Greenman Gaming's Top 50 Sale Continues To Be Ridiculous.

On Friday we alerted you to Greenman Gaming's ridiculous top 50 sale. Back then they were running a sale on games in the 30-21 segment of the list. Now they've moved on to 20-11. Games like Fallout 3, Dishonoured and Company of Heroes are all 75% off.

Fallout 3, for example, is $2.69. I paid more for a bottle of water at the petrol station last night. I'm such an idiot.

Dishonoured: Game of the Year Edition is $9.95.

The original Thief is only $1.74.

Company of Heroes is $4.99.

Rome: Total War is $2.49.

I'm actually really keen to see what Greenman put on their final top 10 list. The deals so far have been a brilliant mix between great games of the last five years and legitimate classics from beyond. It's been a cool list and an amazing sale.


    Pretty sure Mass Effect 2 will be in their Top 10.
    1st Clue, they have the front cover of the game on their banner at the top of the sight (next to San Andreas on the image above)
    2nd Clue, they seem to be going by Metacritic Scores ("Metascores"), and ME2 has one in the mid to high 90's for all platforms.

    Wonder how much they're going to charge for it, wish they would do a ME Trilogy Deal (even though I own all the games for 360)!

    bah!! Dishonored (AU) is out of stock.. :(

      It's regularly on sale for < $10 :)

      Yeah it was $6US after discount in the US store, I think that's the cheapest it's been so no wonder they ran out of keys

      I really don't know how digital games can become out of stock, i understand they only have a certain number of keys but it's the equivalent of iTunes music being out of stock.

        Personally, I think it's to drive a 'check back later' mentality so the customer has to revisit the site continually to see if the game is back in stock. Thus increasing advertising revenue and site traffic

        GMG is a reseller and can't generate their own keys. They're literally out of keys to give out to people because they need to go buy more from their wholesaler, which isn't always possible at the discount rates they negotiate to fuel these sales.

          I understand all that, it's just proof that in this day and age cd keys don't work and need a new system where this sort of thing doesn't happen.

      Following up here, GMG said they'll be restocking their keys tonight. Follow their FB Page/Twitter for updates. :)

    Fallout 3 was six years ago :/ :/

      It's still an amazing game that lots of people probably never played.

        No doubt, just makes me feel bittersweet about everything that has happened since that game!

          All those buggy Bethesda bugs... Makes anyone nostalgic ;)

            Aha, Morrowind gets the bug nostalgia honor! Fallout 3 came out just after a really bad breakup for me, so it has a bit of a special place I guess. Didn't realise how long ago that was before seeing the 2008 at the top.. how time flies!

    Fallout 3, for example, is $2.69. I paid more for a bottle of water at the petrol station last night. I’m such an idiot.

    This made me snort outloud. At work. In a meeting.

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    Green Man Gaming was my go to site for cheap PC games but now are quickly going the way of being just another game site. $89.95 for the new Borderlands game, that's $20 more expensive than EB Games.

    I hate to see how much they are going to charge for GTA V. :(

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