Exploring The World Of Morrowind In Skywind

Exploring The World Of Morrowind In Skywind

Skywind, an attempt to remake Morrowind using the game engine behind Skyrim, is a pretty incredible little project. It’s essentially a mod, but it’s much more than that — it’s a homage, it’s an exercise in revised nostalgia, it’s an attempt to revive one of the most popular games in The Elder Scrolls series.

The above video is the latest footage of the project: a 13 minute long exploration of some areas you might be familiar with. I’m not, but that’s probably because it’s been the better part of a decade since I last played Morrowind. Also: that game was really rather large.

I have fond memories of Morrowind. I think I’ll play this, even if it’s just to celebrate the huge amount of work that’s gone into making this a reality. Also, I think I just want to hear some of that sweet Morrowind music and bask in that nostalgia one more time before I die. I think that’s a powerful ambition.


  • Wow, that has come a long way. I remember checking it our a couple years ago and they’d only scratched the surface!
    Have they announced when they think they’ll be done?

    Also, Mark, do you have a gaming PC? In your write up about having no games, you didn’t mention a PC =P

  • As someone who never got around to playing Morrowind back in its day, I am very much looking forward to this! Seems to be a big push on it in the last few months, it’s making great strides in development!

  • I hope they re-enable downloads soon. I went to download the alpha and got a page saying that alpha downloads are closed to the public…. I WANT this dammit!

    I just re-started Morrowind 2 days ago and am living in a fuzzy nostalgia as a result but I do miss new and shiny.

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