Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Now In Minecraft

Guardians of the Galaxy is everywhere. It's sort of terrifying. How does a comic book go from this relatively niche thing to goddamn blockbuster levels of awareness in such a short time? Well, part of it has to do with the genuine buzz of a well-made movie (which Guardians of the Galaxy is) but the other part has to be marketing deals like the one Guardians of the Galaxy has with Minecraft.

Play XBLA has reported that the latest set of skins on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft will be Guardians of the Galaxy themed, allowing players to essentially look like the main characters from the movie.

Details on the release date and cost of this content are apparently coming soon.

Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Skin Pack For Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition [Play XBLA]


    You know, it's been out for 2 years on 360 and they haven't put it in the Deals of the Week, most likely because it's still selling.

    ...yes, I am waiting for a price drop.

    Would Groot chop down trees? Or would I chop down trees with Groot nearby?

      You know the answer to both of those questions.

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