Drift Stage Continues To Be The Coolest Racer We've Seen In Ages

Video: Drift Stage continues to be the coolest racer we've seen in ages. This new video goes all-in on style and deliciously cheesy guitar riffs. Watch.


    i think i love the art style. It almost gives off a MegaDrive vibe.

    This looks (and sounds) awesome. Makes me want to fire up the SNES or something.

    Actually, reminds me a bit of Stunts. And that ain't a bad thing.

      Oh my god stunts. I just accessed a disturbing large and detailed part of my memory I didn't realise was still there in my brain.

      I also thought about Stunts while watching it. If they include a track editor in this one, it might be possible to create some Stunts tracks in it :)


    Myrone is the wonderfully talented man doing the guitar driven 80s synth music in soundtrack. His debut EP is totally kick arse.


      Indeed - I've listened to that EP over, and over and OVER the last few weeks. 'Gorgeous' may go down as one of my favourite songs of all time...

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