Half Life 2 On Oculus Rift Looks Like The Future Of Shooters

Half Life 2 On Oculus Rift Looks Like The Future Of Shooters

HL2: episode 1 on the Oculus Rift with Razer’s Hydra motion controllers so you can see your hands move? Hell yes. Check out this Half-Life VR mod video from Kiwi YouTube gamer Goldfish highlighting some of the amazing dev work.

Seriously, consider how he’s reloading that revolver. “You unlatch the barrel, [physically] flick it over, release the clips, put in the new ones, flick it up and then you shoot.” And don’t get me started on holding the crossbow site to your face.

Making its way across some Rift/gaming Reddits, Goldfish’s vid also does a good job showing us shooting behind, over his shoulder — and to his side — without even looking. Nice work man.

— Thanks to Jeremy H for the tip! [Goldfish on YouTube and Half-Life VR mod]

Half Life 2 On Oculus Rift Looks Like The Future Of Shooters

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  • If people get all antsy that an XBOX controller isn’t accurate enough for FPS compared to a mouse and keyboard, then they are going to hate using motion controls for the game.

    Immersion is fun, but accuracy isn’t much chop.

    • But most people don’t get antsy about using an xbox controller for FPSs. You and I do, but most people don’t care at all, which is why FPS games sell so well on consoles.

      I would personally take immersion over accuracy any day. I know some people who play quake 3 and other FPS games with all the graphical bells and whistles off so that everything looks flat and simple and boring. It gives them a slight visual edge though as it makes enemies stand out more and lessens distractions, but I think that’s a shitty way to play personally. I don’t play games to win, I play them to enjoy the experience.

  • Starting to get sick of all these oculus rift articles. Yes, it’s going to be great. Going to.

    Release the shit already!

  • I sold my hydra to pay for my Stem order, sometimes looking at videos like this I regret it.

  • The most impressive thing about this, is the work that the devs did with this demo.

    The VR itself isn’t all that amazing. But the way that the devs have integrated the motion controls is really great. I’d be happy to play with those motion controls on a desktop screen.

  • how can a person without an oculus rift view this video to experience the proper 3d effect?

    are splitscreen stereoscopic videos like this meant to be viewed with one of those cardboard phone goggles things?

    • Go cross – eyed.

      Dead set. They work the same as magic eye images. I have a VR headset for my phone, but they fog up and I get a headache from them. If I just want to check something out quickly I use my mad ’90s cross eye skills.

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