Half Life 2 Oculus Rift + Hydra VR Demo Teases Future Of First Person Shooters

Half Life 2 Oculus Rift + Hydra VR Demo Teases Future Of First Person Shooters

HL2: episode 1 on the Oculus Rift with Razer’s Hydra motion controllers so you can see your hands move? Hell yes. Check out this Half-Life VR mod video from Kiwi YouTube gamer Goldfish highlighting some of the amazing dev work.

Seriously, consider how he’s reloading that revolver. “You unlatch the barrel, [physically] flick it over, release the clips, put in the new ones, flick it up and then you shoot.” And don’t get me started on holding the crossbow site to your face.

Making its way across some Rift/gaming Reddits, Goldfish’s vid also does a good job showing us shooting behind, over his shoulder — and to his side — without even looking. Nice work man. — Thanks to Jeremy H for the tip! [Goldfish on YouTube and Half-Life VR mod]


  • It is like Kinect and the move though, with no tactile feedback from the controller, the disconnect is more than when you just use a standard controller.

    If you have a gun controller that has the tactile sensation of the item on screen, it feels right, but this kind of thing doesn’t really work and becomes more of a hassle than using a standard controller.

    • In my experience this is not true, At first it’s jarring but your mind simply adapts. Motion control really work in VR, HL2 just isn’t a good example of it.

    • I dunno. I’m sure I have a toy pistol and an MP5 here somewhere. Using the gloves is gonna be no problem for me.

      …well, except if I need to use something for the sensation of a rifle. I’m going to be knocking shit over in this room if I use my plastic M-16.

  • I look forward to the horrendous facebook integration, ad placement and having my personal data sold to the NSA.

  • FYI: That wordpress site is very outdated. Check out the /r/HLVR subreddit instead for the latest beta version 🙂

  • Looks very interesting. It’s clearly a prototype, and I’m not sure I’d use this set-up when actually playing games, but it’s an encouraging step forward. In about 10 years, we might have something extremely cool to use in our own homes. But realistically, it’s going to take about 10+ years to get this to commercial release.

  • You mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s to–

    *ahem* I mean, that’s fucking sweet!!

  • I played through HL2, Ep1 and Ep2 over the past few days with the DK2, and even with a keyboard and mouse, the experience was completely different. The Hydra would only increase that. The next few years of gaming are going to be something special indeed.

    • I’ve got the DK1 right now and despite the lack of positional tracking, low resolution and slower refresh rate, it’s still otherworldly. When you get stunned in HL2 and you’re on the ground looking up at Alyx, it’s unreal.

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