Everything You Need To Know From Gamescom Overnight

So Gamescom 204 is in full flow and to be perfectly honest, I'm surprised by the sheer amount of news and new game footage being shown. There is a lot to see and hear about. Tomb Raider going exclusive, DayZ coming to PS4, Xbox in white, new Bloodborne footage. We've gathered it all here in one glorious post for your viewing/reading pleasure.

The Next Tomb Raider Is An Xbox Exclusive

Can't say I'm too chuffed about this.

DayZ Officially Coming To PS4

This is cool.

The First Real Look At Quantum Break

Been waiting a long time for this.

White Xbox One Coming Soon

Meh, I like the black.

Microsoft Offering The First Console To Ship With A 1TB Drive

Seems excessive — am I wrong here?

Microsoft Announces 'The Halo Channel'

Bleeding it dry. But I'll still watch.

Next Up From The Folks Who Made Heavenly Sword, Hellblade

Don't forget they made the last DmC!

New Look At The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

This looks promising.

Sony Has Sold 10 Million PlayStation 4s

Those are good numbers.

Looks Like Everything's Going To Burn In Bloodborne

Hook. It. To. My Veins.

Assassin's Creed Unity's Paris Looks Damned Good

A game about the French revolution by a French company set in France. As if they were going to mess up Paris.

ScreamRide Announced For Xbox


So a lot of stuff being announced. Stay tuned to Kotaku for the rest of the day for all the latest.


    I don't know why, but even though they didn't really do anything mindblowing, I kinda want to get an Xbone now...

      Yep me too. I know what Santa is bringing me for Xmas.

    I kind of joked that Microsoft will try to show their audience that Halo isn't dead but I didn't think they'd stoop so low as to announce a "channel" for the franchise.

    Are they expecting people to be enthralled by Halos rich narrative experience, or are gamers really willing to spend 10 hours a day watching Sanctuary matches over and over again?

      or are gamers really willing to spend 10 hours a day watching Sanctuary matches over and over again?

      You better believe there are people that are that obsessed with Halo. Personally, I only ever finished the first one, didn't even get to the end of the second one before I was all Halo'd out and gave up, got about halfway through 3 and didn't last long at all in Wars, ODST and Reach. I will grab the Master Chief Collection thingmabob though, maybe I've had a long enough break from the franchise to go back to it.

        I have friends that are mega halo fans and they would want this. Mind you Im part of a Perth xbox Lan group where halo was the main game played.

      Are they expecting people to be enthralled by Halos rich narrative experience

      I feel like that was said facetiously, but I loved the story in Halo... I've played every Halo game and only ever bothered with multiplayer a few times when I scored a free week or two of XBL-Gold.

      Halo 4 was a bit of a sore spot for me, but only because the final Forerunner book wasn't released until four months after the game, which confused everything lorewise. If you didn't read the Forerunner trilogy, Halo 4's plot was admittedly restricted to one five minute cutscene two-thirds of the way through the game - it told its story very poorly; with the backstory in those books, though, it's so much more. The original Reach trilogy was amazing, too; it gave the story in the first three games much more context.

      And, maybe when the XBO gets a price drop, and the next two Halo games come out for it, and it gets a few other exclusives, I'll buy an XBO,

        Yeah I like Halos story too (until 343i took control). But what I'm saying is, is the story so deep that it needs its own channel to tell the story?

        Even if that book was released before Halo 4, it doesn't undo how bad the games story was. Think about it, in order to understand the story in Halo 4, you have to read a novel that was released seperately. That's worse then being forced to read the datalogs in FF13.

          I don't know about that; given how well it turned out and how ham-fisted 343i handled the pacing in that game, I can't really fault them for essentially admitting "we can't tell stories as well as Bungie, so we'll concentrate on other areas and hire a talented author to write the accompanying lore".

          is the story so deep that it needs its own channel to tell the story?

          I think people are taking the word "channel" a little too literally. The way they're talking about it just seems like an extension of the old Halo Waypoint thing. So... maybe that did alright and they're trying to reboot it with a modern twist? Waypoint + Twitch + Social networking? Sounds like it could work well. They'll probably add other media as it becomes available, too, like you could watch Forward Unto Dawn from Waypoint - isn't that Spielburg series still a thing?

          The backstory, the lore, is rich enough that they could create enough media to justify an exclusive distribution channel. It's not going to be "Watch the new Forerunner saga TV Series, tonight at 6, only on The Halo Channel" kind of channel, but it'll be a single point of on-demand consumption for any media, advertising, or promotion that MS/343i want for the Halo franchise (which is essentially what they wanted Waypoint to be), along with community-driven content.

          Last edited 13/08/14 12:36 pm

          I didnt really like the forerunner trilogy but I loved the kilo five saga makes halo 4's story make a bit more sense especially spartan ips

    Microsoft Offering The First Console To Ship With A 1TB Drive
    Seems excessive — am I wrong here?

    Yes you are, I've already used up 90% of my launch 500GB hard drive.

      At least now though (for the X1 - not sure about the PS4 tbh) there is decent external support for large hard drives.

        Yeah. I swapped my ps4 to a 1tb hybrid when I got it. Didn't void warranty and it was easy.

      Think I have 56GB left with about 18+ games installed, will get a 2GB portable drive soon.

        Wow, an external drive with 2 whole gigabytes?!?!

          yea I cant afford 4GB...haha ok I mean TB!!

            I want to get one too soon, I actually have one but it uses a external power supply, which is kinda annoying when moving it between two xbox's so Im hoping to get one with inline power.

              Yea same here, 4TB would be nice but it costs almost more than the console.

                yeah 2TB for me, what is the limit the XB1 allows anyway? is it 4TB?

            Heh I figured. Hey I remember being blown away by a 20MB HDD being hooked up to an Amiga. Never need a floppy disc again!! Show that version of me the thumbdrive I have my music on in the car and tell him that the thing smaller than his fingernail literally holds more data than every C64 disc ever made and he'd probably die of shock.

      LOL yeah I reckon my brother will be trading his Xbone for the bigger model the second it drops!

      PC Master Race checking in... My server rig has 6TB of storage. My Gaming PC has a 1.2TB Steam folder....

      I'm not sure how they can claim a 500GB machine is an "entertainment device". Especially these days when games don't just run off the disc.

        you can get 8TB of storage on an xbox one, you just have to pay for it.

        I'm not even a PC gamer primarily and my Steam folder is bigger... lol, PC Gamer indeed.

          I need to buy more hard drives. It's a 2TB black WD and between steam and other stuff it's full now.

      Yeah, I had to uninstall a bunch of stuff from my 500GB PS4 in order to play the last of us

    Sorry, but this article doesn't even cover the biggest announcement- the ability for the xbone to play mkv files from USB drive. This is HUGE for me and many, many xbox fans- it was the number one WTF headscratcher when the xbone shipped with LESS media ability than the 360. I've been begging MS for it almost weekly- tbh I thought they'd kind of ruled it out so they could sell exclusive video content. Yet here it is! This could be a huge game-changer if xbone has this abiltiy and the PS4 doesn't.

      There were a lot of people saying that the XB1 shipped about 6 months before it was ready and the lack of features that were there in the 360 was one of the major things that made that sound really plausible

      Was literally coming on to say this. This is MASSIVE. It dosen't just end at .mkv support though. DLNA support on the X1 before the PS4 (which Sony created ffs - same deal with 3D Blu-Ray) is also happening which is fantastic.

      Strike two to Sony - losing to MS on adding 3D blu-Ray support and now it seems DLNA support, both of which you CREATED and yet your competitor is getting it on their platform BEFORE you. Why is my PS4 even plugged in at this stage?

      Surprised there isn't an article about this yet - easily some of the biggest news out of gamescom and TBH should have been sprouted out on stage rather then in a blog post.

      Last edited 13/08/14 10:10 am

        Update 1.75 Sony patched in PS4 3D blu-ray support. Though DLNA is probably more meaningful to most users of both systems.

        Last edited 13/08/14 10:28 am

          Ah did not see that. My apologies. I remember the announcement for MS occurring before Sony's but Sony actually released a few weeks before MS.

          Still that is a good sign that they are looking at what MS is doing. Hopefully it kicks them off their ass and finally add in at the very least DLNA support as well before end of year.

            All good. To be honest I think both are working on the same media stuff for a long while. All this stuff is coded over many months and tested/retested a fair amount. The timing is likely to be coincidence or small updates are short notice to one up. The people who code this stuff only care about there job not one competitors one platform.

        The PS4 received a firmware update recently that enables 3D Blu Ray playback.

    Thanks for putting this together. I always struggle getting all the key points from events like this. Summary for the lazy is very handy.

    The Tomb Raider move has made we want to protest and not buy a XB One even more.
    Seriously, if PC gaming is so much a part of MS new CEO's focus (50th REfocus) then why do this hmmm? As if Square-Enix was unpopular enough....

      Exactly the same here. It pisses me off a bit tbh

    So Gamescom 204 is in full flowThat's a lot of Gamescoms. Do they hold like 5 per year, or have video games been around longer than I thought?

      "The first Gamescom, held in 1810, was largely a dull affair as it was made up solely by chess matches".

    Bloodborne!.....Hell Yeah!!!!!

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