Gauntlet Remake Delayed Until Late September

On Thursday, Arrowhead announced that its upcoming modern take on Gauntlet will be delayed until next month, to allow for "fine-tuning" of the game's multiplayer. Considering Gauntlet is all about four-player co-op, you can understand why the Magicka studio would want to spend a bit more time getting it right.

The developer posted the news to the game's community hub on Steam, along with a gameplay video as compensation for the less-than-desirable reschedule. Originally slated for Q3 of this year, a push to September — specifically the 23rd — isn't that far out from its original release date.

Arrowhead has also added an in-game item as pre-order bonus to further sweeten the pot though if you're desperate to play, it's unlikely a wizard's robe made of dead imps will do much to soothe your soul. Still, you'll have some nice, though somewhat creepy, bling to eventually show your friends.

Gauntlet moved to September 23rd [Steam]


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