GTA Online Mods Let People 'Rape' Other Players (NSFW)

GTA Online Mods Let People

Grand Theft Auto mods have the power to do really cool unintended things — like let players ride a UFO or submerse the entire game underwater. They also have the power to make things rather unpleasant for other players.

This NSFW post contains content that some readers may find uncomfortable.

According to online reports and forums, modders have created a few abilities that come together in a specific brand of "trolling". Players can use mods to change their character models to anything they'd like — and some players choose to turn themselves into pantless characters. Using mods, players can also manipulate other players into doing specific things, all through the usage of a special menu. The menu varies depending on the mod used, but this one in particular has an entire section dedicated to "naughty stuff":

GTA Online Mods Let People

As you can see on the left, mods like these grant people the ability to force other players to do things like pole dance and do push-ups. Some modders choose to make other players bend over and then proceed to use a sex animation from a different part of the game to thrust into them repeatedly, thus making it look like they're raping them. Depending on whether or not the modder has made themselves invincible, victims can't do much in response once the modder is done, as you can see in these NSFW videos:

Today, a Reddit thread appeared on r/

GrandTheftAutoV where one player described an incident where another player called DEEPER_IN_DA_ASS assaulted them. "You cannot kill him and there is nothing you can do about it," mrerikmattila wrote on imgur. "Worse, when he's done, you are stuck doing strip dances."

Speaking to mrerikmattila further, they told me that the incident happened with a player they had never encountered before. Here's how they described it:

How it initially began is my friend was being taken advantage of in a more remote part of the map, which I was unaware of. I went to his area to find out he was not alone. There was this other user, the user in question, in the area. I have never played with this modder, nor am I friends with him, nor were we in a party. This guy was a total random stranger who just dropped in the free mode session.

Quite literally, I and a couple friends of mine encountered a stranger and we were raped and forced to strip dance in GTA online. It was like a "traumatic life" simulator.

To re-iterate:

  • He and the animation was modelled after the male character having sex in the Franklin mission Paparazzo — The Sex Tape.
  • We never have seen the player before, nor were we in a party of any kind.
  • It was online on the PS3.
  • The player who took advantage of us was invincible. He also has trillions or quadrillions of dollars based on some online searches of his PSN user name.
  • He would run up to you, get stuck to your back side — chest to back. You would then lose control and would proceed with the animation. Once finished, he would continue being stuck to you chest to back. You have the ability to "back-elbow" him as an attack, though it did nothing due to his invincibility. You would then be forced in to performing a stripper pole dance animation, then you were free to go.

Though we don't have a good sense of how common this is in GTA Online, we can confirm that there are at least a few YouTube channels full of videos "showcasing" GTA Online rape.

Earlier this year, we reported on GTA Online cheaters, who had the ability to do things like give themselves ridiculous amounts of cash. Rockstar said such cheaters would "be subject to in-game penalties at our discretion", but this hasn't stopped people from hacking the game — and potentially ruining the experience for other players.

And in case it wasn't clear: these incidents are made possible because people are tampering with the game. Under normal circumstances, incidents such as the ones described in this post are not possible in GTA Online.

We've reached out to Rockstar to ask about mods like these, and will update this post if we hear back.


    *sigh* So much for the whole 'gamers responsibility' thing... I guess that goes out the window once the media gets ahold of THIS... if Hot Coffee was controversial, can't wait to see what this becomes. :(

      As an immature bastard who hates old media. I am exited to see how old media reacts to this.

    And people wonder why gamers have such a bad rep in the eyes of outsiders.... And it begins again...

    Sure I like to think that urban warfare with TANKS AND JETS are cool. but to rape another player ONLINE is very evil, but dedicated channels to gta online dedicated to this evil act is very disturbing. I mean the victim of this act would be traumatised, especially if the person playing it had 'repressed' a similar type of memory that happened to them in the past. Fyi, I have seen the kotaku uk comments about this article, very sexist comments & derogatory to rape survivors. I mean these modders may have been disgusted that they didn't get a copy of 1 of thee evil games of all time: rapelay & judging by the possible amounts of these videos possibly circulating on 4chan, I am guessing that rockstar needs to REMOVE these commands from newer versions of this game. And to sum this comment up I will say that sooner or later, these evil modders will get banned from this game

      Sure hope so. I do hope Rockstar sees the names of these characters on this and bans them...

        Online is free on PS3, so they can just create a new profile and keep abusing people. I hate trolls. So much.

          Yeah there's that definite problem. At least with XBL they can ban the account...

          They can ban them by IP address, they can also ban them by console serial number requiring them to buy a new console to re-join.

      I don't see how they can be banned. They are playing on ps3, which provides online free of charge, so they can just start a new psn profile and keep abusing people. Again and again.

      Last edited 10/08/14 4:37 pm

        I wonder if it's possible to block the specific PS3 itself? People could technically work around it by buying a new PS3, but I'd imagine the cost would be a deterrent to most trolls.

          I think they (Sony) can and have banned consoles in the past but also their master account is also banned...So for a person to get around it is to create a new profile but they will have to purchase a new console as well.

          A friend of mine was going to buy a second-hand PS3 and I went along with him to check it out...the machine was wiped (as in reset back to factory defaults) but I got him to test it by trying to sign in on the PS3 and it wouldn't let him...came up with error code 8002A227...Quicky told my friend to walk away from the deal...

    Hackers ruining another game?
    Can't we just perma-ban these arseholes?

    I feel a Fox article coming!!!

    Last edited 10/08/14 12:25 pm

      Yeah but the question is, how do you defend against something like this?

        I don't think theres much we can do, except acknowledge that the majority of the gaming community frowns on this type of thing and that the actions of a few do not represent the feelings of many.

        All that we can do is ask rockstar to remove it and be thankful if they do/ can.

        Last edited 10/08/14 1:58 pm

        By ensuring that the opposing party understands that this is the action of a small number of people misusing the product, not something that is by design. There are always people who are going to do dumb things with user generated content, that doesn't mean the game or the community at large is at fault.

          But that would imply the opposing party would be willing to listen lol

    Shall we consider some perspective here? You're effectively saying murdering people - both civillians and police officers, doing drugs, stealing money, stealing cars and killing prostitutes after having sex with them is A-OK, but modding the game to allow rape is going too far.

    I don't get it. I really don't.

      I think the main issue is you have no control over it. You cannot get out of it, it is forced upon you - kind of like rape. The others you can choose to do within the confines of the game.

      The difference is choice. You can play GTA Online without doing those things quite easily. What the modders are doing is removing choice.

      Just SJW cry fest.

      Welcome to Kotaku 2.0, be sure to check your privilege at the door.

      Killing someone ends their life. That's it, finito. Doing drugs is screwing up your own life. Stealing money is not physically harming another person, likewise with stealing a car. Killing prostitutes after sex is again, just ending someone's life. Raping is a degrading and psychologically damaging act that can also leave physical damage and is something the victim has to live with for the rest of their life. I think the reaction is justified.

      Sure by that standard pedophilia should be fine too?

        Cool strawman bro.

        Wheat or barley?

        Last edited 11/08/14 3:16 am

          Sure, wheat is preferable if it *was* a strawman argument, but it isn't :)

          You might wanna check that self entitlement at the door... it's showing a little.

            Says the guy want people to stahp fake video game rape because of your own sense of moral indignation.

            But I have the self entitlement? Cool beans.

              You're one of these guys making these videos aren't you :P And yes, it's seething out of every post you make more and more.

              You sick fuck.

              Last edited 11/08/14 2:22 pm

                I actually haven't even watched them, I just the hilarious special snowflake reaction to videogame raep.

                Now I'm going to lay my cards on the table here, if these mods are game breaking, ie you can teleport around and just raep animate anyone like some sort of dudebro Nightcrawler. Then yea they have migrated from the territory of humorous modders into trolling hacks. My concerns are purely a mechanical one, not a asinine moral outrage.

                Now before someone decides to try and level at me some ridiculous 'rape apologist' moniker or what not. Rape that happens to another human being, undeniably, unequivocally horrible.

                But as the great Ricky Gervais put it, 'Stupid people treat jokes about bad things with the same fear and loathing as the actual bad thing'.

                Also to head off the "well you must all be for pedophilia in vidyagames" strawman. My answer is, I bet you could make it a funny gamemode. Imagine a gamemode of tag but the tagger is a overweight, sweat pants and brony shirt wearing To Catch a Predator caricature. Chasing a bunch of players playing as kids. Tell me that doesn't make you chuckle just a little bit.

    Oh dear god, Faux news is going to have a field day with this, Hot Coffee 2.0.

    Goddammit, the 'news' had just finished with the whole 'ermagerd videogamez turned my child into a raping satanist' thing. It always makes me a little sad to see people that are obviously talented in modding (The game is on console for god's sake!) to create something like this.

    Last edited 10/08/14 2:53 pm

    Soo guys...All the murder and the whole host of other unlimited amount of other crimes is OK but you draw the line here? It's a video game, it's fictional. Who would have guessed that everyone thinks taking a persons life is fine but this isn't? *sigh*

    Don't try the "the victim lives to suffer" crap either because the pain inflicted on families of murder victims is just as terrible. Oh and ya know, the persons life is GONE FOREVER. But hey it's make believe right? Well so is this mod. Anyone who plays GTA and then complains about THIS is a complete and utter hypocrite.

    It's a video game for adults, get over it. No one is actually being harmed, just as with any of the other crimes one can commit in the game. Yay lets have fun with virtual massacres but say no to fake rape! We are so morally upstanding!

    More Patricia clickbait.

    Ok, so this kind of evil has been enacted on the ps3, where you can make a new account free of charge & keep abusing people that way. I mean why doesn't sony issue LIFEBANS to anyone who does this evil, including permanently issues the person in question a ban from making new accounts in the future, I mean you could read these evil trolls exploits on 4chan under /b/. And why doesn't sony think it is a good idea to well to use psn PAY whenever you want to become a member to use the online feature because I think the modders who have started using the rape mod have some kind of problem in which they see rape is seen as a legit part of life, possibly some kind of hatred females, because I scarily see the possibility of a female player being raped in 1 of these disturbing videos by 1 or more of these trolls. This thought is disturbing enough if that female player wanted to play this game to relieve the stress of the trauma of being raped, then if 1 or more these disturbing trolls then raped her character in game, then she would contemplate suicide as she thinks to herself 'nowhere is safe for me' repeatedly, if she has family, they would be worried about this turn of events due to this. I mean think about it, the number of people who were sexually abused in the past, who turn to this game for chaos & mayhem, then find themselves on the recieving end of rape by these trolls, then having their ptsd back & contemplating suicide. I mean why doesn't both sony & rockstar keep the evil trolls, who make new accounts to continue their reign of rape evil, off the psn by lifebanning them off the entire system. I mean why the f do these trolls commit this kind of evil onto other players were there for mayhem. Why

    Oh cry more. If you see it, report it, move on with your frickin' life.

    I love how whenever controversial news is reported, sites and TV shows go into a full on frenzy and throw in as much footage and images of the offensive material as they can throughout the article. Nothing gets ratings and page hits like giving the offended side something to be offended over and the condemned side something to tickle their fancies. (Note, this isn't a Kotaku specific thing, all news sites and channels, especially tabloids and "Current Affairs" programs, are guilty of it.)

    Why? Like really....Whhyyyyy? I thought we have gotten to the point where using 'Rape' as a source of a joke was in the past. Sure it has been used a lot over the years but recently I have noticed most people don't find it funny anymore. I certainly don't and I don't see this mod as funny in anyway. I love games and modding games to make it more fun. But this, this is just depressing. I just don't understand why you would want want this...


    To the people saying it's a choice thing - is it not true that you also don't choose to be killed by another player in GTA online? Not saying this is ok, from an empathetic standpoint it's very insensitive, but I dunno, raping and killing are two sides of the same coin for me, and it's a bit weird that we so gladly accept violence yet flip out over this kinda stuff.

      You can choose to fight back/defend or run when it comes to killing. The rape animations they put you in leave you without choice (to move or fight back). TBH I'd rather R* implement the same (or similar) system they used for Red Dead. When joining multiplayer, you were asked to pick between PvP&E or just PvE. I'm a target because I'm such a high level and I have nice vehicles. Also because of the pristine white of my map blip, because I never kill npcs (except by accident) or other players. I rarely play deathmatch or the other pvp gametypes (except races). Not my idea of fun. I'm a co-op gamer.

      Take today for an example, I jumped in to grind some "Rooftop Rumble" (highest paying mission for time spent) and on my way there from my apartment, 4 dark red blips chase me and try to destroy my Dubsta. A quick map/roster check and I can see that none of them even have access to that vehicle, so I speed up and spend close to 20 mins driving around the map to escape them (not easy when they all have much faster vehicles). In the end they destroyed my Dubsta and me in it, then hunt me down on the way back to the insurance drop off point, where the chase began again. I still haven't fired a bullet in retaliation. After the second time they destroyed my vehicle, I joined a new session. I hate playing with children.

      That whole time I had a choice. I could retaliate, but chose not to. If someone was trying to "rape" animation me, I wouldn't have a choice. That is the difference.

    well this is gross... i didnt think you could even get on GTA online with a modded game though? is this on Xbox 360?

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