Don’t Expect The New 3DS Outside Of Japan This Year

Don’t Expect The New 3DS Outside Of Japan This Year

News of a shiny new 3DS upgrade — along with a Xenoblade port — came as a pleasant surprise to many Nintendo fans this morning, but don’t expect to see the new 3DS outside of Japan this Christmas.

In an English press release on its website today, Nintendo confirmed that the new 3DS will probably make it outside of Japan (to be confirmed separately by Nintendo of America and other local Nintendo branches), but it won’t be in 2014.

“As for the overseas markets, our local subsidiaries will separately confirm. However, there will be no US and European launches this calendar year.”

Nintendo also confirmed, by way of a helpful comparison chart, that the new 3DS will play DS games too.


  • Seeing as I just got upgraded to a 3DSXL a month ago I’m trying to console myself that the new model wont be available to me until 2015.

  • !!! Alas, I will once again wait until a special edition >_> My shiny Zelda one will have to do for now but this is pretty exciting news.

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