Far Cry 4 Gameplay Goes To Seriously Unexpected Places

A snow-capped Himalayan mountain? Yeah, sure, I figured we’d get there eventually. The mythical spirit realm of Shangri-La? OK, Far Cry 4, you’ve got my attention.

Greeting interesting cultures with an arrow to the heart instead of a warm handshake is always a bit… odd, but that’s kinda Far Cry‘s M.O. at this point. For better or worse.

During Sony’s Gamescom conference, Ubisoft also introduced a new “Keys To Kyrat” program. Far Cry 4 owners will be given ten keys (geddit?) that they will be able to give to friends. This offers them full access to Far Cry 4 co-op for up to two hours. You could probably liberate a whole downtrodden society in that amount of time! Or you could just crash glider-coptors into tiger-elephants. You know, whichever.


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