GTA Online Mods Let People ‘Rape’ Other Players (NSFW)

GTA Online Mods Let People ‘Rape’ Other Players (NSFW)

Grand Theft Auto mods have the power to do really cool unintended things — like let players ride a UFO or submerse the entire game underwater. They also have the power to make things rather unpleasant for other players.

This NSFW post contains content that some readers may find uncomfortable.

According to online reports and forums, modders have created a few abilities that come together in a specific brand of “trolling”. Players can use mods to change their character models to anything they’d like — and some players choose to turn themselves into pantless characters. Using mods, players can also manipulate other players into doing specific things, all through the usage of a special menu. The menu varies depending on the mod used, but this one in particular has an entire section dedicated to “naughty stuff”:

GTA Online Mods Let People ‘Rape’ Other Players (NSFW)

As you can see on the left, mods like these grant people the ability to force other players to do things like pole dance and do push-ups. Some modders choose to make other players bend over and then proceed to use a sex animation from a different part of the game to thrust into them repeatedly, thus making it look like they’re raping them. Depending on whether or not the modder has made themselves invincible, victims can’t do much in response once the modder is done, as you can see in these NSFW videos:

Today, a Reddit thread appeared on r/

GrandTheftAutoV where one player described an incident where another player called DEEPER_IN_DA_ASS assaulted them. “You cannot kill him and there is nothing you can do about it,” mrerikmattila wrote on imgur. “Worse, when he’s done, you are stuck doing strip dances.”

Speaking to mrerikmattila further, they told me that the incident happened with a player they had never encountered before. Here’s how they described it:

How it initially began is my friend was being taken advantage of in a more remote part of the map, which I was unaware of. I went to his area to find out he was not alone. There was this other user, the user in question, in the area. I have never played with this modder, nor am I friends with him, nor were we in a party. This guy was a total random stranger who just dropped in the free mode session.

Quite literally, I and a couple friends of mine encountered a stranger and we were raped and forced to strip dance in GTA online. It was like a “traumatic life” simulator.

To re-iterate:

  • He and the animation was modelled after the male character having sex in the Franklin mission Paparazzo — The Sex Tape.
  • We never have seen the player before, nor were we in a party of any kind.
  • It was online on the PS3.
  • The player who took advantage of us was invincible. He also has trillions or quadrillions of dollars based on some online searches of his PSN user name.
  • He would run up to you, get stuck to your back side — chest to back. You would then lose control and would proceed with the animation. Once finished, he would continue being stuck to you chest to back. You have the ability to “back-elbow” him as an attack, though it did nothing due to his invincibility. You would then be forced in to performing a stripper pole dance animation, then you were free to go.

Though we don’t have a good sense of how common this is in GTA Online, we can confirm that there are at least a few YouTube channels full of videos “showcasing” GTA Online rape.

Earlier this year, we reported on GTA Online cheaters, who had the ability to do things like give themselves ridiculous amounts of cash. Rockstar said such cheaters would “be subject to in-game penalties at our discretion”, but this hasn’t stopped people from hacking the game — and potentially ruining the experience for other players.

And in case it wasn’t clear: these incidents are made possible because people are tampering with the game. Under normal circumstances, incidents such as the ones described in this post are not possible in GTA Online.

We’ve reached out to Rockstar to ask about mods like these, and will update this post if we hear back.

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