GoldenEye Is An Excellent Game, But The Movie Has Problems

GoldenEye Is An Excellent Game, But The Movie Has Problems

One of the most beloved first-person shooters ever to grace a Nintendo console was born of a movie that was not James Bond's finest outing. One would think the greatest secret agent in the world would take less time to kill Sean Bean, for one.

CinemaSins finds many more problems than just the one, but also points out some entertaining bits of trivia from Pierce Brosnan's first Bond outing, like the way it features both Nightcrawler and evil Jean Grey years before the X-Men movies, and how it features Joe Don Baker, which actually cancels out all the problems listed here.


    Pointing out the flaws in a Bond film is kind of counter-productive to why you watch a Bond film

    Looks like someone was "Onatopp" of things....

    CinemaSins is done in jest, if anyone hasn't realized that by now.

    That said, it's one of the few movies that has passed his lap-dance test.

      The only problem is, they've gotten gradually less funnier.

    Everything wrong with it? Or oh, so right?

    Screw the title of this article. GoldenEye was brilliant

      I concur. I'll have no ill spoken about my beloved Goldeneye.

    Why the hell is that a gif? It conveys nothing a static image wouldn't.

    I'm getting sick and tired of these Youtube videos with guys speaking far too fast like they are on speed to cover up the fact they aren't funny.

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