EA Has Started Reprinting Copies Of Skate 3 Because Of PewDiePie

EA Has Started Reprinting Copies Of Skate 3 Because Of PewDiePie

In the UK charts Skate 3 is currently hovering around number 20. Skate 3 is an old game; four years old to be precise. The game has become so popular that retailers have asked EA to reprint new copies of the game to keep up with demand. What the hell is going on here?

The answer it seems, is YouTube. Skate 3 has been popular with Let’s Play YouTubers like PewDiePie to the point where viewers are heading out in droves to buy it.

This is sort of insane. The reason why Skate 3 was so popular on YouTube is partly because of the glitches. There are hordes of glitch Skate 3 videos doing the rounds on YouTube and this has seemingly spread the word to the point where people are continually buying it.

It’s a sign of the times. Crazy that EA has decided to start reprinting a video game based purely on the impact of YouTubers and glitch videos. This is the world we now live in.

Note: Skate 3 is a cool video game. I’m hoping this will inspire EA to make a Skate 4.

How PewDiePie fired Skate 3 back into the charts [MCV]



  • I hope those morons in marketing see stuff likes this happening and reconsider how they advertise. Either it will be an improvement, or they’ll start whoring themselves out to Youtube celebrities.

    • Start? We’ve already had any number of incidents over paid social media commentary in the world of videogames.

    • I hope those morons in marketing see stuff likes this happening and reconsider how they advertise

      “Now with additional bugs and glitches! “

    • In Australia the “Cash for Comment” rules cover Australian-based youtubers, requiring them to declare interests, such as when they’ve been paid for their review, or even if they were given the game they’re playing for free. Whether or not this is policed is another story, but at least the laws are there.

      The U.S. is currently considering an expansion of their version of the same laws, primarily due to the massive impact of Yelp, and the recent spate of “paid” reviews from highly-ranked yelp reviewers. From what I understand the current laws only cover the Media, and citizen-bloggers are exempt. Youtube is another clear example of why the revision is necessary.

  • The skate series has always sold itself with demos. I remember spending days in the original demo because even though it was just a small community center skate park you could go nuts with the video editor and the controls allowed for an insane level of creativity.
    Hopefully this spurs them on with a next gen skate game. Makes so much sense now Twitch, sharing, etc are all built into the consoles.

  • I would wrestle a grizzly bear for a new Tony Hawk game… a PROPER Tony Hawk game… with tony hawk controls. none of that non-tony hawk like right stick for tricks crap. or that Tony Hawk HD game THAT NEVER HAPPENED… A new tony hawk game.

    With Tony Hawk.

    Tony Hawk

    • Needs more Tony Hawk.

      Although i would love for them to have a Tony Hawk game with McSqeeb Tony Hawk 😛

    • What if it was with the comedian Tony Hawks who often gets mistaken for the skateboarder?

    • The Skate controls ate copies of all the Tony Haw games ever produced and then shat them all over Tony Hawk, using a promo shot of Tony Hawk doing his hair to wipe its arse with.

    • He needed to get pissed off at falling on the bench and throw the guy down, breaking him in two before storming off.

  • Games been out for ages… kids see PewDiePie + other`s playing it, now game is cool again and must get it…. “sigh” so lame

  • “Here, here….Hold my bear claw”

    “Hans, you have a telephone call from your mother”

    Whoops sorry wrong game – I’m thinking Thrasher: Skate & Destroy on PS1

    I would love for EA to make another Skate game for the current/next-gen consoles…The only issue request I have is for more maps (or simply put New San Vanelona, Port Carverton and a new map in)

    I would love a new Tony Hawk game as well (with classic controls) but sadly Neversoft is now dead and Robomodo didn’t do a good job wit the HD Remake (maybe they can improve it)

  • When companies re-release a game they normally iron out some bugs.
    Imagine if EA actually fixed all the bugs. People will be returning the game saying they can’t reproduce those glitches.
    How times have changed.

  • And I hope this spurs EA to work on a Skate 4 (for the PS3). I played the demo of Skate 1 and loved it. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was fun to cruise around, but it got tiring when you could literally hold down triangle and grind all the way around the block.

    Skate was actually challenging and the locations were awesome. I loved finding spots, setting up park benches, tables and such and making my own little skate park, trying to nail a set of tricks.

    Hell, that game was so good, I even bought a real skateboard and started to learn.

  • The skate series was a favourite of mine and I’ve put a huge amount of hours into them but was continually disappointed in each release as they just kept recycling areas.

    A new skate with new cities but keeping the same hardcore vibe (remember the intro to skate?) and with modern graphics would be a godsend.

  • Although the reason is a bit petty for reprinting, I don’t mind as I may get a chance to finally pick it up

  • I keep seeing Skate 3 in the bargain bins and as a fan of the glitch videos, keep getting tempted to buy it. It’s always my fear though that I’ll play it and nothing funny will happen so I shy away from it. This may change my mind…

  • Funnily enough I started playing skate 3 on a whim last week. never got into the challenges but now I’ve only got a handful left.

    I wonder how many people will be disappointed when they buy a copy of skate 3 and realise they can’t play online with their friends because EA has switched off the servers.

    Unless they are planning on restarting them now they are reprinting the game..


    – Phil Fish

  • The weird thing for me is the fact that last week was my first time experiencing the Skate series (Skate 3 to be precise). Even weirder is the fact the only reason I went out and bought it was 1. because I had never experienced this series before, and 2. it finally got to the point where I was playing the old THPS games too much, and thought – that’s it, I need to move on like everyone else.

    So I picked up Skate from the third entry in the series. PewDiePie had little to do with my own reasons for purchasing Skate 3, though I will admit he at least reminded me this next-gen skateboarding series still existed, and that I should probably upgrade to it.

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