Hearthstone Boss Accidentally Attacks Himself

We don't always click the right things while playing Hearthstone. It's OK — we're human, it happens sometimes. But seeing Baron Rivendare in Hearthstone do it? Ha!

Dat Curse of Naxxramas AI tho.

Thanks for the funny clip, dreadmaker.

Hearthstone: Everybody Misclicks Sometimes... [dreadmaker]


    This happened to me also. Naxxramas just proves Blizzard can't make good AI so they just make the bosses cheap and you are forced to use decks that will never win in a normal match. Only good thing from this has been the class mode.

      Is that a joke? Even the heroic bosses are easy if you've played the game for a little while.

        Been playing for a few months now, can't beat the heroic bosses. But I haven't bothered trying to make a specific deck to counter them though, so I suppose that's why.

          I think you can get away with your existing decks for the first 2 quarters but for the 3rd one even on normal you need to construct a deck with the bosses tactics in mind, e.g. baron rivendare can't handle taunt minions very well and doesn't have any defense against removal spells.

            My girlfriend has gotten the first heroic boss down to single digits a number of times with her deck, but my main decks just don't seem to work. Especially my Paladin deck which is a slower burn, control deck. By the time I'm ready to pounce, the boss has full board control and I've got less than 10 health.

              Which heroic boss are you having trouble with? The devs have mentioned the heroics are meant to be like puzzles where you craft decks specially to counter the boss's tactics so it's unlikely your competitive deck will be any good in the heroics!

                The first one, the spider. We didn't try too long cause we prefer playing ranked, and I heard there was no real reward for beating heroic.

                  I think there's a card back if you clear heroic for all quarters?

          Gimmick decks work best. Most are pretty cheap to use. They made the bosses specifically so that you would need to redesign decks as a challenge.

          For example one of the heroic bosses sends your monsters back every turn. You counter her with a crap load of small mana monsters with battlecry's.

        I've been playing on and off for about six months and I've struggled,.. My decks aren't all that flash though.

    Oh man, Baron Rivendare?! NO. WAY! OMG! If HE can do, than ANYONE can do it.

    I've heard that guy, once a week, picks an orphanage and takes all the children for a spending spree at Dan Murphy's.

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