Far Cry 4 Gameplay Goes To Seriously Unexpected Places

A snow-capped Himalayan mountain? Yeah, sure, I figured we'd get there eventually. The mythical spirit realm of Shangri-La? OK, Far Cry 4, you've got my attention.

Greeting interesting cultures with an arrow to the heart instead of a warm handshake is always a bit... odd, but that's kinda Far Cry's M.O. at this point. For better or worse.

During Sony's Gamescom conference, Ubisoft also introduced a new "Keys To Kyrat" program. Far Cry 4 owners will be given ten keys (geddit?) that they will be able to give to friends. This offers them full access to Far Cry 4 co-op for up to two hours. You could probably liberate a whole downtrodden society in that amount of time! Or you could just crash glider-coptors into tiger-elephants. You know, whichever.


    watching game trailers like this make me want to go back and play #1 again

      Yeah I reinstalled it the other night, lasted about 10 minutes.

        Spent sooooo much time creeping around those islands. If you want to go back, grab the 64 bit executables and the high res textures. it makes it look a lot less dated and enables some cool graphics options.

    The Shangri La footage looks a little Blood Dragon - which is good!

    I know it's just a generous re-skin of FarCry 3, but damn do I want this.

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