GTA IV's Watch Dogs Mod Is Surprisingly Close To The Real Thing

GTA IV's Watch Dogs Mod Is Surprisingly Close to the Real Thing

You can even hack vending machines. That's some admirable attention to detail.

Called Watch Dogs IV, the mod replaces most of GTA IV's native HUD with that of Watch Dogs (although the HUD elements are created from scratch), and upgrades the phone to have hacking capabilities similar to the one Aiden has.

This video shows off the majority of the mod's features, which include, according to the creator, JulioNIB (the same guy who did that GTA IV selfie mod):


  • Payphone, ticket machine and ATM - Explode
  • Wall lights - Burst
  • ATM - Free money
  • Trains - Stop, Go, Return
  • Traffic lights - Confuse drivers making them crash
  • Road block - Block the road/street
  • Cameras - View camera live video
  • Pop Machines - Release soda cans
  • Parked cars - Trip alarm


  • Walk/stand over train in movement
  • Idle anim (hands in pocket)
  • Small gun anim (hide gun)
  • Custom walk, run and sprint anims
  • Put/remove scarf
  • Improved cops shoot accuracy
  • Improved cops driving
  • ctOS wanted level system (pre-wanted + witness call + scan = wanted level)
  • Take down attacks
  • BLACKOUT (Beta)
  • "Weapon wheel" HUD
  • Radar borders
  • Health indicator below radar
  • Health regeneration up to 50%
  • Crosshair
  • Victims damage indicator
  • Player attacker indicator
  • Blood effect for player damage
  • Waypoint indicator
  • Dynamic camera position
  • Maybe something that i can't remember now :)

And they look pretty well-implemented too, apart from some slightly jerky animations.

If you have a GTA IV installation lying around and wanna try the mod, you can download it from here.

#WatchDogsIV [GTA X Scripting, kudos to Jonathan Gustafsson/taltigolt]


    They do this to GTAV and we will have a game 10x better than watchdogs

    Even the graphics look the same!

      6 years old with unjustifiable performance problems on a modern system?

    Was waiting for something like this to happen. It'd be cool to see, when it comes out. Something like this on GTA V.

    The mods looks amazing, might have to download it before the Ubisoft cease and desist.

    Hoping the mod community gets behind GTA V for PC.

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