Everything Wrong With The Tomb Raider Reboot In 15 Minutes

Everything Wrong with the Tomb Raider Reboot in 15 Minutes

Wait a minute. This isn't a movie. What's going on?

YouTuber glorious_accident posted his "CinemaSins style video" to r/TombRaider yesterday, where it went largely unnoticed. Which is a shame, 'cause it's good. It's a proper CinemaSins video for the last Tomb Raider game. And the guy wants to make this a series. Why are people not watching this?

It's a good format, and it would be perfect for video games. This one's a bit rough, with typos here and there, but first episodes are hardly ever perfect. So, yeah, I wholeheartedly look forward to this guy's future work (and to CinemaSins becoming an Abridged Series-style example which other great online series will follow).

As for the game, well... I liked it. Loved the bow. Could've done with less quicktime events and cringy death scenes, maybe.

Everything Wrong With Tomb Raider [Dartigan@YouTube — thanks Chas!]


    Sigh - make a joke, count it as a sin. Getting old.

      You noticed?! You so clever buddy! I feel the same way with actors, every movie has them in it - hollywood's getting old.

        Enh, it's a fair complaint if you were looking for some humour sourced from inconsistencies. A lot of the cinema sins videos are really reaching, though, in an attempt to I don't know... pad out the minutes? Maybe they have some minimum for the advertiser deals or something? Either way, I enjoy them enough for the giggles, but I can see why folks would be disappointed at the lack of actual inconsistencies.

          they did put some kind of disclaimer along the lines of "We're not critics, we're just jerks"

    Laura, laura, laura, laura RAGE INTENSIFYING, It's fucking LARA for christ sake, pronounce it correctly you ignorant pleb.

      Sorry, I may have overreacted a touch, apparently it is corrected later on in the clip but I couldn't survive that long

    i really like this series, despite disagreeing with the pickiness of 'sins' for at least half the time


    Honestly Cinema Sins sort of works because it's a stylistic nicely paced bit of nitpicky humour. Most of the time I don't much care for it, but it's not bad.

    This guy just rips off all their branding, their format and tries to pass himself off so that he might get shared around. A lot of times he is really stretching to make a joke, other times he just over explains himself and kills the joke.

    So the reason it was left unnoticed on reddit? It's not good.

    Also ripping off another show and making yours look just like it in the hopes that people will get confused? That's really not alright. If I started a blog called Kotaku Film, focused purely on movie and tv culture I bet you guys wouldn't be very happy with me using your brand to launch myself.

    I should note that I'm not against other people taking the rough idea of doing something like this, Cinema Sins is really just a stylistic mash up of MST3K with some of those Rewind Theatre type aesthetics. But if you're going to do it then make sure people can see it's your work.

    While I didn't like the reboot as a T'omb Raider' game, it was still fun, so I'll just take this with a pinch of salt.

    They should do this for Wolfenstein, srs you die like 5 times just in cutscenes.

    He pronounces it "Laura" and most of these things are being shitty for the sake of being shitty they aren't even legitimate like I mean what was with the dig at the captain smd seriously.

    Honestly the majority of the points were too dumb to even bother with a rebuttal but I really got annoyed with his constant digs at Sam's "filmmaking" skills. She was recording shit candidly with a handheld camera, she clearly wasn't using her little handheld to make her documentary you fucking dipshit! YOU CAN SEE THE OTHER CAMERAS ACTUALLY RECORDING THE STAGED SCENES LIKE THE FISH-GUTTING RIGHT THE FUCK THERE.

    Last edited 09/08/14 11:12 pm

    He's going on about how much Lara is getting captured but I don't think he understands that this is a reboot... This was supposedly her "first" adventure in the reboot

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