Gamescom Looks Like An Absolute Mess

Gamescom Looks Like An Absolute Mess

This week in Germany, video game fans from all across the world have congregated at the altar of Gamescom, Europe’s biggest trade show. And it looks like… hell.

I mean, check out this photo, snapped by IGN’s Brian Albert:

That just seems so unpleasant. North America’s big gaming shows — E3 and PAX — are always crowded, but they’re never this crowded. At least they get schnitzel.


  • I spy a Link! Now, where’s Wally?

    But is this maybe a transit hall? Surely the showroom floor would be a little better? I hope.

    • Yeah, it looks like the transit hall. PAX was probably just as crowded last year. Or maybe I was just scarred by the experience and have it played up in my mind. So… many… people…

      • Pax; maybe not as many people in one area, but definitely the same density. By the 3rd day, I hated it.

  • At least they get schnitzel

    The the demographic breakdown on display in this photo is a fair sample of the entire show then there’s a fair bit of sausage on offer, too.

  • This is why I don’t go to conventions.

    If anyone knows of any conventions that are ridiculous failures that almost nobody turns up to I’ll go to one of those.

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