Hearthstone Could Have Looked Pretty Great On The Game Boy

Hearthstone Could've Looked Pretty Great on the Game Boy

Who needs colours? Sure, Blizzard's hit strategy game was made for today's fancy-pants always-online computers and mobile devices. And it's great on those platforms. But this image by artist Pixelpowerluke from Game Boy Demakes teases us with an alternate reality where the digital card game came out 25 years ago on Nintendo's iconic blocky handheld.

He even made a few GIFs showing how the thing would play. A whole generation would have been vastly different if the ridiculously sticky gameplay of Hearthstone was out back during the 1990s.


    ugh, i can just imagine the headaches I'd have trying to get into the right light to be able to see anything clearly

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    You can't just copy the resolution and theoretical greyscale bit depth and call it a 'gameboy' game.

    Greyscale on a monochrome display imposes certain technical limitations and I don't ever recall the gameboy's greyscale capabilities to be as good as that. There was certainly nowhere near that much contrast to show the required detail.

    There's a reason why most titles used dithering instead; Greyscale is computationally and IO expensive.

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    this looks cool :) i loved the pokemon tcg on gameboy so i would probs enjoy this.

    Yeah, but it would have totally rocked on the Atari Lynx.

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