Greenman Gaming's Top 50 Sale Runs Down Its Final Games

Now numbers 12 till 1 are on sale. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU.

(Spoiler: it probably won't shock you in any way at all.)

There are, however, some fairly great games on sale. The cool thing about this Greenman sale is that, because it's a fairly legit top 50, almost all the games in the sale are classics or soon to be classics.

So in this sale we've got 75% off Skyrim at $4.99, same for Portal 2 at $4.99 and Half-Life 2 is $2.49.

The bad news is that most likely you've played/already own a lot of these games in some shape or form. That said, if you don't? Now's as good a chance as ever to rectify that.

Have at it dear friends!


    Thought it might be a good opportunity to upgrade to the rest of the skyrim content, but nope, complete edition still listed at 50 bucks.

      Honestly the DLC is not worth it, better off to go download Mod's and replay the original.

      Might I suggest you sign up for Amazon, and when they ask for your address, put in a random American one (Try the white house, that should be easy to look up). Right now, you can get a Steam key for $40. And when Steam does a sale, Amazon matches it. It's the easy way to get American steam prices

      Edit: Or get Skyrim on GMG for $5 and get the DLC off of Amazon

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        I already have Skyrim, but I would have been willing to give the DLC a go for 5 bucks. Alas, not this time.

    here is a link -

    No hyperlinks to the sale in question? What is this, a print magazine?!

    Bioshock Infinite in the top 10?
    That shouldn't make the top 50 games with "bio" in the title.

      It shouldn't make the top 50 games with "letters of the alphabet" in the title.

      One of my fav story games of all time, but ok guys, just hurt my feels.

        I think the concept is good, but the story sets itself up with too many plot holes/inconsistences and then tries to hand wave them all away with a clutch deus ex machina (that still kind of contradicts itself) right at the end. Mechanically, the game is a mess.

        In terms of finding an appropriate substitute, I would recommend Dishonored. To me, it is the game that Bioshock Infinite wished it could be. In broad terms, the entire game plays like the "Comstock House" level in Infinite (rewards stealth, but doesn't require it).

          I liked dishonoured too, felt it got a bit "u needa kill everyones!" kinda towards the end though.

          I didnt notice the plot holes/inconsistancies in infinite, i generally try to just enjoy it, i'm sure if i thought about it I could find some, I mean any kind of dimensional/time travel plot is gonna run into those kind of problems, but i dont wanna know.

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    Is it even humanly possible to not own Orange Box or HL2? I think I've got half a dozen Steam gifts of those thanks to having been born in the last half a century.

      just got a pc so im one of these people never played or owned it. fyi :)

      I don't own HL2, though I do have TF2 and Portal. Played maybe two hours of the first HL, hated it, never bothered with the second. Not everyone loves shitty zombie games

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