Ganon Is Finally Playable In A Zelda Game

Ganon Is Finally Playable In A Zelda Game

Hyrule Warriors may be a spinoff from the main series, but it's still a Zelda game.

And here we have it, a Zelda game where the series' most famous villain is finally playable (til now he's only made playable appearances in Smash Bros. titles).

As a character who is only usually seen in dark, moody glimpses or endgame boss fights, it's weird just seeing him...stuck in the middle of the screen like that.


    That Hyrule Warriors direct left me craving more. God damn it looks good. A few new characters I had not known about plus adventure mode is cool. And Ganon!
    While I was watching that the wife was looking at me funny. Apparently I was quietly squealing..

    His chest open animation should be the same as War from Darksiders.

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    God damn do i dig his new look,

    in fact all of the redesigns have been awesome, Scarf Link, Giant sword Impa, Armoured Zelda.

    i seriously wasn't looking forward to it much, but now i need it, AND I NEED THAT SCARF!!!

    Looks a lot more hardcore than he does in a Zelda game! No good old Ganon baseball battles :p

    Apparently team ninja has a secret fanservice sauce for female fans, I mean ganon is the 2nd male character (first was ryu hayabusu without his ninjahood) that has been given this treatment, by 2nd, I mean 2nd non dead or alive male. Seriously there are now memes putting him in BEAUTY ads because of his hair. I mean team ninja, stop making everything near fanservice, both male & female. * remembers other m* Oh fwi ganon is the third nintendo villian who has been through their cute & beautiful treatment, the 1st 2 wereGur bevtvany tynqbf gung vf zbgure oenva va gur plobet obql bs n lbhat jbzna & gur phgr & rivy yvsrplpyr bs gur qentba xabja nf evqyrl, jub unf nccrnerq va uvf phgrsbez va n pregnva crepragntr bs cvpf va qrivnagneg

    At first I thought he was just going to be the Zelda equivalent to Lu Bu, but then it got crazy.

    I'm still not talking to Team Ninja after Metroid: Other M *pout*


      Don't mention that heresy here! There were no Metroid games released after the Metroid Prime Trilogy!

      Both your comments annoyed someone enough to -1 you heh. Went and reversed such silliness.

    I don't even care if the reasoning for the villains being playable is absolute crap, Ganon looks really well done, as are the other two, though I do have a personal bias against Ghirahim. He was a real twat in the last game lol.

    I'm not sure how long this will old my interest for. Nearly every trailer looks like the exact same thing...

    I can't watch the video, so I don't know who the characters people are talking about are. I really want Vaati to be in this game.

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