and it’s exclusive content doesn’t really seem like a good solution.

      • How about this, Buy the XBOne CE, buy your regular copy for your platform of choice. Sell the XBOne copy. You got the most expensive CE but you got the Cards, Whoo.

        • So you are telling him to spend around $290 to get witcher and then go eBay and sell the Xbox one game at a loss for it? You can do better than that to defend Xbox.

          • Defending the XBox? How is buying it on the platform of your choice (implying PC) defending the XBox?

            If I was defending the Xbox I wouldn’t be telling him to sell the XBox version. If your going to spend a stupid amount of money for a game what’s a bit more for the ultimate version of it with the special XBOne only Merhandise.

            My method will still be cheaper than buying the cards off E-Bay.

          • EBGames
            CE PC is $200 at EB, CE PS4 & XBOne are $220.
            Normal PC is $90, PS4 & XBone are $110.
            Steam is $75 US.

            They certainly don’t charge you the same for all platforms.

            That comment branch is full can’t reply anymore.

            Anyway, does the world only consist of Australia? God you are so dense. Why are you bringing up Normal edition and steam along? This issue is with the CE only. Clearly you don’t even know what the issue is if you can even bring that up.

          • The point he was making is that there are already inherent inequalities between editions even at the pricing level in contradiction of your argument that it’s these cards that are making everything so expensive.

            Plus Xbox One owners are paying $20 more for their version, by your logic shouldn’t they get something for their money?

            Stop attacking people and creating strawmen, argue the point not the person.

          • Yeah I realised after I posted the Comment branch filled. Start a new post with @DKnight1000 in it and it comes up as new reply.

            You said they charge us the same for every platform, I was illustrating that they don’t charge you the same for every platform. The game regardless of Edition is $20 cheaper on PC, more so if you use Steam.

            I’m aware Australia is not the world but If I go to it redirects me to so I can’t be bothered to find American Pricing but I think you’ll find the cheaper PC edition is a global trend. Instead of raging at me, do as I did and present some evidence to back up your claims.

            The issue is quite obvious you feel shafted because the XBOne version gets a couple of decks of cards, and that completely ruins the game. Seriously that’s the vibe I’m getting here, if you don’t own these decks of cards your just not going to enjoy the game. All the hours of enjoyment, the story the world they’ve built across the last two games is worthless without those cards.

            Most people will open them, play with them a couple of times at best and put them in a draw and forget them. Half the people who get them won’t take the shrink wrap off them. In a month or two this will all be forgotten. But maybe I’m just so dense I can’t work out how your life is ruined because of a deck of cards that only XBOne owners get.

            You say all versions are equal, but they aren’t. The PC version is graphically superior to the PS4 and XBOne, provided you have enough PC (I don’t). You say all versions cost the same, but they don’t. The PC version is $20 cheaper at retail and $35 cheaper on steam. Even the Collectors Edition is $20 cheaper at Retail on PC. You say the Developers lied to you, but they didn’t. They promised a complete game, no pre-order bonus, no platform has an extra thing in it. What happened was MS wanted something extra so they asked and they where told you can add more merchandise to the CE.

            I once had a choice, I could get the Collectors Edition of Rage from EB with the flick Boomerang thing for $120 or I could get it for $50 from Harvey Norman. EB printed out some A4 Posters and would not price match the normal edition of the game. The poster changed the game you see. I purchased the $50 version and never regretted not getting that folding boomerang toy. Once you’ve played the game you won’t care about those decks of cards.

            Because of all the uproar about this there will be people selling those decks on EBay for $100 each.

  • God damn fuckin hypocrites, just another sell out Developer. Needed more recognition? E3 Comcon? You ALREADY ARE globally recoginized. More money? The collectors edition in Australia is $200 and that‘s nearly sold out and so are all the other collectors editions globally and that goes in part with recognition. You sold out scuse the pun but there‘s no excuse. Just because Xbox is going shitty doesn’t mean you should of sold out.

    Xbox One got called out, cause the comparison between the PS4 Running The Witcher 3 showed the Xbox One’s lack so they added this as incentive to buy the Xbox version. For those that don’t understand.

    Microsoft the new EA.

    This just makes me hug closer to The PS4, atleast I’m loyal. It’s not just me you are screwing the PC community and aren’t they the ones who got you on your feet to where you are? Way to be disloyal.

    I love being apart of the console war but this is dog, credit is where credit is due and dogging PC users who were the one’s who got you where you are today is a new form of low, especially coming from you.

    So even though I’m a PS4 fan I’m disowning you CD Projekt Red, cause if you are willing to shaft those who got you were you are today then who knows what you would do to us console playes.

    Your word means nothing Projekt Red you’ve lost trust/respect and with that a fan.

  • Disappointed. They lost my trust.
    I have always supported them, bought 3 copies of TW1 (CE, on gog and as a present for a friend) and 3 of TW2 too (again… CE, on gog and as a present for a friend). I also have more than 200 games on GOG. I’ve canceled my preorder and never gonna use gog again. I’m not interested in a sub-par edition, and I don’t like being treated like a second rate customer.
    They lost a loyal fan. Sure they’ll probably make more money from the microsoft deal than me and other ex-loyal fans would have given them, so I guess they don’t care.
    But they lost my respect and they’ll never see my money again.

    • Are the cards so important to you that you think the game becomes sub par without owning them despite the fact they have no effect on the game? Second Rate Customer? So I’m a fourth rate customer because I’m a digital copy?

      The game isn’t even important now, all that matters is who gets a deck of cards?

      1st Rate: XBone CE (Now with 2 decks of cards that have no effect on the game at all)
      2nd Rate: Every other CE
      3rd Rate: Normal Edition (Still comes with box, manual and a map)
      4th Rate: Digital Edition (Literally just the game, no box or nothing)

      You obviously enjoyed the first two games, and because you can’t get a couple of decks of cards your going to deprive yourself of enjoying the third one? It just sounds like your cutting off your nose to spite your face.

      You know it occurs to me that my PC isn’t powerful enough to run the game at the highest possible resolution and frame rate. Damn it I’m getting shafted here as a Loyal Customer they should give me the full experience even on any PC. (Note if this sounds ridiculous to you, I hope you realise this is how you guys sound crying over a deck of cards.)

    • Ok you keep downvoting literally every post anyone makes on the other side, yet you don’t actually try and debate your side?

      What exactly is your issue? You knew what was in the CE when you preordered it (I assume, that or you didn’t care), you weren’t promised the cards. The day before this was announced you were happy with the product, now because someone else is given a treat it’s suddenly the world’s biggest rip off?

      Seriously try and make me understand.

      • @zerothehero I kind of love that instead of responding to my post asking what your position was instead of simply downvoting every post of mine indiscriminately you just downvoted my post.

        Seriously use your words, what do you have such an issue with that I’ve said?

  • I’d much prefer these pointless extras as exclusive content. If you really want this pointless overpriced stuff you can still buy it, and then get a cheap copy for the system you actually own.

    • Careful I said the same thing and got accused of defending XBox, I even suggested selling the XBox version.

  • Steam version will probably have trading cards. No-one cared about that? It’s not game content, it’s merchandise. It’s strayed a little from what we’ve come to expect from CDPR, but hardly pitchfork worthy. Personally couldn’t care less.

  • Oh, FFS. Jesus christ. The solution is so simple that in all the crying it couldn’t be seen for the tears.
    A) Buy the XBone collectors edition
    B) Find someone that wanted Witcher 3 for XBone regular edition
    C) Get them to buy it for your preferred platform
    D) SWAP (or just sell it! Trade it in! Use as a coaster!)

    Christ on a bike.

  • the way this opinion piece is written, you would think no other card games digital or physical existed before Hearthstone…

  • Yeah i don’t really care about these extras, it seems a bit minimalist and really nothing of value to warrant kicking up a fuss, and at the end of the day CDPR have made this business decision, it’s done and dusted you can’t change it, If there is some repercussions from this, that’s for CDPR to sort, if it ends up being a big mistake (which it won’t because the game is awesome) then it’s a learning curve for them and hopefully that will benefit the games they release in the future

    All you can do now is sit back and see what news comes through over the coming months and wait for release to see how it sells, sucks for CDPR if there are some major repercussions, seems unlikely, but its the last of the Witcher series so I’m gonna enjoy it once it releases 🙂

  • Does The Witcher 3’s Xbox One Collector’s Edition Make You Angry?
    Sure, I’m game. Why not? *grabs torch and pitchfork* I know nothing about it, though, what are we mad at? Whatever. They’ll burn like the rest.

    • XBOne now comes with two Decks of Cards. You may declare the end times and proceed to tear down Society because PS4 and PC don’t, and you may do this being fully informed of the greatest injustice to befall First World society.

      Meanwhile the rest of the world can be concerned with getting clean water, food, access to Medicine and lay huddled hoping and praying the local warlord doesn’t feel like murdering them tonight.

  • its somewhat frustrating yet, but I’m glad that they went with a small addition to the physical items rather than in game content.

    I’m hoping that you can buy them separately for those of us who are interested can get them still

  • so people are upset because they dont get some flimsy cards that they will lose/destroy in the first 6 months?

  • Yet the price is the same. Ugh. That’s frustrating. I’m actually building a PC just for W3 and this is the thanks. I get it. xbox is financially motivating you. Too bad more players are on ps4 and pc.

  • This is obviously just a bunch butt hurt pc master race fanboys crying over standard business practices. Just be glad that this “horrible” company found it in their hearts to give you tons of FREE dlc even though you basically said you were done with them over a physical copy of a card game that nobody (other than hardcore xbone witcher fans) will ever play in RL. So in short get over yourselves or buy an xbone. Sucks to be you crybabies, ill be having fun playing my physical copies of gwent and thinking of ya!

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