Finally, A Groot Toy That Can Boogie [Spoilers!]

Finally, A Groot Toy That Can Boogie (Spoilers Ahead)

If you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy and hate spoilers, turn back now. TURN BACK. You're in spoiler town!

Sometimes if you want a toy badly enough, you gotta make it yourself. That's what Patrick Delahanty did — taking a "Movin' & Groovin'" flower, hacking it apart and turning it into Groot's dancing baby form from the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Finally, A Groot Toy That Can Boogie (Spoilers Ahead)

Look at the little guy go! I wonder what the scouter says about his power level.

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    It's not his baby, it's him, regrowing.

      no where does it mention its his baby. the author states it's groot's baby form.

        "baby form" is equally incorrect, as it is the same Groot from the beginning of the movie - he doesn't regress in age, nor is this his "offspring".

        I think either "sprig" or "splinter" would be the most correct. "Sapling" is probably a nice middle ground.

          adjective: baby

          comparatively small or immature of its kind.
          "a baby version of the Oxford Movement"

        Again, not a baby, or baby form or anything to do with a baby. It's just Groot.

    Oh my god... shut up and take my money!

    The little dancing Groot at the end of GotG was awesome and my first thought was "I must have this"

    I am Groot

    I'm sure an official one is coming... but they're not going to announce what is effectively a spoiler for their film until later on.
    Expect to see one announced around the time that they're doing DVD/BluRay releases.

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