Everyone Needs To Play Gridland Right Now

Gridland is strange. It's familiar but strange. In a good way. It's also a free browser game that you should consider playing.

On the surface it's a typical match 3 game — you know, like Candy Crush or Bejewelled — but imagine if, instead of disappearing into thin air, those match 3 items became resources which you could then use.

That's the high concept of Gridland. You play match 3, but while the game is being played a character above the game is using the resources you create to build stuff — houses, shelter, etc — in order to protect himself from enemies that attack at night.

Yeah, I almost forgot. Gridland is a bloody match 3, strategy game with a day/night cycle.

And it grows in layers. As you progress through days and build more defences during the day, it enables you to use different weapons at night. It's pretty insane. I don't want to ruin the experience too much, just give it a try and head in with an open mind.

Gridland is just a very compelling experience that works in layers. It's extremely original and I recommend that you give it a bash immediately and wave bye bye to any sort of productivity.

You can check out Gridland here.


    You're just going nuts because you have no Diablo III. :)

    So what does the paper do?
    The red rock?
    I can't get enough wheat.

    I just died so terribly during the first night. What is going on?

    So I was just randomly clicking on stuff collecting what ever resources I could get, thinking that he only moved when you clicked. Turns out on the sun moves, and he'll collect and build as the resources are available. Game totally changed for me then.

      Yeah, that was realisation number 1 for me, that things only happen when you move a resource. Number 2 was that enemies are created by me (duh), and the number 3 big realisation was that the enemies are created on the side of the board that you remove resources from.

      So, if I want to create an archer on the left, and I'm standing on the left hand side of the screen, I can "kill" him before he even gets a shot off if I create him where I'm standing.

        oh I hadn't even noticed the left/right side thing being associated with the resources.

    Yeah I was chain reacting everything at the bottom but then realized that it can actually get more turn-based. So you should always try to have a sword and shield up and just stop and see where you can link them for when they get destroyed. The potion and sword/board down the bottom helps too. I'm trying to figure out what the buildings in the day cycle actually do... up to Day 15 or something atm

    I keep dying on night 3! I'm not getting swords and shields matched up quick enough to not die.

    Edit: Just realised matching the gravestones was generating the monsters. Geez I'm an idiot.

    Last edited 26/08/14 2:19 pm

    And I'm stuck on night 26, them big guys are hard to take down.

    This game is a time machine. I clicked the link and then i was suddenly 6 hours later !. Made it to day 89, everything upgraded. Currently working to what I believe is endgame using what I guess are "Mana Stones" for a monster.

    Last edited 27/08/14 4:35 pm

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